What is Autogynephilia? Is JY an AGP?

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Ray Blanchard is a Canadian sexologist known for his research studies on transsexualism.  He divided male to female (MTF) transitioners into two categories – homosexual transsexual (HSTS) and autogynephile (AGP). In other words, males that are attracted to males, and non-homosexual males that are attracted to females.

I will start with a brief description of HSTS and go into more detail on AGP since that’s  the category that I believe our heroine falls into.

The term HSTS is what Blanchard describes as homosexual because they tend to be male attracted and transsexual due to their gender dysphoria.  The brain expects a female body rather than the male body they were born with.  They transition young, typically no later than 30 and almost always have sex reassignment surgery.  They tend to be quite feminine in stature and appearance.  Height, build, facial features, hand and foot sizes are more in line with typical females.  These factors mean they “pass” quite easily, or at a minimum they’re close enough that they don’t raise any real alarms entering women’s spaces. 

If they are misgendered they won’t scream, “it’s ma’am!” or knock over displays at Game Stop.  They will look at themselves and ask, “what do I need to work on”.  The last thing they want is unnecessary attention.

Speaking of unnecessary attention, let’s talk about autogynephelia. Yaniv must have thought that Blanchard was giving a tutorial in his writings on the subject because he ticks every box.
Cross dressing is where it starts and it escalates from there.  For these men it’s not genital dysphoria that drives them. It’s sexual stimulation at the thought of themselves being a female. 

Wikipedia entry on Richard Blanchards transexualism typology.

This could stem from any number of things and escalate to various levels depending on the person. In JY’s case, we don’t know when or why he put on his first pair of panties and got off to it but we can reasonably assume it had something to do with females rejecting him.  We certainly know how far it escalated. 

AGP’s are sexually aroused by the idea of having a female body and the biological functions that go with it.  The period fetish isn’t exclusive to JY but he’s certainly more insistent on engaging others in discussions about it. There are fetish sites where these men exchange recipes for fake menstrual blood and stories about what they found in the sanitary bin to wear. 

In the name of inclusiveness, men are now able to enter women’s restrooms and rummage through the bins in search of our used sanitary products.  I am not aware of any of them actually trying to engage anyone in conversation about it outside of fetish sites and certainly not with underage girls, other than JY.

It’s fairly typical for them to fancy themselves as teenage girls, Barbie dolls, princesses, makeup artists, and damsels in distress in general.  This is in stark contrast to their very large stature and masculine features. 

JY doesn’t just fancy himself a teen girl though. JY actually thinks he makes a suitable mate for one.  I don’t think his pedophilia is related to being an AGP though, so that’s a topic for someone else.

The makeup tutorials are something I’ve only seen in one other case, but that person’s target audience was fellow AGP’s, not teen girls. 

Generally speaking, AGP’s transition later in life and are quite masculine in stature and appearance. In some ways, it appears almost as if they have too much testosterone. That’s in contrast to HSTS’s, who often have less than average.

These men are often aggressive, sometimes violent, especially when they aren’t getting what they want, and what they want is to be treated like teenage girls, Barbie dolls, and..well you get the picture.  In JY’s case, this aggression can manifest as things like getting women banned off Twitter, suing women for things like refusing to pretend their male genitals fit the criteria for a Brazilian wax, or even accusing a young mother of sexual assault. The violence can be anything from death threats to beating up reporters.

To understand this insistence on audience participation, think of it like a drug addict. As addicts build up a tolerance they have to increase the drug. 
Unfortunately, in our woke society the AGP person is being handed stronger drugs than were available to him before.  He can now barge into any space designated for the female sex by merely proclaiming himself a woman. 

I can clearly see the escalation of JY’s need for a stronger drug by the incessant questioning young girls about female spaces and menstruation products.  He was testing the water to see how much he could get away with in those spaces. His penchant for underage girls makes this far more disturbing.  Fantasizing about a little girl having her first period in a public restroom and coming to him for help using a tampon is just not something even the worst AGP thinks about. 

Their focus is usually on adult women, particularly lesbian. This is for a couple of reasons.  First, they’re heterosexual men and second, what could be more validating of a man’s womanhood than to be accepted into a group of females who only sleep with other females?  

AGP’s typically transition later in life, are often narcissistic, and lack self awareness.  We all remember JY’s protest at being told he was a rather imposing figure. “Who would be afraid of a 5’11” girl?”  Just for context, the average height for men is 5’10” and for women it’s 5’4″, meaning JY is taller than the average man.  Does he really see a petite teen girl when he looks in the mirror or is this just denial?  It seems impossible to imagine he sees something so far removed from reality, doesn’t it?  I guess he does think he’s a model and beauty pageant material so there’s that. 

This brings me to the purple ball gown and tiara. Like most of JY’s behaviors this is unremarkable for AGP’s.  They either dress like teen girls or like your grandma when she went to prom in the 50’s. Guess which one JY is. The valley girl voice is also quite typical. 

Do AGP’s get SRS?  Typically not but it does happen.  The ones who do go that far are serious cases like JY.  The requirements needed to be cleared for SRS used to be quite stringent.  “I want a vagina so I can use tampons” would never have been approved.  It might be now.  I know of one person who was cleared and had the surgery only to completely destroy it beyond recognition by shoving anything he could fit up there before it was healed. 
You’re probably wondering how I know this. He liked to post pics of it in a friend’s Discord and that friend “surprised” me with one in my inbox.  Thanks again, Jack.

Do AGP’s have dysphoria?  Some do but not for the same reasons as HSTS’s.  AGP’s aren’t dysphoric about what they do have, they’re dysphoric about what they don’t have – a place to put things.  While most AGP’s are female attracted, the fetish can manifest into wanting sex with a man, not out of attraction but to “feel like a real woman”.

This is another rabbit hole that includes things like wishing a hymen could be part of SRS so they can bleed when they “lose their virginity”. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if JY wasn’t one of those, assuming he knows what a hymen is. He does now and I’ve just given him something else to question little girls about.  Hi JY!

JY is a very dangerous mix of violent, unstable AGP, grifter and pedophile.  It is beyond my comprehension that this monster is still walking around free to prey on more young girls. 

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