Updated: R. vs. Smith Transcripts Released – JY’s Malicious Prosecution of Donald Francis Smith

As I am the most familiar with the Donald Francis Smith case, or as dubbed, R vs. Smith, by the BC Provincial Courts, I have been privy to what law enforcement and the BC Prosecution Service hav omitted: strong evidence of Yaniv’s machinations against Donald Francis Smith that lead to his false arrest for an alleged breach I can confirm I was his alibi on December 10, 2019, as well as Yaniv has a much higher bar for making threats than someone whose autistic and vulnerable. I saw it with Constable Bernard Lapointe of Surrey RCMP until he had an epiphany (or so I thought) and I saw it with Constable Safi Sharar of Langley RCMP.

However, Meow Mix has obtained the transcripts from Smith’s December 31, 2019 bail hearing, the day after he was picked up by the Vancouver Police Department after Constable Sharar issued a warrant for the alleged breach of conditions against Smith.

Additionally, to support the transcripts, we h have also been privy to a publicly released letter by Kari Simpson, Executive Director of Culture Guard, calling out BC Crown Prosecutor Natalie Fowlds.

I agree with Ms. Simpson about the fairness of the judicial process and unprofessionalism of the Surrey Prosecution Offices against Smith– even mores with my own first-hand experience in attempting to assist the case in-person on March 5-6, July 6, July 28 and August 10-11, 2020.

As of last week, the BC Crown Prosecution Office continued to personally mislead me in getting answers about the runaround about ownership of who takes a statement. The female receptionist, known as “Patricia”, became extremely angry and combative, as I debated the abstract concepts of the legal process were flawed: Why is BC Prosecution Service telling me it’s the RCMP’s problem to take my statement while the RCMP deflects the responsibility back to the other agency and/or BC Prosecution Service?

The Surrey BC Prosecution Office for Crown Counsel continues to refuse to accept responsibility in resolving obviously a multiple-agency issue, despite I was calm, collective, professional and spoke kindly at all times despite trying to understand why there’s so much bureaucracy. The additional factor that Smith’s charges were issued by Surrey and the breach issued by Langley has created a storm demonstrating flaws in the Canadian Legal System.

Once I mentioned the BC Human Rights Code on accommodations to Patricia, as I am high-functioning autistic and deemed the above an equation that cannot be satisfied, it went south with her before screaming and verbally abusing me. Granted, I spoke in great detail on the potential knowledge of being adverse to the crown’s interest (on more than one occasion) and as a witness with high-functioning autism, I would require them to discuss the formality how accommodations would go down, once I get the witness statement issue resolved. I will speak more about this issue when it is appropriate, but a complaint has been lodged with the Deputy Attorney General on the matter of her conduct.

If what Smith has endured because of the BC Prosecution Service catering to a predator who engages in threatening behaviour, the bar is really low for persons with mental health and autism. As an advocate for autism, the BC Prosecution Service has messed up royally here and treated Smith with a lack of dignity and respect at times, as evidenced in his initial bail hearing. Given recent knowledge that Yaniv has been influencing the crown, which I believe once “she” got the name of the prosecutor, either googled it or performed [email protected] in order to get a direct line and influence the process.

I am hopeful and confident Smith’s charges will be finally dropped, especially as more evidence mounts that Smith, whose socially and intellectually vulnerable with mental health issues and lives on the fringes of society is held at a much higher standard than Yaniv, who despite “her” own issues, comes from a different socioeconomic background.


I guess we’ll have to see in the coming days about Yaniv uttering threats with Miriam in the background about gun ownership and threatening the caller in the belief it’s Donald. Yes, I have many cliffhangers and red herrings from what I am about to offload on Meow Mix following Baileyleaks.


To leave it off for tonight, I have provided snippets of suspense in the previous weeks from #Baileyleaks. I admit, I did my own covert operation, not just to catch a child predator, but a predator against women, minorities and other marginalized groups. I spent eight months sporadically gaining Yaniv’s trust as a fictitious transgender teenager and obtaining intel that may be considered admissible, as I didn’t entrap Yaniv.

HINT: As I walked through to a respected member of Langley RCMP’s senior management of my operations, as I was one of the operators behind YELLING AND SCREAMING EVERYTHING IS TRANSPHOBIA “Bailey Hart” – the focus of the much awaited #Baileyleaks.

Many recall it being akin to trolling at the time, but Bailey never reported anyone and accepted the criticism being accused as a Yaniv sock. It served a purpose for you all- an inside look- from what we have recovered from it, into Yaniv that supports our efforts to expose Yaniv’s friend MandaPanda and other verifiable sources.

For eight months, Yaniv believed I was an ally under the guise of Bailey and provided me “rich intel”– that is now privy and admissible to the Langley RCMP, as I will release the first set of conversations with Yaniv to the public domain. There are also some crazy stories that came out of this, which we’re still trying to find those parts in our archives, but one of the best is “Yaniv on the run from a police officer escaping the ER psych evaluation at Surrey Memorial” and two hours later is “enjoying Boston Pizza”.

I hope you can appreciate the suspense, but as promised– you’ll get to see when Yaniv is exposed and lambasted by what Yaniv believed were woke kids who turn rapid against (alleged) “child predators”!

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