Township of Langley Replies to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Frivolous Lawsuit

The Township of Langley has filed a reply to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s incredulous and inane lawsuit. This comes just days after Yaniv lost a fraudulent plea for a default judgment to be granted.

The full document is available in the MeowMix document library and below, but we will summarize a few key points below and provide some analysis on what might be driving Yaniv’s motives to only take action in Small Claims court.

jessica yaniv simpson

First up, and most obviously, the TOL denies every single claim Yaniv made in this frivolous lawsuit.

More points of interest to consider:

  • Yaniv was incarcerated for a grand total of 157 minutes.
  • Yaniv whined about being diabetic and asked for juice, received it 5 minutes later.
  • Yaniv vexatiously phones 911 often, sometimes several times daily.
  • The ToL followed all protocols and treated Yaniv with dignity and respect.
  • The ToL states that Yaniv’s claim is baseless and asks for it to be dismissed outright.
  • The ToL states that Yaniv must bring any harassment or discrimination issues before the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT).
  • The ToL states Yaniv did not bring forward any damages for over a year.

Interestingly, we still ask ourselves why hasn’t Yaniv taken the TOL allegations to the BCHRT? Did Yaniv account for the fact when filing in the courts on September 02, 2020 was that his initial complaint of August 05, 2019 was outside the one year timeframe for the BCHRT to accept? Was Yaniv reluctant whether they would accept whether the complaint was (a) in the public interest and (b) that no one would be substantially prejudiced by the delay?

We were surprised Yaniv didn’t bundle the allegations as an ongoing contravention under the guise of discrimination of both gender identity and disability to push the end date under the one year timeframe. Yaniv paid the $6,000 for the costs for improper motives in the waxing cases, so has free rein to abuse the BCHRT further.

So why hasn’t Yaniv taken these same allegations to the BCHRT? Firstly, Yaniv voluntarily withdrew three BCHRT cases recently that included two additional crotch-waxing cases against local aestheticians and the one against controversial Christian Conservative Activist Bill Whatcott.

We’re not trying to instigate ideas for Yaniv to go to the BCHRT, but we speculate it had to have hurt that pea-sized little brain on the path to least resistance. Yaniv may have known, perhaps due to the slow-moving velocity of the accepted complaints that were recently withdrawn that the BCHRT remains significantly backlogged at almost a year behind schedule.

@divebomberinc had reached out personally on behalf of Meow Mix to the BCHRT Intake office and learned that delays are due to the compounding effects of both infrastructure upgrades and COVID-19. Furthermore, any complaints related to COVID-19 have precedence to go to the front of the queue (e.g. employment, tenancy, services). Currently, several complaints remain in queue as far back as December 2019. Therefore, this would keep Yaniv potentially in the queue for up to a year. So perhaps the Small Claims court action was a byproduct of Yaniv’s impatience and greedy desire for more immediate monetary gratification, such as evidenced as tactilely trying to fraudulently weasel another default judgement within 16-17 days of filing in a gamble a judge would make the notorious predator $35,000 richer.

Yaniv may also be reserving the BCHRT for some sort of long game against one of the enemies/critics in their rogues gallery. Meow Mix speculates that Yaniv might be intending to target Kari Simpson of Culture Guard by taking her to the BCHRT to further punish her for intervening on the false imprisonment of Donald Francis Smith, which remains under investigation for the fraudulent email Yaniv allegedly manufactured and passed off to Constable Safi Sharar of Langley RCMP last year. We still are hopeful forensics will put the nail in the coffin of the not-so-bright Jessica Yaniv Simpson!

Alternatively, maybe Yaniv knows that treading on the hard-of-hearing allegations at the BCHRT will be immediately called out for bad faith motives. After all, Yaniv seems to be able to attend all of the teleconferences for the civil hearings with absolutely no issues or accommodations, on the record, with BC Court Services.

So we invite our faithful followers to take a gander at the reply to the claim that was allowed by last week’s hearing. We also hope that Alexandra Wickett of Guild Yule LLP will check out Meow Mix to find some material to hopefully nail the local vexatious litigant in his tracks!