Yaniv’s Home Equity Loan for Lawyer Bills

Just weeks ago, Yaniv miraculously came up with $6,000 to pay their BCHRT bill. Everyone was scratching their head. How did this under-employed bum come up with money? Did Miriam provide it?

Turns out, Yaniv is even dumber than we thought. Instead of cutting their losses and trying to make an honest buck, Yaniv has doubled down on revenge, driving themselves even further into debt.

An unnamed friend has discovered that Yaniv has secured a home equity loan loan to pay his legal bills by putting his condo up for collateral. It’s unclear which bills are being paid by this, or how much it was in total, but let’s quickly recap a few options…

  • $6,000 must have gone to the BCHRT victims.
  • The Kari Simpson lawsuit.
  • The Amy Hamm lawsuit.
  • The Keean Bexte/David Menzies lawsuit.
  • Legal defense for the weapons charges. Yaniv still faces sentencing.
  • Lawsuit against Morris & Szuchs Physiotherapist.
  • Ongoing HRT cases – which can now be pursued – against She Point Beauty Studio and Top Touch, as well as Bill Whatcott.

That isn’t counting the $5,000 Yaniv claims to have spent suing Vector Marketing – despite the fact that they endorsed VM the next day on Twitter.

Let’s say Yaniv finds the cheapest lawyer in Vancouver and gets a steal of a deal and pays each one $2500. For all of the above, that’s $21,000 in legal bills. Even if he could get that knocked down to $15,000, Yaniv has no means to repay that.

So what does this mean? Will Yaniv lose their condo? Move in with Miriam? Is Yaniv gambling everything hoping for a settlement? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below! If you like what we’re doing here, please share our site and consider a small donation to support us!

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