Victim Impact Statements – How JY Impacts Young Women


You’ve spent your entire life strutting around like you’ve done nothing wrong and caused no harm. You simultaneously prey on the vulnerable and claim to be a victim yourself. You brag that you’re a safe person while ignoring the trail of destruction behind you.

The only thing you’ve ever contributed to humanity is increasing the statistical average for BMI and lowering it for IQ.

It’s time for you to read about the damage you do, in your victims own words.

Don’t get your panties in a knot over deadnaming or misgendering. Many of these stories happened while you still went by Jonathan, and many other victims saw the real you behind your trans shield.

Editor: I asked several of Yaniv’s victims to describe how Yaniv made them feel. I asked how Yaniv impacted their minds and emotions. What comes next is in their own words, unedited and uncut.

“During our friendship, Yaniv knew exactly how to manipulate my feelings. If he wasn’t trying to get me to compliment him, he was trying to get me to encourage him or feel bad for him.

In conversations about his life situations, whether we were talking about friendships, potential relationships, or about his past jobs, he was always portraying himself as the victim. He wanted sympathy, words of encouragement, and most importantly, it felt like he wanted to be told he was not at fault for anything that happened to him. He was not the bad guy, he was not in the wrong, HE was the victim himself.

This worked on me for longer than I’d like to admit. He did manipulate my feelings in this way to where I felt bad for him. It made me want to keep pursuing the friendship. When someone is telling me stories that seem like the world is against them, I inherently want to chase after them to show them what kindness looks like and what friendship should look like.

On top of this, I was being complimented more than I was not. When Yaniv ever said anything creepy, I felt guilty for having the thought that it freaked me out. I thought, ‘c’mon, this is a good guy. Don’t twist his intentions.’

He pushed the good guy narrative pretty hard. And I think that’s what keeps most girls talking to him despite the creepy comments. Maybe we talk ourselves out of thinking they really are creepy. He’s just being nice.

I also felt like talking to Yaniv was a big deal. After all, he caught me in his “friendship” net by bragging about his role in the music business as Cimorelli’s social media manager. Not only was this insanely cool to me because I loved Cimorelli, but this was a guy who knew people and had connections.

The music business was something I dreamed of getting into since I was very little. Yaniv made himself sound so tied and cool that you felt special that he chose you to talk to. That also made it easier to ignore the comments that would initially alarm me, before I told myself I was overthinking it.

After our friendship, when I found out about who he really is and his true intentions, I felt sick. I felt manipulated. I felt embarrassed. I felt stupid going back and reading our old messages and realizing that he wasn’t just a good guy, and that those comments were actually creepy and not okay.

Especially a comment made about my little sister, and I just brushed it off like he was being a quirky weirdo. I know that victims naturally tend to blame themselves when trying to process how things happened, and it’s never their fault, but I still do blame myself along with him for making me believe he was someone he was not.

Knowing that I was not a true friend to him, but just another girl feeding his fetish makes me feel dirty. I wish I could wash Yaniv off of me and out of my mind. But the best I can do is speak up about him and warn other girls to stay away.


Upon first encountering Yaniv online, my first thought was that he was a very condescending man who seemed to love having power on young girls. I was not as young as most of the little girls in the Cimorelli fanbase were so I could mostly see past the smokescreen of “friendship” he claimed to have with the Cimorelli girls that granted him an influence over a very very loving and passionate fanbase.

Uneasy was the first thing I felt. After that and through all the fights Yaniv and I got into the second thing I felt was a mixture of two: unsafe and disgusted. Unsafe because I was getting harassed by a potentially dangerous person and disgusted because the more I looked into it the grimmer things looked.

I also instantaneously felt a rush of protective instinct towards all the little girls who gravitated towards him and whose naivete he was preying upon. I remember the relief of being finally free from his influence on my life.

The day me blocking and threatening to sue finally worked after a long year of constant abuse. Through the years of me not hearing anything from or about Yaniv, the feeling that predominated every time this story was unearthed was: bitterness. I resented all the people who had more power than I did and did nothing to protect me and the many others who were getting harassed. It was a very bitter aftertaste.

When I saw what had happened since I had stopped even thinking about Yaniv, anger was the first thing that came back. I was very very angry for a long time, and I could not shake it off because I had learned to stand up for myself and I was about to do it.

Determined, angry and empowered.

When I saw people were finally starting to listen and starting to believe me (sometimes for all the wrong reasons) I knew I was doing the right thing. Now that I know I’ve done all I could, I only feel one thing: free.


I just feel… I don’t know. I still feel guilty and kind of like…dirty I guess. For even speaking to him. My compassionate side gets in the way and I think I can fix people. Its embarrassing but it happens.

I feel used. Like he only wanted to talk to me to lure me into sex. Tried telling me he had a crush on me when he found out about me speaking to you. Wanted me to go to court with him, wanted me go go to the mainland to stay at his for a night. Spoke of his horniness

It was awkward and embarrassing, even for a 22 yr old.


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