Township warns JYS for lewd conduct.

As can be expected Post-surgery has not meant a stop to the drama or pervision of Jessica Yaniv Simpson. This time jonboy has been warned for 30 phone calls to fire dept to get his fat pedo ass out of the tub. Obviously JYS has been getting sexual with this and making the responders uncomftable

Stupid JYS actually made this public and tried to look edgy and post on twitter with lame attempt at humour to retaliate

Entitled whiny bitch JYS clearly in need off attention gets stuck in the bath and wastes fire dept resources to get his ass out. Some tips for you

Don’t use emergency services when its not an emergency.

Don’t get in bath if you cant get out.

PAY for professionals if you can’t get out of bath.

Stop trying to show off your “coin slot pussy”

Clear to see the township is taking no more of JYS wasting their time and hopefully this will be used against JYS in the various vexatious lawsuits against TOL and Langley RCMP

It is not transphobic to tell you to not call 30 times when it is not a medical emergency. They have people they need to help not their fault ur broke cheap ass wont pay for carers.