Yaniv Talks Wedding Dresses and Lesbian Netflix & Chill

What a whirlwind this week has been! It started with a high speed romance that went off the rails and crashed and burned, making headlines at The Post Millennial, and now Yaniv appears to be wooing a new girl and shopping for wedding dresses.

Let’s set aside the fact that you generally can’t just walk into a wedding dress store and try anything on (appointments are often required), there is no way any reputable wedding store would let someone as dirty and allegedly smelly as Yaniv try on their stock. Of course, this may be Yaniv’s angle, because then they can cry transphobia and line up another visit to the HRT.

Comment about the video – Yaniv, the filter doesn’t make you look believable. It makes you look like a piss-yellow pastel. Stop it. The only taste you have is in your mouth.

The evening apparently took an erotic and horribly awful to watch turn. Yaniv started faking a voice that can only be described as “cat-in-heat-meets-angle-grinder”, and then shared this clip describing a movie on Netflix featuring a lesbian couple.

There’s nothing interesting about a movie feature a lesbian couple these days. What’s interesting is that Yaniv appears to be experiencing some sort of sexual pleasure while posting this video. I’m warning you guys…this is going to make you wish you skipped breakfast.

Seriously WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT VOICE? Yaniv this isn’t what women sound like. Or act like. Honestly JY, you don’t have a clue how to act like a woman.

Is it just me, or does this remind of you Yaniv’s last video when they demo’d the MyLivia to Raygen and appeared to be having an orgasm? It’s not surprising, really. JY has a history of exposing themselves inappropriately.

Finally, the video below is from an Instagram livestream a few weeks ago. It’s nothing exciting, but the way Yaniv pets themselves and says “heeeeey” to all the young girls (many of which are paid followbots) will make you want to throw you phone across the living room.

We know Yaniv reads Meow Mix, so I’ll say this…JY, I’ll quit blogging about you preying on children as soon as you quit preying on children.

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