Yaniv’s “Date” Found! Tianna Speaks Up!

You guys had to know Yaniv’s date post was a lie. See yesterdays Meow Mix before you read any further.

Tianna, 23, from the greater Vancouver area, was curious about girls and signed up for the HER lesbian dating app. Just her luck, her first match was JY, a lesbian with a dick. At first it seemed sketchy, but when she told another female friend about it, that friend knew JY, and the entire charade crumbled down.

Sidebar…Men…this is why women hate us. Anyways…

What else did JY misrepresent? Well, for starters, JY used the highly edited Twitter profile picture to lure them in, then send a couple more “no makeup” pics. It was at this point that Tianna thought the entire thing was a joke. She and her friend were laughing about it.

Next, JY lied about their age, saying they were 27, not 32. Alarmingly, JY represented themselves as a cis woman, naturally born. Not trans.

So, 27 year old cis woman JY created an account on the HER lesbian dating app and started hitting up women. How did he lure them in? By bragging about their social media prowess and fame, of course.

First, Yaniv told Tianna how they worked to bring a major product to North America, referring to Karotz. I won’t even go into depth on this except to say it was a piece of shit bluetooth gadget that failed, fast.

Second, Yaniv bragged up how they personally made Chelsko famous, leading to Chelskos appearance on an MTV reality show.

Despite indicating they are a non-drinker on their dating profile, Yaniv bragged about their former job giving liquor samples, and bragged about the “perks” of the job. Yaniv promised to show her those perks when Tianna comes over.

I’ve run out of fingers to count the lies.

To JY’s credit, after ranting about how bad the 911 dispatchers are, it appears they are trying to take action themselves! How? By becoming a 911 dispatcher, of course!

Yaniv really is a kind hearted person. Look at the mask they offered to buy for Tianna to keep her safe from COVID!

That’s the mask Tianna would need to keep safe from JY.

Yaniv is evidently being truthful in this pic. There’s hardly any makeup – because it’s one giant digital picture filter! Not one ounce of that is Yaniv’s actual skin, except for whatever that lump is under their nose. Another skin tag like the one on their balls?

Yaniv, despite being broke as fuck and needing to apply for fee waivers for countless vexatious legal endeavors, bragged about money. JY, being a baller, bragged up their “executive” condo, and bemoaned the challenges that come with being a corporate bigshot.

JY…if you find a miniskirt to buy send me the link. Meow Mix will buy it for you on the condition that we get to post a pic of you in it on the front page!

Before things got weird, Tianna agreed to meet JY for a walk. Just a walk. As friends. Nothing more. Tianna had zero romantic interest in JY. She sensed she was being catfished by JY and was telling her friend about it. Regretfully, she already told JY where to pick her up, but her building has actual security, unlike JY’s imaginary security, and she’s extremely safe. We’ve given her JY’s vehicle info, plate number, and she knows what to watch for.

We asked what Tianna wanted to say to JY if she could…She said she gave JY the benefit of the doubt, but JY needs a realistic pic. They’re a catfish, and needs to stop. In closing she added, “Thanks for the laugh, Johnny boy”.

Her words, not mine. What’s that tell you JY? It’s time for you to live a real life. Get in the real world. You’ll never find companionship when everything you sell is bullshit. Grow up.

And as for your claims to be a safe person to come out to for LGBT people? This was one of Tianna’s first ventures “out of the closet”, as she jokingly put it, and you’ve tainted it. You’re a creep, JY. It’s perfectly fine for you to be a trans female wanting to be with a female, but you need to represent yourself honestly. You’re nothing more than a liar now.

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