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Tracking Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Genital Deconstruction


Dear MeowMix viewers. It pains me that you’ve requested this article. You’re all as sick as I am. 🙂

MeowMix was the first to confirm that Jessica Yaniv Simpson had undergone GRS surgery on January 11, 2021. Despite having no signs of gender dysphoria and every sign of absolute insanity, Brassard the Butcher of GRS Montreal performed bottom surgery on Yaniv. This article is to show you where he started and where he’s been since the surgery. By that I mean pictures.

The gallery below shows the tackle that Jonny started with – which he happily shared on a lesbian dating site while trying to get girls, and progresses through the images he’s posted publicly showing his surgery site and how it’s not healing very well. These are very graphic images.

For what it’s worth, we’re posting these because Yaniv made them public. He felt they were newsworthy, so here they are. These pictures were all posted by Yaniv to various social media sites or dating apps (the dick pic…).

It goes without saying…NSFW, NSFL.

I’m not a medical expert but that shit ain’t right. People are talking about silver nitrate and hypergranulation. Nah, we need to be talking about silver bullets, wooden stakes, and garlic.

Jon, you need help. This doesn’t make you a woman. It just means you’re insane. You’re going to live (or not…) to regret this. I stand by my statement I’ve made since day 1 – you’re not a real trans person. You’re a fucked up male with a serious mental illness that would go to any length to “win”, even chopping off their own dick. Except you didn’t win. This just means you lose more. And we’ll be there to watch it happen.

Side request…if medical experts want to weigh in on this please contact MM. I would love to do a full write up with your expert analysis of the photos.