Yaniv Gets Sexually Assaulted? A Timeline…

Let’s follow Yanivs week.

Starting January 13, 2020. Yaniv goes to court. Tries to get publication ban. Loses. Assaults reporter. On video.

Once home, posts this. 8:16 pm.

8:34 pm. Same Day.

Same Day. 10:15 pm.

Next day. Complimenting 17 y/o girl. 8:18 pm.

Hours later. 3:31 am. Jan 15.

January 15. Woke up perky at 6:54 am.

Same Day. January 15. 5:30 pm. Reporter that Yaniv assaulted announces police investigation and lawsuit.

Four hours later. 9:31 pm. A wild sexual assault appears!

Next day. January 16. 3:37 pm.

January 16. 9:51 pm. Claims that January 13th Yaniv called an ambulance. See pictures 1 and 2 above.

Between Monday evening and Wednesday evening, Yaniv went from bragging, to gloating, to being a model, to insulting people, to confirming her nails and makeup were done, to being upset, dirty, and disgusting.

Anyone else smell bullshit?