Yaniv Sighting Report: Sooke, BC. Not Hawaii

If you’ve followed this weekends highlights, Jonathan Yaniv claims he’s in Hawaii. Except he’s not.

He’s been allegedly found by a Meow Mix friend at the Prestige Inn in Sooke, BC, just 50 kms from where he was suspected to be, in Sydney BC.

Always skeptical, I checked it out online and it matches up. Same pool. Same background outside the window.

Above is the view Jon shared. Below is the view of the pool on their website.

The Yanivs were sitting in this little pool

Same tiles. Scenery. Doors. Gates. Bars. Trees. Looks legit to me.

Someone warn the hotel to count the towels. The Yanivs cleaned out the Pantages Hotel in Toronto and spilled it all over the ground for Rebel Media. They’ll do it again.

Looks like towels in their bag. Just out of frame are the brand new tissue and toilet paper rolls they swiped. Stealing Yanivs…

You can’t hide Jonathan. Pedos always get exposed.

Thanks to our source on this. Great work!