Yaniv’s Dating Life, and Predator Number Crunching!

This went out to everyone on Snapchat sometime over the weekend. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Is JY dreaming? Wishful thinking? Catfishing someone? Lying?

JY is in their mid-30s. JY told people about their girlfriend Lauren and often talks about people being romantically interested in them. Who are these people? Who is this date?

Also, why is Yaniv’s first date happening now? There have been NO OTHER DATES ever? Or is this Yaniv’s first date “as a woman”?

I wonder if Yaniv will be giving their new date the lesbian D? What lesbian doesn’t want the D? After all, if you’re a lesbian and you don’t want Yaniv’s D you’re clearly transphobic. Right?

I have no idea who the mystery date is, but if I had to guess, Yaniv is on every single social media platform out there. It’s most likely that Yaniv is using one of many LGBT-centric dating platforms and using their fake picture from Twitter to catfish people.

If you don’t know Yaniv AT ALL, there is a chance that you’d see that picture and not run away in terror. It’s easy to see there’s a filter or two, but everyone has that. It isn’t that weird.

So you chat up this “girl” on your LGBT-dating app, in the W4W section, and plan to meet up at the local BP’s for nachos and chocolate lava cake, and this shows up…

Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a ride home in Yaniv’s scooty-whip.

It didn’t take long to find Yaniv’s dating profile on the HER app.

Here’s some fun facts gathered from Yaniv’s profile, which of course is 100% truthful!

First of all, Yaniv has shrunk from being 5’11” or 6’0″ down to 5’9″ (181 cm). Does Yaniv drink? Nooooo. Yaniv only has 40+ bottles of liquor in their house. Political? Nope.

At least Yaniv was honest about one thing – they eat everything.

Where, oh where will Yaniv take their date? Maybe the feminine hygiene aisle at Walmart? A women’s washroom? Perhaps the playground! Maybe Yaniv could invite them to attend one of their “trials”, like they did with Richelle.

Warning…math ahead. I wanted to look at Yaniv’s predatory history by the numbers.

Yaniv preys on people the same way Nigerian princes with $20,000,000 to hide prey on people – in bulk. Yaniv knows that the odds are strongly against them – most people look up who they’re going to meet before they meet them and you don’t even need to type Yaniv’s full name in Google before red flags pop up.

But Yaniv lurks on dozens, maybe even hundreds of platforms. There’s the obvious – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. But there’s also LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Skype, Viber, Pinterest, Reddit, Badoo, Plenty Of Fish, Tinder, Grindr, Matched, TikTok, YouTube comments, Meetup, MeetMe, Discord, PinkCupid, HER, JSwipe (for Jewish LGBT!), Yubo, and so many more.

There’s 25 platforms there. If Yaniv messages 1 person a day on each platform for a month that’s 750 people. If even 1 in 50 responds because they don’t know JY that’s 15 people. If 90% of them are scared off in the first conversation that’s still 1 person left to prey on.

Now imagine Yaniv, sitting at home alone 24 hours a day. Do you really think they’re ONLY messaging one person a day? Of course not, and we can prove it.

There are sites online, like Snoop Report, that can monitor account changes on social media. Between March 21 and April 18, 2020 Yaniv followed 2,277 new people on Instagram alone. That’s 78 people per day – for that one platform. If even 0.1% of people fell for Yaniv’s trap that’s still 2 people.

Now add in Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and so on…and you start to see how Yaniv finds new prey. If Yaniv can do 78 people a day on Instagram, how many can Yaniv do on Snapchat? And Facebook?

I did some quick math. I assumed Yaniv could add as many people on Snap as they do Instagram, with fewer on Tiktok, and even fewer on Facebook and Twitter. If even 1 out of every 1000 people completely falls for Yaniv’s lies, that’s 6 people a month.

Yaniv is simply a Nigerian prince in disguise, looking for young girls instead of credit card numbers. Please share.

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