Unraveled: Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Racist, Misogynistic Social Media Explosion Over Kamal

MeowMix posted yesterday, October 19, 2021, that Jessica Yaniv Simpson was targeting a young woman of colour that worked in their building as a caretaker. At the time of writing, we thought we had captured the whole story and all the events. Sadly, we were mistaken. The story rapidly escalated after that.

Yaniv posted a video Monday afternoon showing a violent, threatening, and intimidating assault BY JY on Kamal. JY posted it in an effort to paint Kamal in some kind of bad light but it horribly backfired in his face. Before I go on, please watch the video below. It’s important to see with your own eyes what happened.

The video is quite clear. Yaniv enters the garbage area of the building, phone recording, and Kamal immediately freezes. Wisely, she steers as clear as she can, even opening the second door to give herself distance.

If Yaniv was going to the garbage room as he claimed in a later tweet, he would have walked in and tossed his trash and that would be it. Instead, he backtracked out and cut Kamal’s path off. Kamal flattened herself against the wall in fear while Yaniv’s excited and completely untrained dog lunged at her.

The video doesn’t show an aggressive dog in our opinion. Instead it shows a clearly untrained, unexercised, hyperactive, and out of control dog attached to an untrained, unexercised, hypoactive, and out of control Jessica Yaniv, and this terrified Kamal. JY is a predator and he took advantage of this. He got off on the power he had to strike fear into Kamal’s heart. He called her names, belittled her, and verbally assaulted her. Many are already speculating that what JY did was criminal.

If you ever needed to see one video to know who Jessica Yaniv Simpson is, this is it. He’s a misogynistic creep attacking a virtually silent woman in the corner of a basement. He’s a racist. He’s an entitled white person who think he’s better than Kamal. He’s a terribly irresponsible and abusive dog owner.

And to really emphasize this – he posted the video himself. This wasn’t a leak. JY really thought this video would be GOOD FOR HIM. What does that tell you about who he really is?

Amazingly, it went downhill from there, as JY tried to defend himself and double down on his attack on Kamal.

If you need any confirmation that Jonathan Yaniv is a predator, here he is posting a picture showing his victim backed into a literal basement corner, and Jon blames HER for it.

He claims he’s “getting her charged”. It’ll never happen. His own video exonerates her. If anything, I would expect police to investigate JY for this incident. He targeted Kamal and stalked her into a corner.

Again, there’s no evidence anywhere of Kamal hurting JY’s dog. Zero. Zip. The only evidence is that JY has an uncontrollable dog wearing a shock collar jumping and lunging at a poor woman who’s flattened herself against the wall in fear. And what does the PREDATOR do? He gloats that he has the RIGHT to yell at her.

While technically true, who brags about that? That’s like bragging that you have the right to insult people. Why would you think that’s a good thing to say? Unless you’re a reallllly stupid misogynist prick…

Jon the “woman’s rights warrior” calling a woman a bitch. That’s nice. And his denial that he sought her out is obviously a lie. He had a little piece of paper in his hand. First he said he was taking the trash out, then his story turned to some building inspection. Liars can’t keep stories straight.

Also, where’s the evidence of the dog being attacked? All we have is a video of Jon attacking a lone woman in a basement.

Another attempt by Jon to paint Kamal as the bad guy. Jon is feigning fear. Scroll up a few pictures to where Jon said that if Kamal is scared she should leave.

Remember how Jon claims to be a rape victim, an assault victim, and he experiences daily violence?

Here he is telling a woman that her fears don’t matter, and trying to make it look as if he’s the victim. The video clearly shows Jon being a predator. He should be hunted himself.

Anyone want to point out Jon’s diet to him? Or his waist size?

Dog didn’t do anything? The dog is on video yelping and lunging and pulling and excitedly trying to get to Kamal. At least Jon’s last sentence is accurate.

Notice how he didn’t deny harassing her.

Regarding the dog count, more reliable sources (LangleyResident) put the count much lower – 35 or 40.

Maybe the other dog owners are respectable humans that don’t chase her down while she’s working?

Now Jon goes back to “taking the trash out”. The reality is there are several claims of JY abusing his dog, or other dogs. People have studied this video and say there appears to be a shock collar on the dog in the video. When people don’t agree with Jon, he does the typical AGP-fake-trans-copout – “you’re just a transphobe” line. What a coward.

If you need more evidence that Jon is a predator, he’s complaining that Kamal backed into a corner under a security camera. What does that tell you about the situation and Kamal’s frame of mind?

And lastly, just because Jon think he’s smart, a chance to throw his own words in his face. He is 100% accurate that BC Human Rights Code makes allowance for UNCERTIFIED service dogs, at least as far as saying that an uncertified service dog and owner should be afforded the same EQUAL access as anyone else. What Jon doesn’t say, but the guide does, is that business owners, stratas, landlords, etc., can ask Jon and his dog to leave at any time if the dog doesn’t behave properly. If the dog causes problems, out they go.

He also ignores the word EQUAL. In this case, Kamal’s right to be in that building is equal to Jon’s. He may be an owner, but she’s contracted to work there and empowered to be in those spaces by the strata. If this was in a personal area of the building, like Jon’s unit, it would be different, but her right to be the common area is EQUAL to Jon’s, and he’s infringing on that. You can really sense Jon’s need to feel powerful.

To reiterate a few points in closing, Jon has claimed to be a victim of violent crimes. He claims to have PTSD and disabilities. He claims to have experienced trauma and hate. Yet here he is, assaulting a woman of colour, disregarding her fears (likely from past trauma), and dismissing her right to exist. He’s literally preying on her – stalking her INTO A BASEMENT – and cornering her.

Last note…without going into details, the appropriate people have all been contacted and steps are being taken to ensure Kamal’s safety and protection. Protection from the predator Jonathan Yaniv.

During this same time, Yaniv posted the tweets below. They’re unrelated to Kamal but they add to the picture of who Jon really is – a racist, a hateful person, a person obsessed with Chris Elston and Donald Smith.