Yaniv Throws Tianna Away, Finds New Prey!

After Tianna’s story was featured on Meow Mix and on The Post Millennial it appears Yaniv has given up on Tianna and targeted new prey – this time someone that lives just minutes away.

Last last night, Yaniv posted a public story to Snapchat for everyone to see, but clearly directed to one person in particular.

It starts with some random babbling about their voice and progresses into Yaniv’s classic manipulation tactic – guilt and preying on her emotions. Yaniv fakes a sad face and a weird head tilt and tries to look empathetic, but really only manages to be pathetic.

Yaniv, trying to get the girl to relate him them, says “we’re both going through really tough times right now”. Yaniv – I guarantee this girl is not going through the same issues as you. I highly doubt she’s been accused of being a pedophile, catfish, child-grooming, racist, creep hiding behind a trans shield to get off.

Yaniv says they want to be their friend and want to be available. It sounds to me like this person may be less interested in Yaniv than Yaniv is in them. Perhaps they know that last month Yaniv was in love with Lauren, and a couple weeks ago was meeting a young teen in a parking lot, and just this weekend catfished Tianna on a lesbian dating app

In closing, Yaniv does a weird head nod, and says to her, “we both need each other for sure”. Yaniv…Nobody fucking needs you. Nobody wants you near them. You’re not a friendly person. You’re so obviously desperate to Cosby someone and you simply won’t admit it because your racist ass doesn’t want to be associated with a black man.

PS…Yaniv…why are you thinking so hard about how far away this girl is? It’s creepy.

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