Yaniv – Predator, Woman Abuser, Violent Offender

The following story was presented to Meow Mix by two anonymous sources. These people have been advised to contact local police but for privacy reasons will not be named here. Anyone wishing to have further communication with the victims can contact Meow Mix and we will relay your info to the victim. Certain identifying details have been changed.

No pictures today. This needs to be read.

Yaniv has a history of unpredictable, predatory behaviour. He’s preyed on immigrant women to force his balls into their hands. He harassed young Jess Rumpel, encouraged Louise to kill herself, tried to manipulate women into his hotel rooms in Vegas through fake contests on his website, and he’s litigious little bastard that tries to intimidate everyone in his path. He’s gone as far as claiming he has connections in the legal world and sending fake letters from legal authorities. I’ve personally heard rumors of him sending emails pretending to be law enforcement, but I can’t confirm this.

That’s the reason today’s victim will remain anonymous. They’ve contacted police before and there’s been no action. They describe Yaniv as a psychopath. He feigns disabilities and police wrote him off as harmless but he’s more dangerous than he wants you to think and the authorities aren’t acting.

His intimidation tactics are scary indeed. He’ll stalk you and look for your weaknesses. He’ll contact your employer, friends, agencies you volunteer at, and write poor reviews about you online slandering you. The only way to fight this is to speak up. As more victims come forward to police and media people will see that there is a pattern here. The victims can’t all be lying.

This intimidation reached a high when, allegedly, one families dog disappeared after the police were contacted about Yaniv. Days later it was placed on their doorstep with a note that read “Karma’s a bitch”. The dogs skull was bashed in violently. The family was upset and intimidated.

This started with a student at a local school. Yaniv used his TrustedNerd and JY Knows IT cred to find his way into a position volunteering at a middle school program for girls in a STEM program.

A student came forward with a story about Yaniv stopping her on her way into the bathroom. He asked her for a pad. She said no and was obviously creeped out. Yaniv followed her into the bathroom a few moments later. When the girl came out of the stall, Yaniv grabbed her arm and said he needed pad or tampon and help using it. She screamed and ran.

The school called police and nothing came of it. Even though other girls followed up later with the same story, the police didn’t act. Other girls reported that Yaniv told them he needed to instruct them on using a tampon, and the police didn’t act.

After enough complaints, Yaniv was removed from the school, but the harassment only escalated from there. He stalked the families of the students and the cops wouldn’t press charges because his family claimed he was disabled, had special needs, was harmless, and they would look after it.

This failure to act cost one family their beloved pet and many others their peace of mind. Why? So a litigious little bastard can run free while his psychotic mother defends him, lying about disabilities and special needs.

But this isn’t a one time event…

I’m generally skeptical of “out there” stories. I also want this site to have a little credibility. We’re not news media, by any means, but we’re still talking about a serious topic. So when I was approached by two very-unrelated people with similar stories I knew there had to be something to it.

This story is from a volunteer at a local women’s shelter.

A person named “Jenny” arrived at the women’s shelter, which provided food, sanitary products, and other help to women in need, often homeless. Jenny was in the early stages of transitioning, but the shelter accepted her nonetheless. The clients of this shelter generally don’t mind, or even notice, LGBT people in the shelter.

Jenny presented with troubling mental problems that caught the attention of staff. Some of the unsettling habits included baby talk and feigning disabilities. She was generally a nuisance and she irritated the other clients. She would barge into bathrooms and made really inappropriate, sexually aggressive statements.

Suddenly there’s an uproar in the shelter. Other clients are swearing and yelling and throwing chairs. They’re extremely upset at Jenny and staff couldn’t tell why. Jenny was having an episode.

The staff would warn Jenny, and try to help, but she seemed to enjoy really strange behaviour, including urinating and defecating in her pants. It seemed like she was seeking attention, even humiliation. To calm things down, staff told Jenny she’d have to wear an adult diaper in the house for health reasons. Jenny replied, in baby talk, that she didn’t know how to use it.

Later, during a meal program, Jenny was in the handicap bathroom and there was a fight. Jenny called in one of the student staff members to help her. Upon arrival, the student discovered Jenny bent over, pretending to attach a sanitary pad to her underwear. The student offered help, which Jenny answered by turning around and thrusting her pelvis, nude, with her male genitals exposed and erect, in the students face.

Shocked, the student began to cry. Other clients in the facility react with equal shock and they want Jenny gone. The staff controlled the situation, despite Jenny screaming obscenities, including death threats.

Jenny refused to leave until police were called. When they arrived, Jenny left and that was it. No consequences. No charges.

Jenny, if you hadn’t guessed, is alleged to be Jessica Yaniv.

Days later the shelter received a letter from Yaniv’s “lawyer” in an attempt to silence them. It worked.

Yaniv is truly a danger to society. He carries weapons. He’s violent. He’s a sexual predator. He’s pushing his way into women’s safest spaces. And when you retaliate, he lashes out against you to scare you into silence, aided by his ignorant mother and the lack of response by local police.