Yaniv Retaliates Against Tianna!

I want to preface all of this with a reminder that Yaniv only virtually met Tianna a couple days ago. They’ve never met in person. They’ve never met in person.

Yaniv catfished her with fake pics, bullshit career info, lies about their lifestyle, and an attempt to sound wealthy.

She caught on and cut ties.

How did Yaniv react? He phoned her OVER AND OVER AND OVER until she answered, then he bawled on the phone to her about how bad she made them feel. Yaniv says they still want to meet her and said a bunch of things to make her feel bad for realizing that JY was catfishing her.

What a creepy, psychotic, obsessive piece of work this person is…Holy shit.

PS…she’s still not meeting Yaniv. Nobody wants to meet Yaniv. Get real JY. You’re a predator. A violent, impulsive predator.