Yaniv vs. the World: Year in Review (Part 2 of 3)


In a recent year end message, Jessica Jonathan Yaniv claimed in a holiday message that 2019 had been a very good year for them. I f this is indeed the case, then the months of July and August must have been the climatic highlight of 2019. These two months alone saw Yaniv explode into the public foray, particularly after the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) lifted a publication ban on July 17 instigating the subsequent media frenzy in the case.

Miss BC Pageant

June 30th and July 1st had Yaniv transition from online to in-person stalking of Charlotte Millington, a fellow Miss BC pageant candidate, over the Canada Day long weekend. In addition concerns were raised about Yaniv and their mother, Miriam, who crashed the Pageant after Yaniv failed to contend to the main stage. Miriam proceeded to take unauthorized pictures of the younger contestants on the stage, as well as in dressing rooms and washrooms. It caused anxiety for Millington and other Pageant contestants having the intrusive presence of the Yanivs.

During the final portion of the contest, Yaniv was in the front row, mere feet away from their victim trying to intimidate her whenever she appeared on stage while tweeting pictures of himself claiming that he was in the front row because of his fame as a trans activist. In reality, Yaniv was in the handicapped row and had previous engaged online using the new twitter account @jessica_yaniv engaging in targeted harassment of Millington.

Currently the Twitter account, @jessica_yaniv was permanently suspended as of November 2019, which begs the question whether Jessica Yaniv operating the account @trustednerd is evading a permanent deplatforming or not.

Disability Portrayal

Throughout July, Yaniv was engaged in the revolving door of seeking pity on social media with chronic allegations of assault and sightings on public transit, contrary to their claimed disabilities. In one incident, Yaniv was caught getting up in their mobilized scooter and miraculously cured of being “paralyzed below the waist”. Yaniv accused the photographer with prejudice as an “Asian Stalker Kid” and defended as the condition being sporadic. Yaniv would attend the subsequent BCHRT hearings appearing not just as a member of a protected group in the LGBTQ+, but trying to garner sympathies as a member of the disabled protected class. Yaniv has declined to comment on the alleged medical condition, which appears to have emerged following a “Physiotherapy Table incident” with a local practitioner the end of June 2019 where subsequent court proceedings were initiated on September 4, 2019.

Lindsay Shepherd Entrapment and Deplatforming

On July 14, 2019, Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd received a wrongful censorship permanent ban by Yaniv after responding to a comment about her uterus by stating, “I heard @realDonaldTrump is building a wall inside fo your uterus aka your ‘reproductive abnormality’. Shepherd responded emotionally, “At least I have a uterus, you fat ugly man.”

Yaniv would then delete try and delete their tweet, which by they immediately reported Shepherd after entrapping her in soliciting her emotional response by insulting her C-section and entrapped misgendering of Yaniv. After several weeks of appeals, Twitter did reverse Shepherd’s ban, unlike the situation in November 2018 where Yaniv had Feminist Meghan Murphy permanently banned from Twitter.

Retained Screenshots between Yaniv and Shepherd on Twitter.

Crotch-Waxing Activism Hearings

Next up on Yaniv’s July calendar were the BCHRT hearings taking place on July 4, 5, 16, 17, and 26. As there is no better coverage of the hearings than those of citizen journalist (Twitter) @goinglikeelsie, JY Meow Mix recommends that our readers take a look at her comprehensive coverage threads. She persevered despite court reporting restrictions and continued threats from Miriam Yaniv at the BCHRT. She deserves our gratitude for ensuring the public was informed timely and without delay.

As the hearings wore on, and word spread among both the LGBTQ+ community and general public, as the hearings became crowded with spectators and press alike. Yaniv appeared to be thrilled with all the additional attention, even claiming that he had to alleged 15 Vancouver Police Department Officers protect them from the alleged “anti-trans lynch mobs”. In reality, there was no mob mentality and no protection detail – just a few officers to give the court security officers help in controlling the hearing crowd after Yaniv manically 911 from an elevator trying to escape Press for Truth and Independent Media Journalist Donald Smith. There will be more fallout from the Donald Smith saga intheteh coming months!

The hearings, at times, despite BCHRT Member Devyn Cousineau’s best attempts would often devolved into a mayhem primarily because Yaniv would not listen to instructions and make a mockery of the process.

The Member’s instructions, kept personally & professionally attacking opposing council, asking for people in the spectators gallery to be removed, would not answer or would deflect questions, or made strange irrelevant speeches. Yaniv behaved as though he was the lead in a play about him & his sufferings as a trans activist. Many online commentators were angry over the proceedings, not realizing that the tribunal is not set up with the same procedures as a regular court. It has an entirely different mandate. The BCHRT was constantly criticized for the way the Member had initially appeared to have “coddled” Yaniv; however, after reading the final October 22 decision, it has now become apparent that while carrying out the victim centric focus of the tribunal, Cousineau was also giving Yaniv enough rope to metaphorically hang themselves in the public domain.

During the hearings, once an application for anonymity via the publication ban was lifted, the case went viral on a global scale in various mediums. Regardless of an indeterminate verdict, Yaniv initially revelled in the unprecedented level of attention, despite the fact that most critics marvelled in mocking Yaniv. It appeared on a number of YouTube commentary shows had occurred where they Yaniv was interviewed on InfoWars & Pulling the Trigger. While many YouTubers had covered various aspects of the Yaniv story before the publication ban was lifted (the most prominent & in our opinion the best, Dawn of Rose) coverage across all social media platforms exploded.

Jones v TNT

During the August long-weekend, Yaniv had attended a Vancouver Pride Society event with LGBTQ+ Human Rights Defender Jason Jones who was successful in the landmark Trinidad and Tobago case over challenging the constitution regarding the prohibiting of consensual sexual intercourse between adults. Yaniv took to social media claiming a Social Justice Warrior endorsement from Jones, which when called out online, it lead to being false and Yaniv disavowed by on Twitter by Jones (@Jonesvtnt). This provoked Yaniv’s mother, Miriam Yaniv, to start a Twitter account expressing her disappointment to Jones.

Screenshots of @JonesvTNT.
Screenshots of JonesvTNT

Pool Trolling

In taking recusal from the Jones disavowing, the Yanivs went to Harrison Hot Springs. On the trip over, Yaniv stirred controversy making racial suggestions that the Chilliwack Emergency Room should only cater to the bilingual languages in Canada when alleging an emergency that cannot be ascertained as legitimate.

Photo supposedly taken by Miriam Yaniv and posted by Jessica on their Twitter account.

Yaniv would proceed to the pool at the Harrison Hot Springs hotel taking selfies and videos, further collaborated by Miriam, by filming children in the background and then proceeding to portraits in the women’s changeroom to further engage in misogynistic trolling. This would be in support of previous advocating for unsupervised topless teenager pool parties for the LGBTQ+ in Langley for ages 12-24.

Yaniv trolling audiences after taunting to go to the Anderson Memorial Pool on Twitter.

Ms Blaire White Livestream

The month of August continued and seemed to be almost entirely focussed on the fallout of the Ms. Blaire White YouTube broadcast, including retaliatory admission of doxxing the YouTuber where initially making an apology and then retracting it claiming to have been in the hospital.

The lasting aftermath of the broadcast is, of course, the weapons charges. Overnight on August 5th and 6th, the local RCMP detachment searched Yaniv’s apartment, not allowing them back in until the investigation was concluded. When he was allowed back in the following day, he immediately call the police because some one had allegedly “sent” them child pornography, although Yaniv admitted previously on facebook as having possession of it and offering to share it with a recipient. The question remains if he had not been raided and his apartment searched, would Yaniv reported it.

At 59:32 where Yaniv pulled out a taser, an illegal weapon in Canada.

After the raid, Yaniv went on the offensive being furious at Kiwi Farms citizen reporter WGKITTY’s live reports. Yaniv sent a audio file to Null via a lawyer (who makes it very clear that they do not want anything more to do with Yaniv) to be passed onto WGKITTY. But first, he paid a visit to the KiwiFarms site on August 8 under the name FuckWGKItty. The various farmers and observers on the site could not believe what they were reading in real time. Yaniv threatened to slit WGKitty’s throat, as a death threat, then went on a meowing and a body fluid description binge. It got so bad that site’s creator, Yoda and Null had intervened to identify and limit Yaniv’s interactions with the Farms for the future.

Yaniv further threatened litigation demanding Kiwi Farms to delete all content and posts or they would sue WGKitty and the strata condo (everyone under the sun essentially) in order to force them to sell their apartment. Fortunately, to this date, Yaniv has made many allegations online who WGKitty is, but has never deduced their identity amongst the 119 other units in their condo strata. On a side note, no subsequent legal action has ever materialized.

In the typical plot twist, which not surprisingly for an alleged (infamous) “global Internet personality”, Yaniv claimed to have been contacted by an agent, which they claimed was a “well-known documentarian” by the name of Ryan Gordon. This collaboration between Yaniv and the agent did not last long, as they had provided an admission of the doxxing back to Ms. Blaire White. Following the dissolving of this relationship, Yaniv had claimed that they were in hospital and tricked into admitting the doxxing to close the matter, which given Yaniv’s history of pathological lying, skepticism ensues on the etraction of this admission.

Rebel Media Confrontations

The media interest continued but Yaniv was not pleased with the continued coverage. There were three incidents Yaniv had with Rebel Media reporters.

Firstly, on August 8, 2019, Rebel Media Correspondent Jessica Swietonioski had attempted to interview Yaniv outside of a Yaletown Starbucks in Vancouver regarding their abuse of the BC Human Rights Tribunal crotch-waxing hearings, as well as history of publicized racism. Initially, Yaniv was calm and composed in the consensual interview with Swietonioski before becoming agitated and combative, including verbal abusive and middle fingers sported by Yaniv’s mother Miriam.

Prior to the meltdown by the Yaniv duo, Jessica alleged refusal of service discrimination on the basis of trans identity at a nearby Pacific Center New York Fries. This was later refuted by Yaniv’s critic, Lindsay Shepherd, who interviewed NY Fries herself.

When informed the interview would be filmed, the Yanivs threatened Rebel Media with lawsuits of “criminal harassment” if the short documentary was publicized. To date, no lawsuits have launched.

Courtesy of Rebel Media — PREMIERE:
“Who is Jessica Yaniv?” An exclusive Rebel exposé | Jessica Swietoniowski

Secondly, in the days following Swietonioski’s documentary, Rebel Media Correspondent Keean Bexte tried to get a follow-up with the Yaniv’s at Jessica’s Langley condo complex. Following being approached, it appears Jessica’s charade with a granny walker was revealed and Miriam Yaniv became verbally and physically violent, including blocking Bexte’s car from leaving while claiming to the RCMP to contrary while caught on video. To date, no charges have resulted.

Courtesy of Rebel Media – EXCLUSIVE:
“Mama Yaniv” ASSAULTS Rebel reporter, Jessica BLOCKS car and calls cops! | Keean Bexte

Lastly, on August 15th, was the most infamous incident with Rebel Media where when approaching Jessica Yaniv at their mother’s complex across the street from their own residence, where Yaniv become angered and violent. Yaniv was now sporting a cane while accompanied by their mother in tow, became irritated and violent to the point of removing themselves and then returning later for an onslaught of an assault on reporter David Menzies. Social Media’s response was to then label Yaniv, as the Psycho “Dora the Explorer” because of their choice of apparel that day.

Courtesy of Rebel Media – EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE:
Jessica Yaniv ASSAULTS Rebel reporter with CANE!

New Victims

In late August, Jessica Rempel had joined KiwiFarms to tell her story, as it was hypnotic because of it’s awfulness on how Yaniv abused her online years prior when she was a child. Her bravery, has been an inspiration to other victims to come forward with their stories of Yaniv’s years-spanning history of child exploitation.

Furthermore, Anna Slatz from The Post Millennial had also spoke with a woman from Yaniv’s past regarding deception and perversion at a Consumer Electronics Show event.

More Racist Tirades

As the summer simmered down, Yaniv would not relent and would further engage in racist tirades with the East Indian community, including the infamous trip to Victoria Harbour and taking an unsolicited selfie with a Sikh man in a turban. Yaniv was chatting live on Instragram by referring to them as “Turban Fuckers”. A Meow Mix correspondent on location confirmed in October 2019 that the second location to push the Sikh family was quite a distance speculating that Yaniv likely continued to go live and stalked this man and his family for their own entertainment. Based on the landscape of the waterfront, Yaniv was likely not using any of the mobility aids as seen with over the summer.

As posted from Yaniv’s Instragram Chat with the user’s name redacted.

After the racism went viral across the globe, Yaniv retracted with a public apology for the conduct.

This concludes part 2 and we’ll give you September to December 2019 for the end of this week!

Yaniv trolling audiences after taunting to go to the Anderson Memorial Pool on Twitter.