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Yaniv v. Smith Update: Waste of Court Resources and JY Pressuring the Crown?

By Billy Z. @Divebomberinc

A recent photo reported to be doing better and at an undisclosed location.

Today was another loss in Jessica Jonathan Yaniv’s malicious prosecution crusade against disabled independent reporter Donald Francis Smith. A teleconference call took place between Smith’s legal counsel, the current crown prosecutor and a pre-trial judge to determine the path forward– and the outcome is very promising!

The judge purportedly called out the crown prosecutor for allegedly being “pressured” by JY to prosecute Smith. Many critics, like myself, speculated JY was likely constantly pressuring and bullying crown counsel in the background with the repeated victim narrative. The judge has reminded crown counsel that they have full discretion on their ability to prosecute, which should not be unfairly or impartially biased, so to speak, by JY.

Could it be also speculated that JY is engaging in what is perceived as judicial influencing/tampering (yet again)? JY was reported to have claimed to Trans Activist Morgane Oger on Twitter on May 25, 2019 of having multiple suicide episodes in the months prior and outright threatening suicide to BC Human Rights Tribunal Member Devyn Cousineau and Tribunal Case Manager Daniel Varnals via email. Whether this was a cry for attention or not, this is another example of how JY is constantly abusing and undermining the BC Judicial System.

Archived May 25, 2019 tweet: JY claims to “judicial influence” by threatening suicide to members of the BCHRT. This can be found around page 250 +/- on Kiwi Farms and an archived record is here:

Furthermore, as we have suspected by bearing witness to Yaniv’s own “special treatment” at the Surrey Provincial Courthouse, such as being whisked out the back to avoid media scrutiny, JY has been given privileged access directly to the crown prosecutor.

We have no word on who is current crown prosecutor who is under alleged influence, as the previous prosecutor, Janeen Sandhu, who I was in email communications with previously, is now reported to me by the Surrey Crown Counsel Office as being on a leave of absence at this time. I have been unable to reach a crown prosecutor regarding law enforcement agencies bouncing around the responsibility regarding taking my own witness accounts to the matters.

In summary, the presiding judge has given crown counsel a month to reconsider dropping the charges as this case does not warrant the court’s (scarce) resources and entertaining the matters.

As I can attest covering this entire saga, the issues between Smith and JY are not rooted at “trans discrimination” or JY’s “purported gender identity”, rather that Smith was covering a local vexatious litigant towards marginalized populations with a racial animus and an alleged child predator engaging in exploitation and voyeurism over the internet. The latter allegations have not been tested in court. JY’s continued narrative against Smith is to malinger as a victim and to weaponize it as “trans discrimination”. I also believe a win over Smith is something that JY seeks to boast and hold over a range of other critics as the end goal here.

JY’s own motives, I believe root at their initial interaction on July 26, 2019, Smith accompanied Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, when Yaniv was taking photos and engaging the media outside the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Smith has asked about JY’s predatory actions towards children, which was part of a video that went viral and has been the root cause for JY’s personal vendetta to harass, provoke and prosecute, seeing that Smith is low hanging fruit having a disability and is within local proximity.

Meow Mix has reported and documented that Yaniv has made flagrant attempts repeatedly since Smith was out of pretrial custody in February 2020. This included Yaniv attempting to harass Smith when believing that a potential number belonged to Smith, which sure enough. As I reported previously, this has been reported to a senior member of the Langley RCMP and may also be one of those “aces in the hole”.

To end this update, I will promise to fulfill a long overdue promise also reveals further insight on this saga. Do you all remember the supposed Yaniv “sock account” that went by Bailey? Well, turns out that Bailey was not JY after all! I’ll be putting the finishing touches on a plethora of evidence on. So much, that I shared this evidence recently with a senior member of the Langley RCMP about Bailey and that this will be presented to Smith’s defence lawyers and privy to the crown counsel. JY claims to be a victim of alleged violence when they have discussed violence towards Smith.

I ponder what JY would have written in a victim impact statement. I suspect it repeatedly narrates that they’re a victim and makes false claims against Smith. What lies do you think JY may have claimed in a victim impact statement that are easily refuted? I think we would all like to see it!

So to end tonight, we have to ask ourselves this evening, how is JY and Miriam taking the news? Was there a binge at Boston Pizza? Or will JY be ready for a new rampage against Smith to further make more allegations against him? I suspect Yaniv is already plotting with mommy dearest and JY needs to know: time runs out!

I hope Sara and Emily are reading this and realize what they’re potentially getting into with this individual!