Yaniv – February and March 2020 Month(s) in Review

Although it feels like it should be the end of 2020, it is only the end of March. February and March have both been unprecedented globally with the COVID-19 pandemic locking down the global economy and chaos surmounting in all our lives.

If we could quote Sesame Street, March has been the Month of the Letter “C” (for Yaniv) with COVID-19, Criminal Conviction, Certificate of Readiness and Earth Cavities (AKA ditches).

As COVID-19 began to unravel all of our lives, we have all begun to wonder how Yaniv night try to take advantage of the pandemic. The general consensus is that Yaniv had locked down their various social media accounts (excluding Instragram at the time of writing) was not to escape the increasing criticism and hostility, but to remove visibility to procure more underage victims (who are now at home as part of the COVID-19 stay-at-home protocols).

BC Human Rights Complaints

As Yaniv had still not paid the $6,000 for improper conduct for the July complaints, the BCHRT had deferred the two new waxing complaints and the ongoing complaint against Christian activist, Bill Whatcott.

It is uncertain if a complaint has been filed over not being able to see a gynecologist. Yaniv was given until July 29, 2020 to pay up or these complaints may be dismissed in entirety. A publishing of this application has not appeared on the BCHRT website, as Tribunal Member Paul Singh wrote to the other Respondents the following letter on January 30, 2020:

I am the Tribunal Member assigned to adjudicate the above-noted complaint. 

In October 2019, the Tribunal ordered Ms. Yaniv to pay $6,000 in costs to various respondents because she had engaged in improper conduct by: filing complaints for an improper purpose, misleading the Tribunal in respect of a publication ban, being untruthful with respect to a central aspect of a complaint, engaging in extortionate behavior, and making scurrilous attacks on counsel for the respondents: Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons (No. 2), 2019 BCHRT 222. 

Ms. Yaniv has notified the Tribunal that the costs award has not been paid to the respondents to date. 

The Tribunal has therefore, on its own motion, deferred this complaint pursuant to Rule 16 (1)(b) of the Tribunal’s Rules of Practice and Procedure until the costs award is paid or until six months has elapsed, whichever comes first. In other words, Ms. Yaniv is prohibited from pursuing her complaint during this period. 

If, after six months (i.e. by July 29, 2020), the costs award has not been paid, the Tribunal will determine next steps, including whether a further deferral or dismissal of the complaint is warranted. 

Paul Singh, Tribunal Member 

This wasn’t all, as the complaint X v Hot Mess Salon had a ruling from a July 9, 2019 hearing recently posted on the BCHRT website. It is largely suspected to be Yaniv, as it was not only launched at the same time of engaging the aestheticians within the local vicinity, there were a number of red herrings that give away that it is Yaniv.

Yaniv had defeated themselves when the Respondents didn’t show up and seemed to contradict themselves in the complaint. This wasn’t even over the crotch-waxing, but rather a petty dispute over a hair cut. The Respondents offered Yaniv services at no-charge and explained they were not transphobic, but in an escalating, combative fashion, Yaniv would not relent. At least we know Yaniv can seemingly defeat themselves when self-represented and there isn’t anyone else to stop them.

More at: Yaniv seemingly defeats themselves at the BCHRT?

Criminal Charges

Yaniv did not attend court on February 10 to discuss the ongoing weapons charges, as a junior lawyer attended in their place. It remains to be determined whether Yaniv’s lawyer is shady like Saul Goodman as arising suspicions that the parties allegedly undermined the public interest. As members of the public came to attend the 2 PM hearing, they were disappointed to learn it was done for the day as of 9:30 AM. Nothing was posted publicly of any changes. If anyone sees fit, a Freedom of Information could be executed to determine the nature of how the court’s administration enabled Yaniv to avoid public scrutiny with an unprecedented time change.

On February 24, Yaniv was due back in court and did not attend in person, as the junior lawyer attended once again. There was no fixed date for a trial set at this time. However, on March 16 Yaniv was officially christened as a convicted criminal after pleading guilty to one of the two counts of illegal weapons charges. We have to wait until at least June 1 for sentencing and the release of the court ordered Psychological Evaluation, which is unusual that is for a first time offender.

The good news is Yaniv will have challenges with an employment background check going forward and is no longer admissible to enter the United States. Guess there shall be no more Consumer Electronics Shows for Yaniv unless they get a pardon well down the road. But we know Yaniv will not be able to maintain good behaviour!

Valentine’s Day Harassment

On Valentine’s Day, both mother and her spawn decided to pick a fight outside the office of Culture Guard. Both Yaniv and Kari Simpson filmed each other, as Yaniv gave Simpson the finger and made a call out to arch nemesis Morgane Oger in a subsequent tweet.

There have been allegations that Yaniv harassed a young girl in the travel agency below, but it could not be ascertained. As Simpson is advocating for Donald Francis Smith, who is released on bail, Yaniv was trying to cause problems for Smith. It’s likely not over, as Yaniv has much has engaged in a number of retaliatory lawsuits and keeps causing trouble inferring on social media claims Smith is breaching conditions without a shred of evidence.

From Yaniv’s Twitter on Valentine’s Day.

Yaniv later had an outburst in court with Kari Simpson on the March 16 date, which immediately stayed at the courthouse in order to file two new separate small claims lawsuits against both Simpson and Smith.

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No Yanivs Idiots Allowed

Prior to Meghan Murphy’s last event in Vancouver, there were jokes that Yaniv was welcome to events given no weapons or violence would occur. However, things are different since Yaniv has been assaulting and defaming reporters. Eventbrite refunded Miriam’s credit card for two tickets to the March 21, 2020 GIDYVR event with Megan Murphy at VPL.

In a usual fashion, Yaniv protested on Twitter after 13 days of silence asking to support a petition to have Murphy removed from VPL. As you recall, Yaniv claims responsibility deplatforming Murphy in November 2018, which the unintended consequences has provided Murphy more ammunition on Yaniv and her feminist movement. We wonder if it is appropriate for Yaniv to sign the petition multiple times in a rather vexatious fashion. So what is the actual count of petitioners, anyways?

Ruckus at the Strata Annual General Meeting

Yaniv couldn’t be silenced at the Hawthorne Annual General Meeting on February 24. Yaniv was accompanied by their mother and attended affixed with a body camera. It is likely Yaniv was scouting all residents in order to determine any “suspicious behaviour” that would otherwise identify their anonymous nemesis neighbour, @langleyresident.

Residents snickered as Yaniv demanded to charge strata visitors for parking to raise funds (this isn’t New York City) and protesting the removal of their precious handicap space.

We look forward to the formal minutes sometime in March or April about Yaniv’s crazy demands to the Strata council. Yaniv’s response was to engage in litigation meaning they would be in essence suing themselves.

More at: Yaniv Wears a Bodycam To the Strata Meeting, Wants to Sue Himself

Private Prosecutions

It is believed Yaniv filed 18 private prosecutions since December 13th. We are able to ascertain the first four were against Donald Francis Smith, but what about the remaining 14? There are suspicions that some of these may be restraining orders, but given they are executed privately, we’ll deem this part of the vexatious litigant count to 18 private prosecutions.

It is more than likely none will proceed. It is suspected that these 14 private prosecutions are further targeted again at Smith, as well as Amy Eileen Hamm, Keean Bexte and David Menzies.

The active private prosecutions are now scheduled together into one day on May 25 even if it has to be done by teleconference with COVID-19 protocols. Yaniv was mistakenly very pleased that if it was to be teleconferenced believing that no one would have access to the proceedings. It is largely speculated that Yaniv may be formally grilled by crown counsel and the judge for vexatiously engaging in malicious prosecutions.

Read more at the recently updated: Litigious Little Liar Log

Getting Served

Yaniv was dodging being served for a defamation suit by Amy Eileen Hamm. @Langleyresident reported there were messages to contact the agency to serve Yaniv. However, towards the end of the month, Yaniv was officially served. With lawsuits being launched against Yaniv, losses in court and a potential bankruptcy is imminent!

On the same day, Yaniv was spotted near Chapters in Metrotown after coming out of the women’s restroom. The individual reporting this to Meow Mix wants to remain anonymous, but heard Yaniv on the phone making allegations of being sexually assaulted in a courthouse to an unknown caller. Who could Yaniv been talking to? Doesn’t sound like Miriam, who we understand was allegedly in the vicinity. Furthermore, what obnoxiousness was Yaniv up to after going to 222 Main Street for allegedly three Private Prosecutions in the two hours prior? Hmmmm…..

Physio Table Mediation

This was expected on February 28; however, there is still no word at this time on the outcome of this lawsuit. If Yaniv did get at least $6,000, would Yaniv pay off the BCHRT debt in order to continue vexatious BCHRT campaigns? There was a potential rescheduling by teleconference in mid-April.

More at: Yaniv v Szucs >> The Certificate of Readiness is Ready

Criticized by the Canadian Human Right Commission

To conclude the month, a released and redacted FOI Request shows that the Canadian Human Rights Commission (Federal Jurisdiction) considers Yaniv’s Provincial case as precedent for the types of complaints endured.

More at: Release Package a 2019 00023

Exploiting COVID-19 for financial gain

Yaniv had made two attempts to produce a t-shirt online for sale at exorbitant prices to generate a profit. Given Yaniv’s history abusing DMCA complaints was using a registered trademark emoticon without a legal agreement or approval to do it for financial gain. It truly shows the levels Yaniv will go and was willing to reduce the price to $27.99 USD.

More at: Jessica Yaniv: A Profiteering Copyright Leech Admist a Global Health Pandemic

Yaniv’s Medical Records

Yaniv also seemed to believe that the physiotherapy litigation would be kept confidential despite their previous failure to obtain a publication ban with the BC courts. Yaniv seems to have a real problem accepting that public business is conducted in public and it cannot be subject to DMCA it, as one cannot DMCA public government documents because one is named in them.

Despite the high cost (because it was 132 pages) to obtain copies of Yaniv’s Certificate of Readiness in their lawsuit against H Morris & N Szucs Physiotherapist Corp, copies were obtained and previously published by MeowMix.  It makes it fascinating and often laughter inducing reading some of the entries, yet Yaniv makes no mention to the injuries or damages resulting from the physio table incident.

More at: JY Medical Analysis

More Threats of Physical Harm

In March, Yaniv uttered two more threats from two of their prominent critics, as well as doxxed a new critic who has been in the background.

On March 23, Yaniv uttered a threat in a private chat on Facebook Messenger in response to local critic Chris Elston joining the local Langley Crime Watch FaceBook page. Elston had warned other locals about Langley’s most notorious predator.

In anger, Yaniv told the individual, “Chris Elston will end up in a ditch one day. That I can guarantee you. He’s a fucking wanker.” When the individual had feigned being naive further asked Yaniv who Elston was, which Yaniv responded, “A stalking little psycho.” The individual immediately reported the threat to Elston, which once Elston received the screenshots, he posted it live on both the Crime Watch page and Twitter. Yaniv had seen this and became angry this got out and finally blocked the individual; however, it would soon come out that this person, whose name is Billy, has been a pain in Yaniv’s side for some time.

After Billy spoke up to Meow Mix, revealing he tried to act like an ally back in July to Yaniv feeding false legal arguments to attack counsel at the Tribunal, which attributed to Yaniv’s improper conduct. Billy also revealed being the first to contact Langley RCMP on Yaniv regarding the weapons charges (before others called in) and was confirmed by @langleyresident in August from other residents observing the RCMP tell Yaniv it was a guy from New Brunswick. In response, Yaniv doxxed Billy online with the intent to cause him harm.

More at: Billy Speaks Up (Part 1 of 2) – Part 2 coming soon!

On March 27, Yaniv seemed drunk when leaving a voicemail with another vocal critic, @BustedPerv, by threatening him/her to expect a “bloodbath” for posting medical records online. However, these were fair game as public documents, as part of the Certificate of Readiness, as Yaniv doesn’t understand the legal system. Yaniv previously tried to DMCA these on Scribd, but the information had already been disseminated in other places.

Overall, from Yaniv’s recent actions and posts, we suspect they are putting together a grudge list on their prominent critics and foes. We encourage anyone else who has been threatened to not laugh it off, but report it to your local law enforcement. As there are potential new charges being investigated by local RCMP in regards to uttering threats, we hope if you are a victim of Yaniv’s threats, you can help get another conviction against this criminal and predator.

On April 2, as we were completing this review, Jessica Yaniv’s @trustednerd Twitter account was finally permanent suspended for what is believed to be harassment and abuse. The visibility into Yaniv is now limited to Facebook, Instagram and possibly narratives on Twitter by @langleyresident. As COVID-19 is slowly further locking down the global economy, we assume Yaniv is stuck in their condo with not much to do with Twitter gone. We’ll report back with a review at the end of May 2020 on any important developments on Langley’s notorious predator and vexatious litigation.