Yaniv Quick Cuts – Jenna

Twitter user Jenna shares her brief but alarming experience with Jessica Yaniv.

Jenna, 18, first learned about Yaniv from a Blaire White video and quickly realized this person needed to be stopped. She started following Yaniv on Twitter.

Jenna, unlike some of Yaniv’s other victims, was never in the dark about who he really is. She found Yaniv’s twitter online and joined others in speaking up against what he does. Perhaps predictably, Yaniv started to DM her, most likely because of her profile picture showing an attractive young lady.

Yaniv started with his typical harassment tactics, perhaps trying to be funny or a troll, but quickly showed his true jerk side. The DM’s from him didn’t last long, but this is where things got even darker.

Suddenly random accounts, some new and some pretending to be fans of Yaniv, started harassing her. They were bullying her relentlessly about her looks, her weight, and her style, to the point where she felt suicidal. She was called names and fat shamed by random Twitter accounts that were most likely fake accounts operated by Yaniv. This is a typical – and previously observed – tactic by Yaniv. Obviously, Yaniv has no real supporters.

When asked what message she’d like to send Yaniv, it’s that she’s stronger than him. He is the very thing he accused her of being – a disgusting slob who deserves everything he has coming. He deserves prison. He’s a sick person and contributes nothing to society. He’s an abuser that doesn’t deserve a voice or a platform.

The Meow Mix agrees. It is the opinion of this author that Yaniv is a bully and an incel, and when he can’t get positive attention from young women he resorts to bullying, name calling, and fat shaming them, often with fake accounts. Just like Yaniv tried to create demand for his IT business by creating spam accounts and then assaulting social media pages with porn (that he would later claim to be able to “fix”), Yaniv is also notorious for creating fake accounts to harass and try to discredit others.

Jessica Yaniv – I know you’re reading this – there are more stories coming. Every time you DMCA one of the Meow Mix pictures you give us strength. You’re effectively telling the world you own those videos and pictures showing you’re a pedophile. Rest assured, we don’t post anything without having it backed up in other sources. We’re shining light onto your dark hellhole of a world and we’re going to expose you.

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