What’s Wrong With Yaniv?

This series was presented by a Meow Mix guest writer, and our team sends him our deepest thanks.

Part 1

For years, Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, as he is now called, has made frequent but often misleading public statements about his medical condition, deliberately spawning questions about what he’s got in his pants, whether he’s changing what’s down there, and what the hell is wrong with the rest of him, physically and mentally.

Looking at what Yaniv has said about his condition over time is informative in ways he may not have intended when repeatedly inviting the world into his private life. I believe his lies, obvious and ridiculous, define his life as an imposter and a predator.

This is the first of four Meow Mix releases based on work done by more than two dozen observers who screenshot and archived Yaniv’s numerous claims about his medical condition, some going back to 2008 when he was a 21-year-old IT student at Kwantlen Polytechnic. Those observations, stockpiled on the Kiwi Farms site, have been indexed, both on a timeline and by category, charting Yaniv’s health dramas. Those indexes are available to you, too, as searchable PDFs attached at the bottom of this Kiwi Farms post. They are updated frequently.

In these releases, I’m going to present my layman’s opinions derived mainly from the Kiwi Farms indexes. I have no personal acquaintance with Yaniv and no medical training. The only facts available to me are those which Yaniv has divulged and he is, at best, an unreliable source. But even his lies, when pieced together, sketch the outline of some truths.

These releases explore the lies Yaniv has told about four of the most common questions his conduct poses and the truths that emerge in spite of him:

  1. Are Yaniv’s parts male, female, or both?
  2. Is Yaniv really trans?
  3. Does Yaniv have genuine health problems?
  4. How crazy is Yaniv?

The answers seem obvious, don’t they? Why then does Yaniv expect us to believe all the lies he tells about these issues?

Are Yaniv’s parts male, female, or both?

TL;DR Male (duh)

The only reason I – or anybody else – cares about what’s in Yaniv’s pants is that Yaniv constantly makes his genitals an issue of public concern, even an issue of public decision-making. Despite his endless lies, the truth is on the record.

Early in his career as Internet creep, Yaniv was forthright: He has a penis. He could ejaculate but hadn’t been able to do so during his first, and at the time, only sexual encounter by the age of 21. He was obsessed even in 2008 with menstruation and pestering girls and young women online about their periods. He told them that he wore menstrual pads because his penis had begun dribbling pre-cum all day since he was about 13. One of the women pestered in July 2008 when she was 19-20 years old happened to save a chatlog. A decade later, she turned it over to Kiwi Farms (2008 chatlog).

Yaniv did tell her that he had a bloody discharge, but it came from his rectum and was due to a stomach problem that caused abdominal cramping for which he took Midol. He would later claim publicly that he menstruates – had in fact begun menstruating around the age of 13 – but in 2008, he was very clear that “If blood started to come out of my dick.. I would be scared.”

Source: KF Slide 17

Since then, Yaniv has provided visual proof of his peen, here with adequate modesty, but according to The Post Millennial, he has sent actual dick pix.

Even as of 2015, he was self-righteously a man and sneering at the idea of having a period.

(Note: His more recent beauty contestant avatar appears with these 2015 Facebook comments because the screenshot was made in 2019.)

Then in 2018, Yaniv’s peen began to have competition for crotch space. He discovered the convenient concept of “intersex” and declared that to be his condition (KF 62). But having failed to do the reading to lie convincingly, he resorted to obfuscation. In 2019, he continued the farce, declaring that he had a “tight pussy” (KF 9035), a vulva (Archive), a uterus (KF 9620), PMS (Archive), and menstrual periods (KF 420). The “By Category” index on the Kiwi Farms links to dozens of these lies and contradictions.

Yaniv has infamously played his genitalia peekaboo game for money, snaring immigrant aestheticians in Facebook discussions about whether they’d wax his junk and, if they said no, trying to push them into paying him off to settle complaints he filed against them with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

Yaniv ended up testifying under oath before the tribunal about his reproductive organs in July 2019. He said he has male genitals, that his genitals are deformed, that a specialist diagnosed him to be a girl when he was 6 years old, that he has a vulva, that he’d begun menstruating at 13 or 14, and that he was born both boy and girl and was intersex but “one thing works and the other doesn’t” (Archive). His mother also testified under oath twice that he was born both boy and girl and confirmed that her son had begun menstruating when he was 13 or 14. Like charity, lies apparently begin at home.

In October 2019, the tribune concluded, “I am satisfied, based on Ms. Yaniv’s representations to the Respondents that she has ‘male parts’, ‘used to be a boy’, and has not ‘gone through surgery yet’, as well as her evidence in these hearings that she has ‘male parts’, that Ms. Yaniv was seeking to have hair removed from a scrotum. Whether or not she may also have a vulva is not ultimately determinative of any issue in this complaint and so I do not need to engage further with that question.” (JCCF, p. 10, para. 22).

But Yaniv apparently did need to engage further with that question. He continued tweeting about his fantasy menstrual periods (KF 1723, 2259), but migrated to a harder to debunk lie. Instead of claiming to have a vulva, which could be observed externally, he started claiming to have ovaries and possibly an “inactive” uterus like his elderly aunt’s, which would require medical imaging equipment to detect (MandaPanda log, Meow Mix, pp. 155-56).

Yet when he had an acquaintance help him draft questions for a Q&A session on genital reassignment surgery at Vancouver General’s Diamond Centre, none of his questions dealt with his having female reproductive organs. He talked the acquaintance into going to the session with him and there he said nothing about being intersex or having anything but male genitalia (Katie Speaks Out, Meow Mix).

And that, to me, is the final word.

When presenting to surgeons specializing in removing male genitals and creating simulated vulvas and vaginas, Yaniv put his lying on pause, something he didn’t do when under oath. The tribunal, like the RCMP and the British Columbia courts, need to pay heed. Yaniv is, among other things, a perjurer.