Investigating alleged Canadian predator Jessica Yaniv

Young Yaniv Reference Guide

This info was provided by a great friend from KiwiFarms – the mastermind behind the What’s Wrong With Yaniv series we posted. It’s more of a reference than an opinion piece. Pedopedia, if you will.

Yaniv was born in British Columbia on June 12, 1987 – court documents; DOB also given on Wikipedia page he tried and failed to keep on their system or

Earliest pic found – first birthday:

That’s a very big one-year-old. Research studies have tied large size in babies to autism (study 1study 2)

Jonathan was effeminate, according to Miriam’s testimony before the BCHRT in summer 2019, enjoying Barbies and wanting a princess outfit. She said he was allowed that at home, but had to be more gender conforming outside to avoid bullying. Miriam also testified that Jonathan was born as “both” boy and girl. If she means he was born with both male and female functioning genitals, she was lying.

At three, Yaniv “owned” a Pentium 486, according to an About page for his TrustedNerd Facebook page. (KF post – see also surrounding posts in which users dispute the name of that computer and the timing of its release.)

He turned six in 1993, which he claims was when a specialist diagnosed him “as a girl” (notes on BCHRT hearing testimony, 7/17/19); another transcript records him as saying in that moment that he was diagnosed with GID when he was six.

Also in the BCHRT hearings, Yaniv said he was in some kind of special ed program – even applied the word “exceptional” to himself – but said he can “do some things” anyway.

Primary School

He’s known to have attended two primary schools in Surrey.

Latimer Road Elementary,

He low-rated the school in a Google Maps review (KF 8)

Maybe he’s talking about a friend who needed that support, errrm…

Jessie Lee Elementary,

Astle’s comment on FB (KF 6) was in response to this article:

WGkitty from KiwiFarms posted that they heard a story from a friend of a friend of a friend about JY growing up that in elementary school he stapled a condom to some kids desk.

Events near the end of his primary school years and his early high school years:

Summer Camp – Around the age of 14 (or roughly in 2000 or 2001), Yaniv may have been in the Camp Eureka section of Camp Elphinstone. A Jonathan with “unsettling behaviors, many of which involved the bathroom” was there one summer for two weeks (KF 10). It’s also possible that he attended a camp tied to his mother’s synagogue, Camp Miriam. He attended a fundraiser for Camp Miriam in August 2019 (KF 121314).

Nads Activation – In 2000, he turned 13, which is the age when he says he began having periods, though in same exchange he said he’s M2F (KF post, see spoiler); in 2008, he told a woman in chat that he began having clear discharge from his penis when he was 13 and that it had never been bloody (a PDF transcript of that chat is attached).

Secondary School

Yaniv’s also known to have attended two secondary schools in Surrey.

Clayton Heights Secondary,;

He low-rated Clayton in a Google Maps review, too (KF 8).

Semiahmoo Secondary (source: LinkedIn, KF 1), from which he graduated in 2005 right around the time he turned 18.

KiwiFarm User“Semiahmoo Secondary’s yearbooks for those years are not available online.” (But the local public library may have them shelved and the school’s library might allow a visitor to look through yearbooks.)

Another KiwiFarm User – “I don’t think he has any real friends, only internet contacts. There’s no word on the street about who knew him in high school, etc.”

The observation above may be born out by Yaniv’s panic in 2014 about his the 10-year class reunion still several months away. He offered to fly Jess Rumpel in to be his date (KF) and told another young woman he was messaging (@MessagesfromY, see the Part 1 transcript, time stamp September 4, 2014 at 8:13 pm):

JY: I’m so stressed. My 10 year high school reunion is in under 10 months and I’ll probably be the only single, non married, no kids loser there [sad face emoji, eyes shut] FML.
UW: Most people want that! My ex didn’t want marriage or kids until 35. I’m sure you won’t be the only one.

JY: [sad face emoji, eyes shut] You have no idea how judgemental my graduating class is
UW: I think its like that everywhere. I mean really if they don’t know anything about your life already they obviously aren’t a part of your life now so they shouldn’t matter. I mean if you’re really that worried about it you could get someone to be your fake super model wife [quizzical emoji] haha
JY: They’ll know
UW: Well then don’t worry about it! Everyone’s life is different so you shouldn’t worry.
JY: They’ll belittle me
UW: You worry too much.
JY: [sad emoji] i know
UW: There’s no need to worry or care about the opinion of others unless they are important to you

Another KiwiFarm User posted that they “have the entire class of 2005 documented… I have some leads to get some more stories. So far, since coming back to BC for a visit, I have met up with someone I knew who is getting me more information, but they told me so far Jonathan was “REALLY CREEPY” with girls in high school. Are any of you surprised? I am still convinced Miriam went to the prom with him, if he went at all…” and also posted this picture:

Judging by the wishful moustache, this was also taken around the time of his high school graduation:

The woman may be Miriam’s sister, Ilana, shown below in an earlier picture with their father, Bernnard Baruch Altmann who may have, like his wife Hanna, emigrated to Canada from Israel after Miriam did. Like Hanna, he died in White Rock. The date in the caption isn’t the date the photograph was made; Bernnard died on 12/26/06 (Geni). He was born in Berlin in 1922, emigrated to Brazil before WW2, and then emigrated to Israel after the war. It’s on his Brazillian years that Jonathan and Miriam pinned their claim to being racism-proof during the BCHRT hearings in summer 2019.


Kwantlen Polytechnic – CISY program,

In his first year at Kwantlen (probably 2005),Yaniv says, “It happened in college. My first year by a guy I knew from high school. He kicked the door down when I was changing my pad and him and another guy started to play with my balls and do stuff to them. I told security and such but there was no evidence so they did nothing” (MandaPanda transcript, 11/7/19, p. 168 col. 2). He given varied accounts of the incident elsewhere.

In June 2008, Yaniv may have had his first sexual experience with a woman. (screenshots in the Creepy MSN Chat folder on MeowTube). It seems to be the same encounter he described years later to MandaPanda, though he estimates the date as 2012 in that instance (see p. 28 of the MandaPanda transcript and pp. 100-102).

While at Kwantlen, Yaniv tried to start National Sex Day in August 2008 (KFCTV NewsGlobe & Mail).

He also ran for student office in October 2008 (KF) and the student newspaper provides leads on fellow students who may have had to deal with him.

Also in 2008, he was pushing fellow students to campaign for tampon machines in men’s bathrooms (a cause he took up with the town council of Langley in 2019). See the July 31 messages in this 2008 chatlog.

A KiwiFarm User went to Kwantlen and once said they might know someone who might be the Amanda he had sex with in a washroom there.

As more info comes in, this will be updated further. If you have leads, please email us at [email protected] or leave a comment.