Yaniv vs. The World: Year in Review (Part 3 of 3)


The final part of our three part series!

As Yaniv headed into September, the Internet Trolling was much on their mind! After the events of the summer, you might have expected the fall to be relatively quiet while waiting the outcome of Yaniv’s July’s British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal proceedings. You would be wrong! Yaniv had become addicted to all the attention– whether good or bad (mostly bad) that came with being a “Global Internet Personality” with their various social media postings and real life behaviour became increasingly provocative and menacing!

Fake Internet PhD

September started with Twitter abuzz and doing deep background dives after Yaniv’s August 31st announcement that Yaniv “alleged” that they were “sponsored” for an Honorary PhD in “Transgender Advocacy” from Social Justice University. The questionable website that rarely tweets and initially blocked all critics before a mass unblock of the critics and rarely tweeted thereafter.

Screenshot retained courtesy of Kiwi Farms.

It is widely suspected that Yaniv either nominated themselves (or possibly mother Miriam Yaniv) and wasted $750 for the purpose of trolling. A little bit of research found that the University is likely a scam and that degrees could be purchased for $750; however, as we are speculating it is a scam, there are other theories on Twitter that Yaniv may actually operate the website themselves as one of their many scams. Either way, it seems that from there forward, several others began to give themselves honorary made-up PhDs: at no cost to themselves. For someone inevitably about to lose their waxing cases in six weeks, this was not money well spent!

Screenshot of Yaniv’s Twitter account on August 31, 2019.

Physiotable Fiasco

On September 6, 2019, the BC Court Services Online (BC CSO) showed that Yaniv was now suing a local physiotherapist for the collapse of a physio table that could not hold Yaniv’s weight back at the end of June. Yaniv became angered claiming “fat shaming” to Journalist Anna Slatz, but it seems very probable that Yaniv’s whole disability schtick came at “ideal timing” before the July waxing hears allowing Yaniv to “appear vulnerable with a disability” and play up the next scam for cash.

When reading the narrative of Yaniv’s Notice of Claim, it definitely sounded like Yaniv put words into the mouths of the Physiotherapist and claimed to have “blacked out”. No one believes for a minute that Yaniv blacked out and then proceeded to physiotherapy, let alone the Physiotherapists would risk the liability. Sounds highly suspect to say the least!

It would be apparent in the coming months that the physiotherapy table manufacturer would be added as a party to the $35,000 claim.

Screenshot as of September 6, 2019 of Yaniv’s lawsuit history, including the new lawsuit against Morris & N Szucs Physiotherapy Corp.
Copy of the September 04, 2019 lawsuit claim

SFU Women’s Restroom Dog Spray Incident

Yaniv wanted to take a selfie video how “bad ass” they were by videotaping themselves spraying Dog Spray in the women’s restroom at the Simon Fraser University (SFU) campus. Yaniv’s comments in the video were, “If you fuck with me, this is what will happen to you. That’s dog spray!”

Screenshot of Yaniv’s selfie video after dog-spraying and uttering threats.

Yaniv has been dealing with the blowback from that lack of judgement ever since and has been unsuccessful in getting it removed from the Internet.

The authorities and SFU had been informed by multiple parties, which both Yaniv and their mother Miriam claim the RCMP “know” about the incident. After the August taser charges and possible release on good behaviour, is this not a violation of the agreement to vandalize a women’s restroom and utter threats.

Yaniv appeared very sore during their silent period at the end of October when an angry critic and avid supporter of #gidyvr had put over 180 flyers across two of SFU’s campuses about the dog spray incident with “Women’s Restrooms on Campus under attack” and then posted to twitter.

Stirring up more shit

A bizarre spectacle of Yaniv hawking their old bra’s on Facebook’s Marketplace (September 5).

Screenshot of Yaniv’s September 5, 2019 tweet.

On September 14, they claimed to have been assaulted on TransLink but did not provide any evidence except to post on the 16th that the “Guy who threatened me was in court today”. No evidence (even a name) or links were provided before Yaniv concluded with a warning about threatening a trans activist.

September saw more so-called nuisance product reviews and getting as many of their prominent Twitter critics deplatformed as possible through massive “deadnaming” and “misgendering” campaigns.

Election Chaos

October was a very busy but ultimately disappointing month for Yaniv where they mostly engaged in political jabs and marginalizing and provoking conflict with citizen reporter Donald Francis Smith.

On October 3, he tweeted (trolled) that their mere presence at a candidates forum would be enough for to Stacey Wakelin to resign as well as suggesting that Peoples’ Party of Canada (PPC) leader, Maxime Bernier, lost his seat because they bullied Yaniv.

Yaniv also complained about being misgendered (called “sir”) by Elections Canada on October 3rd, when they called into change their name from Jonathan to Jessica. They announced that he had been advised by their lawyer to complain to the BCHRT which was quickly amended to the Canadian Human Rights Commission when the Twitter fact checkers pointed out to them that he had a lousy lawyer if s/he did not know that the legality by way of the division of powers had no jurisdiction over federal agencies. There has been no further mention of that complaint and it seems to have disappeared into the ether.

As the Federal Election was underway in Canada, Yaniv took no time to send jabs to their rival, trans activist and politician, Morgane Oger. Yaniv would continue taunting Oger, as well as local candidate, Stacey Wakelin, who called Yaniv out as a predator on Twitter stirring Yaniv into sparring matches. Although Wakelin did not win the constituency as a Member of Parliament in Yaniv’s riding, we get to look forward to her and Morgane Oger hosting the first Langley Pride Parade in 2020– where Yaniv’s presence will be very unwelcoming by the community. If history has anything to say, Yaniv will need to recuse themselves with mother Miriam and go take pool selfie videos with children in the background at an out of town a hotel again!

Yaniv even attempted to get temporary employment with Elections Canada and alleged discrimination on the basis of “political affiliation”. We are doubtful, as Yaniv’s own behaviour remains ever-precarious. Yaniv even proclaimed to be a Liberal Party of Canada candidate for the 2023 Federal Election.

After the election, Yaniv presented themselves online to their new MP, Tako Van Popta, as the transgender representative for the riding and invited the new MP to meet with them so that they could begin their work on “LGBTQ equality”. It is doubtful the MP would respond to a known predator (as they would have had bragging rights about it online) and there is an assumption that Wakelin probably have kindly filled Van Popta in on Yaniv’s toxic background showing they were not a sore loser!

Other scams and bizzare claims

In a summary of Yaniv’s claims to scam local businesses, including unbelievable claims that a Starbucks Canada was transphobic, a court order against someone on TransLink and more (self-) nominations, such as a Women’s Influencer Award by the local Hub Collab (who would protect their tweets and evidently distances themselves from Yaniv).

Furthermore, commenting/trolling on the James Cyrynowski Babysitting human rights complaint case in Alberta.

Yaniv began rapidly trolling with alleged psychosomatic symptoms of mensuration of having “cramps”, “periods” and “cravings”– consistent with their period and menstrual fetishism. In all honesty, who has a period eight times per month without a serious medical problem present, right?

Desperation for Employment

There were a number of Yaniv sightings in Greater Vancouver of being seen in government-operated liquor stores and retail stores as a “sampler” of spirits, wine and beer. It would materialize that Yaniv has been prospectively in a part-time independent contractor relationship with Embr Events to sample, as well as sighted on a local Facebook short-term cash jobs page. Given Yaniv miraculously recovered from a (feigned) “terminal illness” with less than a year to live and went from immobile with paralysis to standing all day without the need for mobility aids, Yaniv’s appearance to look disabled.

Yaniv was also seen test driving automobiles and claimed to have also “mystery shopped”, even paid to buy tampon pads. Yes, this is getting more and more bizarre, isn’t it?

It would come to light that Yaniv’s attempts to apply for government disability failed and Yaniv was forced to go back and do odd jobs for cash. But it seems Yaniv was still splurging on $20 nachos and $10 chocolate cakes in a single meal. At the current rate, critics remain unsure how Yaniv support such a luxurious and gluttonous lifestyle.

Waxing Ruling and Attempted Application for Reconsideration of Decision

The big day arrived for Yaniv on October 22, 2019, where the BCHRT ruled Yaniv filed the waxing complaints in bad faith. Yaniv would go offline for 14 days with no tweets. It seemed to bring life and positive energy back to Twitter that Yaniv recused themselves; however, the remainder of October was just Yaniv as usual while they worked on their appeal of the BCHRT decision.

On November 13, Yaniv’s BCHRT appeal was turned down, although he could still appeal it through the regular court system within 60 days. However, on November 8, 2019, the BC CSO showed that a court enforcement order had been applied for and granted to the estheticians that won their case. On November 23, Yaniv announced that they would not pay it (by any means). Whenever the matter is resolved, Meow Mix will provide updates.

Donald Smith Saga

It was in November, Yaniv began to ramp up provoking and maliciously persecuting Donald Francis Smith, a disabled citizen reporter. Although Smith has a history, he battles mental illness and has other run-ins with the law. Although we don’t discount that Mr. Smith needs to own to his past actions, he was a bane of Yaniv’s existence. It was like 100 critics all-rolled-into-one with Smith and it was entertaining to see Yaniv angered by Smith’s impressions of Yaniv on YouTube.

Yaniv become so embroiled there was another threat murder both Donald and another critic named Ben Reilly. It was also around this time that Yaniv appears to have began building a defence for their illegal weapons charges, claiming that they had to hire a security company (Garda) for protection. However, no security guards have been spotted on duty near them when they is out in public or guarding their condo. Furthermore, Yaniv claimed they were “scared away” by Mr. Smith. In the end, Yaniv would have to provide financial records that they actually had protection, if this is allegedly with any grain of truth.

Yaniv and Smith battled to the point both were filing civil suits and pursuing criminal charges against one another in private prosecutions. To date, only Yaniv filed private prosecutions, but after Mr. Smith was deplatformed from YouTube for false DMCA complaints, subjected to attempts on their Facebook, Yaniv falsifying emails including a “hit man alleged to be hired by Smith” and comments about his deceased Grandma, Mr. Smith lost control with threats to Yaniv. When Smith showed up as a Citizen Reporter they were arrested pending charges on December 5, 2019. Smith allegedly had other breaches and ended up under arrest on a warrant by December 29, 2019.

Yaniv has made allegations that twitter critic @menacingcrow was Donald Francis Smith and continued to harass them. It seems Yaniv was losing it as they have accused other critics of being an old neighbour, Meghan Murphy (circumventing her twitter deplatforming) and Lindsay Shepherd. At no offence to Mr. Smith, we can certainly agree that @menacingcrow has a better understanding of the vocabulary and appeared to be tweeting 24 hours after Mr. Smith was arrested on the 29th. It is suspected that Yaniv falsified complaints to authorities claiming the twitter critic was Mr. Smith.

We only know Mr. Smith is planning to plead “no contest” under provocation. We wish him the best on his legal pursuits!

Gynaecologist Discrimination?

Jumping back to the November chaos that transitioned seamlessly into December with Yaniv’s now infamous (and now removed) tweet about being referred to a Gynaecologists office and being denied an appointment. Global uproar ensued when Yaniv said he was going to make a human rights complaint and had the backing and encouragement of the CPSBC to do so. This was proven to be a lie when the association was interviewed by the media. Yaniv also started complaining about Fraser Health being anti-LGBTQ. The timing (and an implied threat) was called into question as it was the day after it was announced that Fraser Health had been named one of Canada’s Top 100 employers.

Screenshot of Yaniv’s bizarre gynaecologist claims.

Yaniv’s Court Date

December 5 was the first court appearance for Yaniv on the illegal weapons charge (deferred to January 13) and the first time Yaniv tried to physically attack Keenan Bexte after Miriam Yaniv held them back. Yaniv also accused Brexe of taking pictures of Yaniv’s vehicle although the pictures that were posted were from old tweets questioning Yaniv’s right to have a handicapped parking placard. Bexte’s phone’s photo gallery was searched by the Sheriffs and Bexte was allowed into the courtroom. According to Bexte, Miriam had misgendered Jessica in front of everyone in the courtroom!

The hearing was summarily dealt with in less than five minutes but Yaniv insisted on making a speech about having a journalist arrested and bragged about having a RCMP security detail much to the confusion of the Justice of the Peace and spectators in the courtroom. Yaniv appears to not understand that a criminal court is nothing like the BCHRT and seemed annoyed that they were hustled immediately out rather being given a sympathetic hearing by the JP and asked to provide details. The JP’s main question was: “Where is your Lawyer?”

More Plagurism

December 16 saw the first of many stolen and plagiarized SM postings.  Cory Dixon posted a tweet about mental health problems which Yaniv just cut Dixon’s Twitter Profile Pic and Bio out and inserted his and retweeted. Rather than getting a sympathetic reception and support, Twitter immediately found the original tweet and the consequence of that misjudgement is that now whenever Yaniv makes a statement, it is immediately fact and origin checked by more critics.

New Year’s Resolutions?

December and the decade finally came to close with Yaniv appearing in court with glee on December 30th to provide evidence against Mr. Smith and a heated discussion about a picture that Yaniv had posted showing cleavage. Was it  photoshopped cleavage (but not Yaniv’s) or buttcrack?

Screenshot of Yaniv’s boasting of DFS in jail on December 31, 2019.

Yaniv felt their greatest achievement going into 2020 was having Mr. Smith arrested and going away for a long time. If this was Yaniv’s greatest achievement all year, it goes to show that Yaniv has very little going on their lives and the misery and instigation of conflict with others to score “a win” is very much, very pathetic and sad.

Into 2020, Yaniv is already off starting a heck of a lot of negative publicity for themselves! Will we see more scooter action? Will we finally see Yaniv going to prison? Will we see Yaniv finally have that coronary from ordering five platters of nachos from Boston Pizza? I guess we stay tuned.

Jessica Yaniv on their way to the BCHRT with Miriam Yaniv in-hand with the “Future is Female” LGBTQ+ while operating the mobility scooter from July 4, 2019.