jessica yaniv simpson

Yaniv’s Annual New Years Unravelling In Progress

It’s tradition! Jessica Yaniv Simpson rang in 2022 with a great Twitter purge and a strange brag about a defunct failed Karotz brand. That was nothing compared to 2021, which started with an arrest warrant that was shortly followed by Yaniv lopping off his own penis and calling it a vagina.

And now, 2023 is coming in with a great bang! Er…make that a fire alarm. Again. I wonder who it could be. In case you were wondering, there is no fire. Just a burned up ol’ hag and her son Jonathan.

It started with this anecdote, shared with MeowMix, about New Years Eve:

On New Years Eve, a group of a approximate 15 owners were in the Soho lounge socializing and celebrating the coming new year. Two of the owners in attendance included Cailis and Funk, the two that are presently being sued for assault charges by JYS.

Everyone was having a good time sipping wine and munching on finger food. In comes Miriam in the Soho lounge looking very agitated as usual and seemed to be angry that everyone seemed to be having a good time. The owners that were present have experience this many times before and the rule of thumb is to ignore her and not even make eye contact in case that sets her off.

Apparently this did not set well with Miriam and after a few minutes she left only to return a few minutes later, glare at certain people, take video or pictures of everyone and leave again. She repeated this for a few more times. She then decided to bring blankets and was going to use the Broadway Room as her private bedroom. That’s when somebody told her that this is a common area and not someone’s private bedroom. Heated words were exchanged, the next thing we know the RCMP and the ambulance services were knocking at the front entrance, was let in, and Miriam was taken away by the ambulance service.

Another day at the Zoo. Just I’m writing to you I received a phone call from one of the owners stating the one of the fire alarm pull stations has just been activated on the third causing a total evacuation of the building.

I want to restate one line from above: Miriam returned to take pictures and videos of everyone in the public area. Why is that so important?

We were contacted today by a building resident, Gina, who received this letter. You can tell from the strange capitalization of random words and other style cues (not to mention errors) that it was written by Jon Yaniv. She’s provided her consent for us to post it here.

First of all, finish laughing. Now, details.

They want Gina to stop taking pictures but Miriam and Jon want to keep taking pictures? Sure.

They want Gina to stop saying their dog (plural) are not service dogs. They’re not. The plural is because Miriam and Jon have tried several times to claim Miriam’s dog Walnut is also a service dog. They attempted to sue the building for it at the CRT and were forced to withdraw. This is their escalation it seems.

They also say Gina should stop saying Miriam isn’t deaf. Not just that, but they say that Gina stating these things violates a law. Right.

It goes on to claim that Miriam (read: Fat Jon) has the right to remain free from these activities, which is false. Nobody has that right. That’s like saying “I have the right for YOU to not call me fat”. You don’t have that right. Not at all. It may be hurtful or wrong, but you don’t have that right. I guess The Practice of Jessica Simpson isn’t all that up to speed on human rights or law. What do you expect from someone that couldn’t get through elementary school without extra help.

Yaniv goes on to claim they will have Gina criminally charged and/or sued if she doesn’t comply.

Our sources from the building – plural, Jonny – you can’t stop them all – also indicated that in the last few days Jonathan Yaniv has been spotted in the parking lot of Miriam’s strata. Events were documented, as they always are. Also of interest is that Miriam posted a bulletin on the building bulletin board asking if anyone was interested in renting her condo. I suspect this is just an attention seeking ploy by Miriam. She was hoping someone would say they don’t want her to leave. She’s talked about this before. Her and Jon have talked about moving to Nanaimo and Manitoba in the past.

The C&D letter wasn’t alone. It came with a form letter that they demanded Gina sign and return to them.

You can guess what Gina’s response was. The funny part is that I know she’s already beat Yaniv multiple times, one of which resulted in the law society formally reprimanding Yaniv, and if Yaniv wants to pit his “law expertise” against the real lawyers she can afford, I look forward to it.

In the meantime, as Jon Yaniv takes one more step towards being declared vexatious and living in a dumpster, I encourage readers to frequently remind the Yaniv’s that they’re not deaf, don’t have service dogs, and that taking their pictures is perfectly legal.