Yaniv Still Catfishing – Kayla Speaks Up!

Caution: JY describes how they can have sex ahead.

I hope you have strong stomachs folks…

Despite Yaniv being called out on domestic and international media platforms for catfishing, and at least two different accounts of theirs being shut down, they’re still lurking on the HER app, hunting for prey.

First off, JY tried to claim they weren’t catfishing but I disagree. One can almost let it slide that JY is using a heavily edited picture. That’s pretty common these days. But, JY has lied about their age at least once, and refuses to identify themselves as a male-to-female trans woman. That may be the most sickening part. Canadian laws may define Yaniv as a woman legally, but for relationship purposes Yaniv needs to be honest. Yaniv is NOT a biological natural born woman. Yaniv is a trans woman. Legally they may share the same rights, but when it comes to romance it’s extremely disingenuous of Yaniv present themselves as a naturally born lesbian woman.

To conclude that paragraph….Catfish.

Moving along, meet Kayla.

Their conversation reads like almost any other on any dating site. It’s pretty dull, unless you know JY. Kayla told JY she’s just looking for something casual.

I’m going to age myself a bit here, but I’ve reached a point in my life and my years of experience that I know that most women say this meaning they aren’t desperate to find love at first. They want something to develop organically. It isn’t an invite to fuck. Unless you’re Yaniv.

The next message immediately launches into Yaniv graphically describing what they can do sexually. You can tell Kayla is responding sarcastically, most likely laughing at how revolting Yaniv sounds. Imagine being 30 minutes into a conversation and receiving that.

“Don’t worry about being bad at anything, I’m new at this too….”.

Jessica Yaniv to an 18 year old girl.

How revolting is it for a 30+ year old thing like Yaniv to tell an 18 year old girl, “Don’t worry about being bad at anything, I’m new at this too….”.

Moments later Yaniv’s account was deleted, leaving Kayla relieved, but still disgusted.

Now we have a case of good ol’ fashioned Yaniv-logic. After someone deleted Yaniv’s account from the website (for one of a million reasons, no doubt), Yaniv creates a new account and moments later finds Kayla again, telling her some “anti trans idiot” keeps doing this.

First off Yaniv, the website is pro-LGBT, including the T. There are trans options. Be honest about who you are and you won’t get kicked off, creep.

Second, the fact that you say “keeps doing this” should tell you something is wrong.

Third… and take note of the time stamps here guys – a full day had passed and Yaniv didn’t get a response from Kayla. Did that stop JY from messaging her? Did it stop JY from trying to groom her?

“…So are you interested? 🙂 ??? There is no need to be shy.”

Jessica Yaniv to an 18 year old girl

By this time Kayla had take some smart steps, including looking this person up. Three minutes on Google and she knew to steer clear.

You had to know this was coming. When Kayla says she knows who Jessica is, JY responds that they’re a a girl with a big warm heart.”

A girl. Why is this creep so obsessed with being a girl?

Yaniv tries to defend themselves, saying cliche mansplainy things like, “Don’t believe everything you read”.

JY…if there was only a couple creepy screenshots, people may believe they were fake. If there were only a couple creepy chat logs, people may be skeptical. If there were only a couple weird videos, maybe nobody would care as much. But there aren’t.

Tianna. Lauren. Raygen. Emily. Riley. Madison. Kenzi. Louise. H & M. Katie. Jess. Jenna. Lisa. And thousands more.

There’s literally thousands of pictures, hundreds of videos, and dozens of chat logs. You’re a predator, and we’re here to make sure everyone knows.

It’s also highly suspicious that you claim to be genuine in your desire for love and romance yet you targeted someone half your age, and for the 2nd time in a week you found a woman that was questioning her sexuality and exploring things on the app for the first time. JY do you intentionally seek out girls half your age?

Don’t answer that JY. We know the answer. As always, I gave Kayla the last word…

As always, you’re invited to tell us your side. If you’re such a stand up person, prove it. Speak up, JY. Otherwise shut the hell up, catfish.

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