What’s Wrong With Yaniv – Part 2

Since, as we saw in Release 1, Jessica Jonathan Yaniv has lied fatuously about his genitalia even under oath, is it a safe bet that he’s lying about being transgender, too? As before, my opinions are based on material The Meow Mix has published and the indexes to Yaniv’s comments provided by the Kiwi Farms as PDFs at the bottom of this post.

Is Yaniv really trans?

TL;DR Yaniv says he’s trans and now does seem to be trying to get bottom surgery.

Whether Yaniv qualifies as trans leads us toward a debate about what the criteria are. Most trans activists currently maintain that there is only one criterion: If someone says they’re trans, then they’re trans. By that definition, Yaniv is transgender and began coming out shortly before he started setting aestheticians up for what he hoped would be money-making human rights complaints early in 2018.

Yet there are doubters. Some believe that only those who make thorough efforts to transform themselves into the opposite sex are actually trans. Others believe that regardless of what the criteria are, Yaniv isn’t interested in being trans, only in exploiting the trans movement to gain access to girls so he can live out his fetishistic fantasies. Full disclosure: I’m in that latter group. This, in my opinion, states Yaniv’s end goal (Archive):

Yaniv has been clearly saying for the last five years that he’s wanted to masquerade as a woman so that he can be in women’s washrooms, giving and getting tampons and pads from girls, and fearing no consequences if he were lingering in a stall changing his own pad. Just one example from his 2014 exchanges with Jesserz when she was about 14 (KF 217):

That same year, he perstered another young woman about helping him shop for a women’s bathing suit and then tried to get her to coach him on how to hang around in women’s washrooms (KF thread):

And on the day he got his government ID switched from M to F, he celebrated by going into a women’s washroom and, by pointing his camera at a mirror, photographed girls waiting in line for stalls. He had a right to be there, he said.

But ignore motive. What has Yaniv actually done to qualify as a trans woman?

Yaniv does meet that first test: He says he’s trans. As of March 2018, he was telling aestheticians that on Facebook and he hasn’t wavered from it online (JCCF, pp. 16-25).

Also, he has changed his legal name from Jonathan Gill Yaniv (KF 10835) to Jessica Jonathan Yaniv (KF 005), and he says he has changed the M on his birth certificate to F (Archive). 

He claims to have begun taking cross-sex hormones on October 16, 2018, and has shown the wrapper for daily meds that included 2mg of Estriadol. (MandaPanda log, Meow Mix, p. 92; KF 401, screen shot). Beginning in October 2019, he’s claimed to be getting twice monthly estrogen injections (MandaPanda log, Meow Mix, pp. 82, 216-18).

He’s lied about genital reassignment surgery in the past, but he now seems to be seriously pursuing the chop.

In May, he was trying to dupe people into believing he’d already had bottom surgery and was having to dilate a faux vagina (KF 5128). But questioned under oath in the July tribunal hearings, Yaniv backed down from having had the surgery, to having scheduled the surgery, to having not scheduled any surgery (Goinglikeelsie notes). Then this autumn, Vancouver General’s Diamond Centre began offering genital reassignment surgery – the first to do so in western Canada. In September Yaniv attended an information session there, taking an acquaintance with him (Katie Speaks Out, Meow Mix).

The following month, in his back-and-forth with MandaPanda, he has said he was being assessed for the surgery and prudently expressed anxiety over whether it will give him the faux hole of his dreams (Meow Mix, pp. 131-33, 141, 147):


But if Yaniv does decide to have his male genitals removed, he may find he cannot overcome medical concerns about performing surgery on an obese patient with serious pre-existing conditions. The Rat King threads on the Kiwi Farms chronical how other men have overcome that resistence by getting surgery overseas where surgical criteria are laxer or by wearing down their local surgeons with suicide threats.

Yaniv does not seem to have the cash or the generous fan base to pay for surgery overseas. He seems unlikely to move out from under Canada’s umbrella of free or nearly free medical care. But he does glory in making suicide threats. From May:

He even tweeted at local politician, Morgane (Ronan) Oger that he’d sent multiple “suicide threats” to tribunal officials while they were reviewing his complaints against aestheticians and weighing his demand to keep his identity secret (details in the “Hinting Game” spoiler at KF 5063). Is it unreasonable of me to think the Diamond Centre will be in for much the same if they refuse to give Yaniv what he wants?

If Yaniv does get the chop, is that proof that he really has been trans all along? Those who doubt trans ideology might say instead that it just proves Yaniv has been mentally ill all along.

If you’re wondering what those pre-existing conditions I just referred to are, join me for Release 3 in this series. He says he has scads of them – and some of them, surprisingly enough, are probably real.