JY was “No Hero” on International Women’s Day

March 09, 2020

By @divebomberinc

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and there were lots of calls out around the world to continue the march in achieving equality for women of all cultures and nationalities including ending violence against women and to raise awareness for the long-standing struggle and hardships of womanhood throughout history.

Jessica (formerly known as Jonathan) Yaniv, the infamous pre-op trans woman who boastfully speaks about infringing upon women’s safe spaces and restrooms with photography had her heavily photoshopped Facebook profile picture with a call out to International Women’s Day 2020. This has offended many of the women that we have interacted with prior to yesterday.

Jessica Yaniv’s photoshopped Facebook Profile Picture as of March 05, 2020.

Yaniv is a known misogynist and alleged predator who has harmed young girls and women alike through exploitation, threats and coercion. Yaniv could not remain quiet despite being more quiet and recused as of late. they Yaniv made a social media appearance to utter more threats towards their anonymous neighbour, @langleyresident. The neighbour provides audiences on Twitter with updates regarding disruptive activities carried out by Yaniv at her condo complex in Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada.

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It was after sharing Yaniv’s resume that was recently made publicly available to everyone, prompting Yaniv to angrily fire back with the threats, “You’re going to hell bitch! Watch what I fucking do to you.” Furthermore, Yaniv still assumes that their neighbour is in fact a woman, further exemplifying their prevalent hatred and contempt for women on International Women’s Day.

It was not the first time Yaniv has made against this neighbour. On August 08, 2019, Yaniv logged into Kiwi Farms uttering threats to murder her neighbour (who goes by WGKitty on the website) and that their body would be found underneath the nearby Golden Ears Bridge. The operator of Kiwi Farms had supposedly traced the IP to Yaniv’s residence; however, there were no charges pursued by local law enforcement for uttering threats.

Yaniv has also made threats against other female neighbours, including towards one neighbour “Sharon” and her children that were identified as young girls. No charges for uttering threats were ever laid in this instance; however, there were calls by Yaniv’s governing strata to remove her cameras as per strata bylaws.

Yaniv became a known misogynist rising to notoriety by frivolously and vexatiously targeting local aestheticians starting starting around March 2018. The common denominator was that Yaniv’s intended targets were racialized women, many of whom were immigrants and/or English was their second language. Yaniv filed numerous complaints to the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) for refusing to wax her nether regions (male genitalia).

On October 22, 2019, in Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons (No. 2), 2019 BCHRT 222, the BCHRT ordered Yaniv to pay $6,000 in costs to the respondents represented by counsel after engaging in improper conduct by: filing these complaints in bad faith by manufacturing the conditions to entrap these marginalized women, misleading the BCHRT in respect of a publication ban, being untruthful with respect to a central aspect of a complaint, engaging in extortionate behaviour, and blatantly making scurrilous attacks on the counsel for the respondents.

The complaints that did not go to a hearing, it is alleged that these women settled for cash between $500 and $2,500 to avoid further public scrutiny with the extortionate measures of facing a public hearing. Some of these women had performed services out of their home, which included a mother of an autistic child. There are reports that some women never returned to being aestheticians after interacting with Yaniv and public opinion is that $6,000 in costs for three of the respondents represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms was nothing compared to the mental, emotional and financial distress upon these women. A fundraiser is still going to help some of these women recover from this ordeal with Jessica Yaniv. There are public opinions that this coercion amounts to forced sexual assault for extortionate purposes.

Despite being denied her appeal and deferral of her new complaints in January 2020, Yaniv continues to maintain the position that her self-identity must always trump the religious right of racialized/marginalized women when having to handle male genitalia. Furthermore, Yaniv has a known racial animus towards South Asian cultures that is prevalent on social media.

For Yaniv, who is trying to publicly show celebration for International Women’s Day, it is deemed a blatant insult to her numerous female victims. Currently, Yaniv’s has filed at least two new known BCHRT complaints targeting other racialized women where Brazilian waxing was inquired about; however, these complaints remain deferred until Yaniv pays the costs and post-judgement interest in full from the October 22, 2019 ruling. If Yaniv fails to pay, these complaints may be tentatively dismissed on or after July 29, 2020.

Asides from the activities that brought the attention-seeking infamy, Yaniv continues to battle women in the community. Therefore, we highlight some of the better known public misogynist actions by Jessica Yaniv as followed:

Yaniv engages in clickbait tactics to deplatform free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd by insulting her reproductive abnormality on Twitter. Shepherd was initially banned, but was overturned by Twitter a few weeks later.

Yaniv falsely accuses a female reporter of sexual assault to exact revenge and publicly defame her on Twitter. It was a different story than Yaniv alleged to BC Sheriff’s days prior.

Yaniv was rejected from attending further local Resilient Women in Business meetings and then decrying transphobia; however, it was kindly explained by the organizer that Yaniv’s (continued) behaviour is the reason why she is prohibited from attending.

Yaniv made insulting chauvinist comments about their former friend, Katie, by stating all she was good for was cooking and cleaning.

Yaniv admits to the sexual exploitation of Jess Rumpel, when she was 15-years old that included sexualized Elmo impressions. Yaniv still victim-blaming and deflected that the Yaniv patriarch’s death was the underlying reasons for the behaviour.

Yaniv sexually objectified a 17-year old from the UK by inferring “anal intercourse” while Yaniv took the video naked in the bathtub.

Video link above.

Yaniv insults women claiming FGM (Female Genital Mutiliation) while on livestreaming with Mark Hughes in July 2019.

Video link above.

Yaniv crashes the Miss BC Pageant by making contestant Char Millington and the other young girls extremely uncomfortable by having their mother take photographs without permission.

Yaniv trolls and makes international headlines by insinuating that they could not go swimming because they forgot their tampons as they were having “their period”. This was extremely offensive to the masses, as Yaniv was never born biologically female. Other tweets over time have included Yaniv having their period, which regardless of a possible gender dysmorphia diagnosis, Yaniv is cognizant this is trolling when broadcasted on twitter with 145,000 (alleged) followers.

Yaniv has encouraged, more than once, for young girls and women to self-harm themselves, which most recently occurred with an 18-year old victim in January 2020.

On January 18, 2020, Yaniv created a fake profile that sexually objectified @@langleyresident under the twitter (sock account) handle @Hawthornunit229. In a typical fashion, as Yaniv would do the same type of insults on other websites and twitter accounts directed at archenemies Morgane Oger, Meghan Murphy and Donald Smith, by incorporating their disturbing fascination with tampons and bodily fluids. Again, Yaniv assumes the neighbour is a woman and below further exemplifies comments that are offensive to women.

Yaniv did close the day striving for a sponsor in the Mrs. Globe competition in the U.S. With pending weapons charges, we are confident that this will significantly limit Yaniv’s global mobility for the foreseeable future. Although there are other crimes that Yaniv has not been charged with, we do fear that a future International Women’s Day will encompass Yaniv weaselling into a sentence in a women’s prison and wreaking misogynistic havoc behind bars!