Yaniv Joins SkipTheDishes, Finds Katie’s Sister

Yaniv, deep in debt and sinking further every day, has been unable to make a dime from his all-but-dead TrustedNerd and JYKnowsIt brands. It’s well known that he has been doing gig jobs for some time now, including demo’ing liquor samples, working promo booths, etc. It looks like he has now turned to SkipTheDishes, a Canadian company that contracts local drivers to deliver food for local restaurants.

I’ve avoided writing about Yaniv’s jobs in the past for a simple reason. A part of me worries about the bad karma that may come my way for attacking his means of living. After all, I’m dependent on mine. Many disagree with me, saying that Yaniv is a pedophile and deserves to lose his income. I’m not going to make a statement either way on that. At most, I’ll say that I believe Yaniv should only be working in an environment where he’s never near or alone with children.

He’s been sighted toting his SkipTheDishes food delivery bag around lately, and now he’s been seen on the SkipTheDishes Facebook group for drivers. This has resulted in an uproar from the local community. Nobody wants Yaniv at their doorstep, and certainly nobody wants him near their food. He’s been described as visible dirty, noticeably bad smelling, and when you watch his videos you can see rather repulsive habits, like constant wiping his face and mouth, frequent coughing and clearing phlegm, and other gross habits. This is not someone you want near food that you’ll feed your family.

It’s also rather odd that Yaniv, a person who has claimed he can’t walk, required handicap parking, often uses the local HandiDart service, and requires a scooter is doing a job that requires you to be physically active, quickly and efficiently running in and out of restaurants, and to and from people’s homes. Aren’t some of these likely in apartments with stairs? Do you want Yaniv huffing and puffing all over your pizza?

This is especially concerning when Yaniv has a history of using food delivery services to bully his victims, including Lisa and others.

This means that an alleged cyberbully with a violent criminal history, illegal weapons, no impulse control, and creepy perversions could show up on your doorstep at any time if you live in the Langley area.

To escalate this weirdness even further, one of Yaniv’s potential clientele is Katie and her family, who live in the area. Thousands of people online and locally are upset over Yaniv being hired by Skip. Katie and her family are no different.

Katie’s younger sister posted on her own Facebook profile a comment warning others about this.

The first screenshot is a post from Katie’s sister, name redacted. She shared it to warn people about Yaniv. Yaniv replied to her with, “Ah, your Katie’s sister. This explains a lot.”.

To be clear, Yaniv has been told in no uncertain terms not to contact Katie or her family at any time, on any medium. The only way he could have seen this post by Katie’s sister was to search for her name. The creep had to have been watching her…

Fortunately, other’s backed her up.

Is what Yaniv doing here illegal? Probably not, but the public has a right to protest situations like this. People should expect a company like Skip The Dishes to take basic security precautions about who they are sending to your doorstep. These drivers get your name, phone number, and address, and Yaniv has a history of doxxing people with that very information.

To sum all of this up, Yaniv has started working at a food delivery service where he has unsupervised access to your food and your personal information, and he has a history of abusing those very things, and then he took it a step further and singled out (out of thousands of replies) Katie’s little sister on a Facebook page discussing this outrageous decision made by Skip The Dishes recruiters.

Kind of makes you think Yaniv put himself in that position on purpose… (of course he did). In the meantime Langley, watch out for TamponHands arriving on your doorstep soon.

Personal Note: As a frequent user of SkipTheDishes in another city, I can attest to the high quality and responsiveness of their support team. If Yaniv arrives at your doorstep and you feel uncomfortable about him handling your food, complain to them. They’ve treated me well in the past. It’s most likely that their recruiters have never even met Yaniv.

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