TrustedNerd or AwkwardJerk?

Through conversations with past acquaintances of Yaniv, we’ve learned that he is a notorious whiner and beggar. His lifelong philosophy is “why work for something when I can get it for free?”. To that end, he would proclaim himself to be a grand tech guru and spam sponsored events in hopes of getting free passes to events or gadgets to demo on his Angelfire-era website.

Meow Mix recently had conversations with some business acquaintances of Yaniv from the tech blogger world and both told a similar story about Yaniv. Interestingly, both of them attended a Ford event in Ottawa in 2013 that Yaniv was also at and they both left with equally awkward opinions.

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First off, many companies, including Ford, use PR services to book groups of bloggers to review their products or services. These bloggers are not overly screened, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to look at Yaniv’s website and think he was legit, as long as you didn’t look too deep and find his sex toy reviews. Second, Meow Mix interviewed another woman last fall that told us about Yaniv’s begging ways. Snapshots of that article are below.

It started with the check-in at the hotel, when Yaniv looked at another tech blogger, who we’ll call Anthony, and pulled out a crisp $20 bill so he could bribe the front desk clerk for a better room. Perhaps Yaniv had seen this work in the movies, but it didn’t work for him.

This brief interaction with Yaniv left Anthony with a very clear impression – Yaniv had this air of entitlement about him, and he thought he was the smartest guy in the room. Another impression – Yaniv was very male, very socially awkward, and had no apparent means of income. Yaniv told Anthony that he was working the social media for a popular girl band called Cimorelli.

Lindsay remarked that Yaniv seemed bubbly in this tweet, but barely spoke in the car.

The next day, another blogger, who we’ll call Lindsay, was paired up with Yaniv for test drive in a Ford car that also included a scavenger hunt in the Ottawa area. The drive included various types of roads and some agility obstacles to test the car.

Lindsay found Yaniv to be extremely awkward and nerdy. He told her that he still lived with his mother, despite being almost 30, and he didn’t have his “full” license. (BC uses a graduated license system for new drivers). He was an awful driver, and super nervous every time it was his turn to drive. He sure has changed, because nowadays he’s an expert car reviewer and videojournalist-on-wheels. Just ask him!

“My mom never lets me drive this fast.”

Jonathan Yaniv, 2013, while reviewing a 120 hp Ford Fiesta.

Lindsay recalls one area with some fast roads where Yaniv seemed especially nervous. He told her, “My mom never lets me drive this fast”. Yaniv also took time during the trip to ask Lindsay to follow him and Cimorelli on Facebook, making sure she knew he was their social media guru.

When the trip ended, Lindsay and Anthony both distanced themselves and befriended other bloggers for the remainder of the trip. Yaniv was strange, awkward, and they didn’t want much to do with him. They both went back to their successful blogs and lives at that was the end of Yaniv, until years later when he popped up in their social media feeds.

If you ask Yaniv, he’s a thriving entrepreneur, a computer wizard, web designed, social media master, tech blogger, and skilled hacker. In reality, he’s awkward, can’t make friends, can’t drive, and the only reason he had anything was because he would beg and plead for handouts.