Yaniv’s Great Canadian Catfish Adventure

July 25, 2020

You heard it here first earlier this week! Rebel Media verified that Jessica Jonathan Yaniv (JY) ran off to Toronto at a moment’s notice in what we suspect was to meet a “mother and her sick child” at Toronto Children’s Hospital. The mother’s age is unknown, but we suspect the age disclosed by the purported catfish is likely 16-19 years of age, which would be mature given JY prefers underage girls!

Earlier in the week, Langley’s proud alleged predator of women and children left us cryptic tweets asking everyone to pray for their supposed step-daughter through some sort of supposed illness. Did JY get hitched or is JY allegedly engaged?

It also seems Mama Miriam is showing more signs of dementia. One minute she decries discrimination at David Menzies of Rebel Media deadnaming/misgendering “her daughter”, but seems to keep referring to JY with “male pronouns”. We’ll have to go back and do a count, but we think Miriam misgendered more times than Menzies did!

As you may recall, Miriam repeatedly “misgendered” JY throughput the BCHRT proceedings last summer and again publicly at JY’s first court hearing on December 5, 2019.

You will also observe that Miriam is once again being ordered around again like she’s in an abusive relationship with her offspring. There have been allegations of JY committing elder abuse on Miriam! If LangleyResident or anyone locally can sees any visible bruises on Miriam, we can further substantiate these allegations!

We’ve also received reports that the Yaniv Dynamic Duo returned to Langley, BC last night. The Pair reportedly flew into YVR on a flight from the Prairies after supposedly driving across Ontario and Quebec. I am surprised these two even came back! We definitely need an article to rundown the possibilities of what these two idiots talk about on these long drives—- especially when ol’ Mama Miriam is partially deaf! Does JY headbang to trance music with Miriam?

I am also surprised that Miriam didn’t return to BC by herself because I’d probably lose my cool having a 350lb something greaseball of a Mimi Bobek-wannabe reeking up the car. If we never heard from JY again, none of us would have questioned Miriam!

Also to no surprise, JY falsely accused Menzies of having a gun with amounts to public mischief for intentionally filing a false police report. It isn’t anything new or novel to JY, as filing false allegations vexatiously and frivolously without consequence is an ongoing contravention that local law enforcement needs to address. Namely, this is the same individual who passed off a false allegation by manufacturing a fake email against disabled citizen reporter Donald Francis Smith! Don’t worry- I am still in BC until July 29th and still on schedule to meet with Surrey and Langley RCMP agencies in order to swear in my witness statements and evidence of JY’s criminality in these matters with Smith!

Anyways, since the Yanivs went to Montreal to troll outside the renown clinic for performing the most complex gender reassignment surgeries in Canada. We must wonder if we’ll see an unhinged JY im the future as the next candidate to retaliate against the clinic like Jayne Ellen Heideck did in 2016. We all know the terror potential and violent predator JY is capable of being!

Will Meow Mix be invited to Yanny’s imaginary fairy tale wedding? Where’s the honeymoon going to be when travel is restricted because of COVID? Will Yanny make Donald Smith their best man? When we know more, we ask you save the date! Expect the crazy with these two idiots!

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