You’re a Racist, Mr. Grinch!

A Muslim woman with a Jewish mother takes aim at Yaniv’s racism.

Yaniv’s racism and anti-immigrant feelings are fully well known and documented, so it comes as no surprise when they pop up every so often with another fresh round of drivel. The irony of Yaniv’s mother being an immigrant herself and their family being Jewish is a point that flies over our beloved hambeast’s head with hurricane force wind.

Have any of us taken time to consider the day to day experiences of this clownworld parade before us? Perhaps we just don’t understand the world through h** eyes? Could we just be misinterpreting the daily struggle of Sister Shero’s Wild Ride? Let me pour you some tea, straighten my hijab and present a little glimpse of what I see when peeking over the shoulder of our tiara’d sparkle hog.

Yes, Yaniv does shower their white supremacy vitriol on some men as we’ve seen.  ( here, here)

However the vast majority of their attacks focus on females. While h** sexual predatory behavior is aimed at underage white girls and trans, h** racial/cultural bias hones in on the ….well….generally browner and religious minority of Canada. But it’s OK in h** mind because oppression Olympics dictates that Yaniv has more gold medals for pretending their outie is a non-existant innie so they’ve given themselves a free pass and expects everyone else to toe the line. Let’s make our first official stop on this tour.

< Insert Witty Paragraph Header Here>

So Yaniv decides that they want safety and privacy when doing simple things like going to the public bathroom or using changing rooms. Ok, understandable. Plenty of trans MtF persons use both on a daily basis and no one would know the difference, nor do they make a big show of things because…you’re pooping. Who cares if you’re dropping off a Miriam at the pool? But when it’s less a matter of physical need or convenience and instead is a way to try and cause issues so you can cry to the internet of said issues things get much more….well, creepy and vindictive.

I could pee….or maybe target people that don’t look like me while they are in a vulnerable position…Hmmmmm…..which to choose?”

“Uh oh. Too many witnesses this time. Well, I guess I’ll just take a pic to prove I can be creepy wherever I want! TRANS RIGHTS!”

I’m going to add that the pic above was taken from h** Facebook account. There were a couple others that were deleted, both of those showing the woman behind Yaniv looking at the camera in confusion and worry. The good lady herself appeared to have some native heritage which makes me wonder if that influenced the timing of Yaniv’s selfie? After all, Yaniv seems to have a hard time telling east Asian from south east Asian, equates automatic religious and cultural assumptions on people. So their inability to distinguish Asian and indigenous persons wouldn’t surprise me. ( If anyone has archived pics from this incident please get in contact with MeowMix. I think they’d appreciate it.


After a long day of tampon string chasing and restroom sharking doesn’t pan out too well our Brave and Stunning Princess TM tries to find other ways to get attention. And what modern woke cishet female ally won’t cry crocodile tears when they hear her beloved shero is facing a health crisis!?! But…but wait! What’s this?!?!? Not even on a gurney yet and already them evil immigrant overlords are taking over h** space yet again! Ignore that Yaniv can barely read their native language as it is, someone ELSE has the audacity to expect reasonable healthcare and procedure in their own language.


Imagine! It’s modern year in Trudeau’s Canada and we have to look at non English script on a sign. Oh how the mighty has fallen! Ooops, I’ve forgotten to point out that these multi lingual signs DO have both English and French: English on top, Punjabi in the middle and French on the bottom where the pic is conveniently cut off.

Well, let us continue following Jonica to their appointment. Down the hallway, past the cheerful aids and physicians, through the door which won’t fit Yaniv through so on a quick search for the double doors to allow for full entrance ( There’s a BCHRT complaint filing in there somewhere I would guess), and in to a room to await a doctor. Ah, to relax in a place of healing awaiting a hard working servant of the people in peace and serenity…..BUT WAIT! WHAT’S THIS?!?


Now, Imma stop here to tighten up my niqab: As far as Muslims, especially muslimas, in public health spaces….

The vast, VAST, majority of health care facilities that have patient rooms that are shared by more than one patient have some form of privacy barrier. Some are curtained, some have folding panels but all have options. If a room doesn’t have privacy setups staff is more than happy to find a patient an alternative in consideration of religious and/or cultural reasons. I myself, in both Canada and America, have had to request alternatives and sometimes just use the bathroom in the patient room. It’s not a big deal, we generally won’t make a fuss simply because there’s no need. Now, as Muslims we do set high ideals for ourselves and being human sometimes we fail. So is there a chance this was a thing that actually happened? Yes. Or perhaps a nurse took a polite request and escalated it in a bad way? It’s possible. But manners and polite decorum are a HUGE part of Muslim culture especially in public. Unless it’s a matter of having to defend oneself or being attacked in some way we rarely are going to make a scene like this. And over….leggings? Those aren’t pride flag leggings: they’re generic rainbow. Does anyone think that Muslims living in the west, even severe orthodox, are going to puke kittens over an overgrown toddler in ugly leggings when we’re surrounded by women that barely wear clothing in every day life? Now, if Yaniv was wearing tight ill fitting leggings, as most of their clothing usually is a few sizes too small, and some of their ladydique was on display then that would be a reasonable point to shield one’s family from the travesty of a thin tacky layer of lycra between them and an unwanted view of shenis. In the end I call this whole thing a pile of tripe.

Gainful employment? IN MY CANADA?!?

Finally our subject gets the attention they crave! Success! But it’s been such a long day and hefting around that meatbag of a body is exhausting. How about a quick scootscoot through the local drive through for a refreshing meal? But once again Yaniv is thwarted by those evil immigrants with a capacity for English comprehension that’s still far above their own. And what vile underhanded hate crimes have they planned this time?

“They tried to give me a vegetable patty option on my sandwich instead of fried chicken on a bun! LITERALLY BROWN HITLER!”

“Even Timmy’s is overrun! They all came to stare at me because I’m trans and totally not to figure out how a manatee managed to learn to talk and wear a fried-out discount bin wig from a strip mall halloween store”

“At least the internet is there! They respect me! I’ll tweet a well worded and concise opinion issuing my grievances letting business owners know that there are some things which could be considered in making abetter customer experience. Ehhhhhhh, screw it!

What’s a girl to do now? Well perhaps it’s better to take time and pamper oneself, let the worries and stress of the day melt away. Janiv has just the solution! Hot ball waxing! Fun for all ages!

The Undercarriage Overhaul Fiasco

So I’m going to lay this down straight up: There have been essays and novels written about the ball waxing adventures of Yaniv. There’s nothing I can say about the play by play events that haven’t already been said at least 1000 times. I won’t break it down legally, I’m not a psychiatrist to make any kid of actual diagnosis behind the whole poo flinging ordeal. I’m just a low level, pissy gayops nerd that’s had the misfortune to have touched the poo in person a couple times online and off. I just watch this circus from the sideline and poke with a stick here and there without anything truly relevant to add anywhere. I’m just full of rants, opinions and a lingering stink of ballsack and despair from being in Waxy’s vicinity a few times. So I’m going to put away the sarcasm and obvious annoyance a minute and get serious.

All I can say is this:

Would Yaniv have gone to the BCHRT if the women accused of discrimination weren’t Sikh/Muslim/considered minority/immigrants?

I’d say probably not.

If they were male?

No, I don’t think so. The only target that didn’t meet the above criteria was a chain franchise with male workers tho that complaint came AFTER Yaniv started wobbling on their assurance of a win from the complaints against the ladies.

If the accused weren’t considered vulnerable/an easy target?

A resounding NO.

H** targeting encompasses two things when we look at the history of them: vulnerability and cultural/racial background. In each case, outside of the chain store, each complaint was against small private owners that looked from the outside unable to absorb  a loss to the HRT, thus making a settlement a very good possibility. Otherwise why not go after a more established or national company? Because “you can’t fight the giants” or because you can’t win a case on false accusations when your target is well funded to fight you?

Beyond that there’s the cultural/religious aspect of the targeted ladies. Muslim and Sikh women are very different in culture and religious yet we share some similar aspects. We value modesty highly along with privacy. We try to guard what we see, participate in because what one involves themselves in is a mark of their inner heart and character. Yes, traditional women like us (and those outside of Islam and Sikhism) are often seen as an easy target: Some get their giggles trying to get away with sex jokes around us. I’ve had my hijab and niqab pulled. I’ve seen Sikh friends get yells of “durka durka” and called pakis.  But for every one person that stoops that low there’s 1000 who are genuinely decent people who have better things to do than care about how we live our lives.

And then there’s Yaniv. In surrounding themselves with stereotypes and feeding the dragon of mass media cliches I feel they’ve made this image of us that makes  it seem like they’ve found a hole in our armor that they can weasel in through.

  • Yes, we won’t handle the parts of biological males The only profession that I’ve seen or been involved with that would allow a Muslim woman to do so with clear conscience is in medicine, specifically emergency medicine. Trauma is another bag of rocks and even in medicine we have limits so muslimas tend to do female centered healthcare. Yaniv keeps trying to muddy the waters of non essential care and essential healthcare. Waxing girlballs is NOT healthcare.
  • Plenty of Muslims are more liberal and don’t care about the language they use. A huge chunk of us do. I, for one, do not use pronouns that go against a persons outward appearance. I find to do so would be speaking against Allah’s creation and His intent. I use gender neutral terms when I’m unsure and if corrected, “my pronouns are….”, I again go neutral. I’d rather have someone mad at me because I say “friend” or use their name than go against Allah and my conscience.
  • Both Muslim and Sikh women have a VERY strong love of privacy and safety especially in public spaces mixed with a preference for non-confrontation when possible. I’ve left bathrooms when someone is presenting heavily as a male. I don’t feel safe when a beard is next to me in a toilet or changing room. I leave and find somewhere else: simple as that.

There’s other things I could point out but these are the ones that come first to mind talking about this particular brouhaha. Many look at these kinds of points and see it as weakness. Assuming we have men forcing us in to these positions or that we’re brainwashed, sometimes simply that we’re ignorant regressive or TERFS, whichever slurs and concepts they might slap on to see us as “the others”. When women are placed in that category of “other” it gives some people the assumption that they can push us around, attack us, try to manipulate the world around us to gain what they want.

In the case of Yaniv they thought they could gain an easy win. Money, fake stunning and brave clout. A payday for a few weeks to be rich in timbits.

So it comes as a surprise to someone with that mindset when we speak up, let alone go toe to toe with the aggressor. Yani didn’t expect anyone to stand up to h** let alone for the BCHRT to rule against h**. Predators generally never do. Predators usually think they’re the smartest one in the crowd and that no one else is as <insert whatever> as they are, especially in intelligence. We can see h** behavior for what it is, see through the manipulative smoke screen and when we do Yaniv stands back in shock a few moments before furiously deleting all traces they can (or at least they THINK they can erase their tracks). Then it’s right back to the same behavior. This mindset thrives on seeing others as vulnerable then seeking those out. It’s why he targets young girls, women and especially women in a place in society where others assume they have no ability to speak up or protect themselves.

Unfortunately, people who aren’t at all the same at Yaniv also get in to this line of thinking. How did Yaniv manage to get this far? How are they able to do what they’re doing and have almost full autonomy even as evidence of child predation and blatant threats of violence towards women piles up? Well I can’t speak for those children, tho I will say I have much respect for those whom have spoken up. I can only speak as a Muslim woman: A revert (convert) that’s lived on both sides of things and been surrounded by all kinds of attitudes.

The greatest strike we have against us, a strike that helps feed in to the machinations of the Yanivs in the west, are the very well meaning but misdirected people that consider themselves our allies. When people try to force us to remove our hijab/niqab because they think we’re oppressed as if we don’t have our own minds; When Sikh women are told they need to ‘just go out on a date. Forget what you’re used to, it’s ok to go against convention”; when I’m told that not wanting to talk sexually with men I’m brainwashed by my husband…

Taking away a woman’s voice is taking away her identity. If that voice doesn’t fit your own and you feel the need to “fix” it instead of engage then that’s a huge step to allowing Yanivery to thrive. Yes, some of us traditionalist, religious/cultural or otherwise, are forced in to positions we’d not want to be in. Get to know them, get to supporting them. But when you assume everyone is the same it opens up the door to “Us vs Them” where predators wait to exploit.

Abusers wait for any kind of weakness they perceive whether it exists or not. It’s like blood to a shark or Deep fried butter balls to a hambeast. Step away from wokeness and take some time in reality where you’ll find you can much faster see such abusers for what they are, what their tactics are, their hallmarks of manipulation. Don’t be part of that cycle of manipulation.

Just as Yaniv is manipulating the trans community and abusing identity politics to try to use it as a shield against prosecution.

Don’t be a Yaniv.