Yaniv Admits Pedophilia

On October 20, 2019, Jessica Yaniv appears to have admitted that she is a pedophile.

Read the chat log here, and start around page 102.

There was a conversation between Yaniv and Manda that appeared to get heated. Manda was frustrated with how Yaniv responds to people. She then said is going to take a break from Yaniv.

Yaniv responds with, “Why noooo :/” followed by “but i want a gf”.

Manda asked him “Tell me why you like me, and tell me why you prefer girls my age” and “I like you”.

Yaniv responded with, “You’re beautiful, you’re nice, you’re not judgmental. You get me, and a lot of people don’t get me. You have an amazing personality and you understand my personality. Because younger people understan the LGBTQ and they respect it. Older ones don’t. They don’t understand the LGBTQ mentality.”

Manda went on to ask if Yaniv always preferred teens, and if he only liked her because she was a teen. Would he prefer her if she was 17, 18, or 13, she asked. He replied “it’s cause of you”.

Manda asked, “What’s the youngest girl you‘d ever date, or touch”.

Yaniv: “18.”.

Manda: “That means you wouldn’t date or touch me. Thanks a lot.”

Yaniv: “You know I cannot answer that.” After Manda gets upset about the response, Yaniv adds, “It’s just that I’m scared to say stuff to anyone. I get paranoid :/.

Manda: “Forget it. You’re attracted to teens. Like who cares”.

Yaniv: “*blushes*”

Manda stayed angry, telling him she was done talking to him until he opened up to her. She said she was vulnerable he was paranoid “af”.

Yaniv replied: “I’ll go crazy if I don’t talk to you. You bring sunshine to my day.”.

When Manda pushes the question about if he was attracted to her or her age (it’s unclear), he replies, “Yes i am. I am attracted to you. I want a gf. I like you.”

Tl:dr? Yaniv admits attraction to underage girls. To an underage girl.

It’s unclear who Manda is, what is going on here, and who is behind it. If she’s real, I hope she’s safe, above all else. If she’s not, it doesn’t change the fact that Yaniv believes she’s real and Yaniv said these things to someone he believed was a 15 or 16 year old girl.