Yaniv Quick Cuts – Brief Anecdotes from Yaniv’s Prey

In the last year I’ve had so many awful conversations with young women about the things Yaniv has done to them. For every girl that “speaks up”, I’ve talked to one more that simply doesn’t want to go on the record. In many cases, it’s because one or both of the Yaniv predators scared them into submission.

This is the reason Meow Mix exists – to stop Jonathan Yaniv and Miriam Yaniv’s bullying tactics and expose them as predators.

Over and above those chats I’ve had, there are numerous conversations I’ve had with young women that didn’t save enough or have long enough chats to merit a full article, but they still had some funny stories.

The first of these are below.

PS… Jonathan. You’re a creep in a dress. You’re not trans. You’re a fraud in every way.

“A” spoke with Yaniv when she was 13 or 14 years old. She was a Cimorelli fan. Yaniv kept telling her about his penile leakage problems and how he wore pads. He asked her to recommend brands for him, and told her how horny he was. She shut him down, but there’s still a few screenshots.

Jonathan Yaniv - Predator chat log
Jonathan Yaniv – Predator chat log

“K” was randomly added by Jonathan on Snapchat (you know, that app he says he never uses). She was 18 at the time. He was 31. She had never heard of him or met him. He immediately dived into the usual conversations about women’s washrooms and tampons. “K” shared these saved screengrabs from Snapchat.

There’s more of these. The sad reality of things is that Jonathan Yaniv has been preying on little girls for most of his life. In the meantime, the thing we can do is point and laugh at him. Keep him on edge. His world is closing in.

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