Yaniv’s Cimorelli Obsession Continues

It’s been several years since the Cimorelli family parted ways with JY but this creep just doesn’t get the message.

To this very day, Yaniv runs a “fan page” for Lauren Cimorelli. Normally this wouldn’t be noteworthy, but all of the posts are things JY would say, and all of them are written from a first person perspective. In fact, you have to click very carefully around the page to even figure out that it’s a fan page. The entire thing is structured and organized to look like it’s Lauren Cimorelli’s official page.

Check the page out for yourself, then keep reading.

The entire thing is creepy when you consider that Lauren Cimorelli is the 2nd youngest of the Cimorelli girls. During the time when most of these pictures were posted (2013-2015) Lauren would have been 13-16 years old. She’s now 21.

Sound familiar yet? To anyone familiar with the JY story, it’s extremely obvious that Yaniv is behind this page.

Starting with the least creepy and working our way up…

Anyone familiar with JY’s “work” history will remember their employment at Mass Effect PR. What a coincidence that California-based singer Lauren Cimorelli would share this basically unknown company’s content!

How nice that Lauren is showing her support for Yaniv’s personal business too! Totally believable.

Remember JY’s war with Sears? This sure makes it look like Lauren had her own battle with them.

And what about JY’s history of “fighting trolls” and trying to get accounts closed down? Lauren too! Strange!

How many times have you heard regular people say “as such…”? Now, how many times does Yaniv write “as such” in their poorly written legal documents?

Then there’s “Lauren’s” random post about Chelsko – a trans woman that Yaniv claims to have launched onto MTV.

And some of JY’s typical middle school bathroom “humour”…

Everyone knows JY has an obsession with Arianna Grande…how coincidental that Lauren does too!

And then there’s “Lauren’s” sudden comments about pads and gender fluidity….Totally not JY though.

Last, but not least, the only other Cimorelli girl mentioned on the page is Dani – the youngest of the girls, and one that Yaniv has blatantly creeped on in the past.

As a refresher, here’s Yaniv’s past comments on Dani:

From Yaniv to Riley

Dani was 13 years old when those messages were sent to Riley.

How many times have you heard people say they’re “hormonal” compared to the number of times JY has used that word?

Now on Lauren’s page…

Note Yaniv pointing out Lauren in the background in the bathroom. More coming soon on Yaniv’s bathroom fetish. I’ve sacrificed my eyes, lunch, and sleep to dig into this one…Brace yourself.

Remember how much Yaniv hates fat shaming? Apparently calling Dani a little fatty is fun. Here’s the “fatty”:

Yaniv…what the fuck is wrong with you?

To make things worse, Yaniv is STILL using this account. They aren’t posting very much to the “fan page”. Instead, they’re posting to other groups AS the fan page, which to most people makes it look like it’s Lauren Cimorelli herself posting.

Even worse, Yaniv makes her look like a blatant racist.

Literally every single post on the page reeks of JY.

What can you do to help?

  • Report the page to Facebook. Make sure you’re clear that JY is posting racist comments and impersonating Lauren by not making it clear that it’s a fan page.
  • Search for similar pages for any of the other Cimorelli women and report them. Tell me, too! I’ll post it on here and expose it!
  • If you have a connection to the Cimorelli family, make sure they know!
  • If you have more pictures of this Lauren account posting things, please share with me so I can post them.

We’re always watching JY. Stay away from underage girls, creep.

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