What’s Wrong With Yaniv – Part 4

Just in time for this series of releases, Jessica Jonathan Yaniv has delicately declared his withdrawal from public life to tend his fee-fee garden. He’s so sorry (KF 15107):

In this, the fourth and final release, I hope to help him with the struggle he can no longer hide by scraping the lies off his mindscape. I’m not a psychologist and what follows are merely my opinions. But the ugly truths I refer to come from Yaniv himself, mined as in the previous releases from material The Meow Mix has published and the indexes to Yaniv’s comments on his health provided by the Kiwi Farms as PDFs at the bottom of this post.

How crazy is Yaniv?

TL;DR Yaniv says he needs therapy and has a personality disorder of some kind. He’s talked about gender dysphoria, anxiety, abusing alcohol and prescription drugs, depression, and suicidality, all of which could intertwine. What he doesn’t comment on are menophilia, pedophilia, and a combo of hypochondria, malingering, and Munchausen’s.

Let’s start with what Yaniv has actually said about his mental problems and then move on to observations of behavior he tries to pretend doesn’t occur.

In October 2019, he admitted to an acquaintance that “I need counselling. I’ve needed it for years, but instead I’ve used people way back as a method of coping, in totally wrong ways. I just cannot afford it and when I want to talk to my doctor about issues, I just tense up and never go forward with it” (KF slide). What’s strange here is that he’s been taken repeatedly to emergency departments for suicide attempts yet has never been referred for counseling? Hmmmm…

About five months before, Yaniv admitted to having a personality disorder. He didn’t name the disorder, but given the context, he may have been referring to gender dysphoria or anxiety (Archive).

Gender Dysphoria. Neither the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 nor the World Health Organisation’s IDC still label gender dysphoria as a disorder, but Yaniv may be using the outdated term because he’s as sloppy with his trans ideology as he is with his intersex theory. He’s certainly found gender dysphoria useful, citing it as the reason he pestered women on Facebook about how to teach school girls to insert tampons and lied constantly, even under oath, about his genitalia (Archive; Manda Panda transcript, Meow Mix, pp. 137, 155).

Oberservers, including some who are trans, have questioned whether Yaniv actually has gender dysphoria because he does things that would be anathema to anyone with that condition, such as filing multiple complaints citing his male genitals and reveling in menstrual pads soaked with his pre-cum (KF 128, 131, 250, 2795, 4634, 5042).

Anxiety. Yaniv has admitted to having almost ever-present anxiety (Manda Panda transcript, Meow Mix, pp. 15, 86, 130-31, 134, 195, 196, 221), which is recognized as a disorder (Wikipedia) but not as a “personality disorder.” That anxiety, which he fuels with the conflicts he creates, is the flaming basis for his violent reactions and his threats. Aggressive questioning by a reporter scares him, so he begins beating the reporter with his cane (Manda Panda transcript, Meow Mix, p. 16). Afterwards, he feels justified and wishes he’d knocked the reporter to the ground. He brags about having illegal weapons and feels justified in having them because he’s frightened by online threats (KF 381). When the RCMP takes away the illegal stun guns and sprays (Archive), he says he’s scared and wants to get a gun (Manda Panda transcript, Meow Mix, p. 52). That’s strongly laced with narcissism or sociopathy, isn’t it? Fundamentally, however anxious he may be, Yaniv believes rules apply to everybody but him.

Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse. Yaniv has said he’s often drinking, sometimes “tons of wine” or enough Bailey’s to give him a hangover (Manda Panda transcript, Meow Mix, pp. 2, 124, 137, 139, 165, 167, 172, 181-2, 185, 200). Previously, he’s blamed bad online behavior – including posting porn and death threats on the Kiwi Farms (KF 001) – on being drunk. He also told Manda Panda he was combining alcohol with Midol to get high (an unusual feat) and also drinks with “heavy” medications he’s been prescribed – probably pain medication for a back injury (see Release 3) (Meow Mix, pp. 172, 181). A diabetic who drinks heavily is of course abusing alcohol, but Yaniv takes that further by actually abusing diabetes medication itself. In May 2019, he deliberately injected himself with six times the Saxenda he had been prescribed in what he then tweeted was a suicide attempt (KF 5063).

Depression. Yaniv often comments on having depression (Post Millennial; KF 2155, 4915; Manda Panda transcript, Meow Mix, pp. 113-18). At times, he seems to be using the term casually, referring to a down mood. At other times, he seems to be referring to clinical depression, meaning a biochemical brain disorder causing severe symptoms that last two weeks or longer and that can include thoughts of death or suicide (WebMD), Alcohol, being a central nervous system depressant, can make depression more severe. As for suicidality, that’s up next here.

Suicidality. Yaniv has repeatedly told the world about suicide attempts that go beyond what was once a “nobody likes me so imma die” pout as he did with Jesserz when she was only about 14 (KF slide):

After what Yaniv said were 10 to 14 suicide attempts in March and April 2019 (KF 5063), he was at pains to say his attempts were real: He took life threatening actions and wrote suicide notes. At the time, he was pressuring British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal officials to keep his identity secret regarding the dozen-plus complaints he had filed against aestheticians. As described in Release 2 of the series, he tweeted that he had sent “suicide threats” multiple times to those officials. The only time he seems to have denied being suicidal was in April 2019 when the RCMP forced him to go to an emergency room for evaluation without his having summoned them (KF 3858):

And now, where you went well ahead of me in your thinking: The conditions Yaniv is either silent about or denies having despite florid evidence to the contrary:

Menophilia. As said in Release 1, at least as far back as 2008 (KF 2008 chatlogs), Yaniv was leaving evidence trails that he fetishizes menstruation and likes quizzing young women and girls about their periods, often trying to rehearse scenarios with them that could lead to his giving or getting pads and tampons from girls or to his hanging around in women’s washrooms changing his pad and listening (he hoped) to women changing theirs. In the decade-plus since, his interest seems never to have flagged (Post Millennial, KF 001, thread).

To an adult:

To a 19-year-old in 2014:

To a 14-year-old in 2013:

But Yaniv’s interest in mature women’s menstrual experiences seems to be perfunctory. It’s interacting with girls just beginning to menstruate that excites him, in my opinion, which takes us to our next category.

Pedophilia. In popular usage, pedophilia simply means sexual interest in minors, but purists will want that subhead changed to “Hebephilia” because Yaniv seems to zero in on girls at Tanner stages 2 to 3 (Wikipedia), that is girls who are 11-14 years old, rather than on prepubescent girls. He even manages to evince what strikes me as ephebophilia by extending his range to 16-19 year olds.

When Yaniv banters with girls, it seems like he acts as though he were far younger than they are. The Elmo and Barney recordings he inflicted on Jesserz when she was around 14 (KF 18, 226) and his telling a 19-year-old that she makes his “wee wee go BOING” (KF slide) are examples of this pattern. He was about 27 when he sent those recordings and messages.

At the same time it looks like he pretends the girls are already mature women and targets them with smutty banter, “accidental” porn pix, and dick pix, grooming actions in which he tries to push the girls into becoming more and more accepting of what he knows is inappropriate behavior (KF thread, Post Millennial 1, Post Millennial 2).

The MandaPanda transcript shows, though, that the RCMP have made Yaniv more cautious. In trolling Yaniv, she tried to convince him to send her images that could get him in trouble or get him to let her stay with him. In response, he bleated sorrowful refusals like this one (Meow Mix, p. 72):

He nonetheless continues to pursue opportunities to, as he puts it, “work with girls” – dreaming up a project to collect toys to be given to children visiting police stations, promoting topless swims for kids as young as 12, and lecturing town officials on the need for tampon machines in all school restrooms (Archive; KF 5611, 8333, 817). 

Hypochondria, Malingering, and Munchausen’s. We’re coming to the end at last, so bear with Captain Obvious through this last brief segment. Observers have some very set opinions about which of these three possibilities apply to Yaniv’s medical dramatics (Cleveland Clinic, Psychiatric Times, Promises Behavioral Health):

  • A hypochondriac is genuinely anxious about his medical conditions and suffers because of that anxiety; the condition, in fact, is now called illness anxiety disorder.
  • A malinger is a faker, using pretend illnesses for some gain like time off or disability payments he doesn’t deserve; there’s no psych name for it, but it may be symptomatic of antisocial behavior.
  • A Münchausen seeks attention – and a form of power – by duping others into believing he’s sick; the condition is called factitious disorder.

After working my way through the four releases in this series I have to say it’s my honest opinion that Yaniv is a psychological hat trick – he manages bouts of hypochondria, connives as a malingerer to get advantages over others, and dramatizes all kinds of conditions to get attention and wring sympathy out of his audience. 

Yaniv, in fact, strikes me as someone who could win a case study of the year award. He’s such a hot mess that he can check off boxes on numerous disorder trait lists: autistic spectrum disorder, binge eating disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and several more. I try to take him as a twisted sort of entertainment. But I worry too much about the kids.