Yaniv’s Revenge Backfires, Richelle Speaks Up!

Sometime in the last several days Yaniv’s number was leaked online, resulting in what appears to be a string of pretty harmless prank texts and calls. Annoying, sure, but it isn’t like people were beating down his doorstep. Also, Yaniv is notorious for getting a hold of people’s phone numbers and sending prank calls, texts, and even deliveries to them at all hours of the night, so there’s a little bit of karmic justice here.

In retaliation to the leak, Yaniv shared a list of all the numbers that contacted them on social media with their friends on Facebook and Snapchat. Several people started texting back trying to defend “Jessica”. It only took moments of conversation with these people to show them just who they’re defending.

One woman, Richelle, in her early 20’s, tried to tell everyone to calm down and leave Jessica alone. She denied being Jessica’s friend, but said we shouldn’t harass her. We simply responded that maybe she should type “Jessica Yaniv” into Google and see who she was defending.

That text happened at 8:29 pm. By 8:31 pm Richelle was starting to learn all about the real JY. She told us how Yaniv released a huge list of numbers to a bunch of people in an attempt to weaponize them. Richelle said she didn’t know Yaniv personally but they were Facebook friends. In her words, if Yaniv gave her the list of phone numbers and they don’t even know each other, she’s definitely given the list to others as well.

By 8:49 pm Richelle was apologizing profusely and telling us how embarrassed she was for what she did. Obviously this isn’t her fault. She was trying to stick up for someone that professionally portrays themselves as a victim. She went on to ask for more details, and asked us why the police won’t do anything. She said Yaniv’s behaviour was “f*cking gross* and she felt gross that she even spoke to him. By this point she was using male pronouns.

She told us that she was in her early 20’s and lived a few hours away from Yaniv. JY had apparently invited her several times to join them at one of their “trials” as a supporter and even wine tastings, which she declined. It’s worth noting that Yaniv hasn’t actually attended a single trial – just hearings.

It’s a credit to Richelle’s strong character and heart that, in our last discussion, she felt conflicted about this story. She feels gross for how Yaniv got to her, and knows JY is a predator. In her words, JY needs help, and she doesn’t like anyone hurting, but she also thinks their behaviour is vile and disgusting. She knows JY lies about things like bomb threats and death threats and the things JY expects people to believe are ridiculous. She agrees that JY must be punished, but hopes that in time he can get help. Richelle’s heart goes out to the women JY has victimized.

Finally, and this part is worth a chuckle if you read the Lauren story from a few days ago, Yaniv manipulated Richelle (and probably others) by telling her that they were upset over being “used” after Lauren came forward and told the world that she was in no way, shape, or form romantically involved with Yaniv. How screwed up is JY that they’re selling this as being “used”? What is there to use Yaniv for? Lauren is a kind-hearted woman that was friendly to Yaniv and Yaniv twisted that to be something romantic. When she learned of this, she was horrified and angry, and Yaniv again claims to be the victim.

Long time Meow Mix followers will note that this story is categorized under Victims. While Richelle isn’t a victim of Yaniv’s sexual perversions or grooming attempts, she is a victim of JY’s lies and manipulation. Like many others before her, and many more will soon, Richelle learned who JY really is and has cut off ties, keeping herself safe. Let’s hope Yaniv never gets a chance to hurt anyone again.

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