THREATS AND MENACES: How The Tables are now Turned on Jessica Yaniv Simpson One Year Later

A year ago today, on December 30, 2019, Jessica Jonathan Yaniv Simpson was tweeting about Donald Francis Smith’s arrest. It was on this day that Smith was arrested in Vancouver the night before and transported to Surrey to appear before a judge about a bogus breach of conditions charge as a result of an email manufactured by JYS, who then printed it and handed it off to Langley RCMP, as per their reports (I reviewed first hand while in Langley on July 28, 2020).

It took the better part of this crazy year, one we’d all like to forget, for these charges to be stayed that were delayed and complicated by the challenges of the COVID-19. It took the combined strength of Donald’s advocates, Meow Mix and even myself to get the message across to the appropriate stakeholders and law enforcement– and we’ll still be doing this going into 2021!

JYS still believes “she” is in the clear; however, I am confident that Constable Safi Sharar will succumb to the embarrassment of his poor investigation, one where he contradicted himself in reports, and turn the tables further on JYS for pulling the wool over him. If some behemoth who was 380lbs marched into my work equipped with their senile mother and a body camera in my face, I would surely change my tune. So let’s raise a glass that hopefully Sharar will eventually come to his sensibilities in 2021 and solidify the charges against JYS without the trouble of getting the forensic evidence directly from google (as Donald’s gmail provider would be able to authenticate whether that no email left the account on December 10, 2019). After all, JYS has REFUSED law enforcement access to “her” electronic email leaving doubt and more circumstantial evidence to date that only a manufactured paper copy. I still speculate that JYS used Adobe Editor (as per JYS’ home screen in DJ Pedopuff videos) to create this email.

On NYE 2019, I posted a cryptic video that said that “the crow would fly the coop in 2020”. Indeed, DFS’ charges were stayed by September and now over the course of 2020, JYS has alienated Langley RCMP and the Township of Langley to the point where the Crown Prosecutors have taken notice with these three new charges. Hopefully the downward spiral is taking momentum. These charges being laid and an arrest warrant issued is a testament to the malicious lies continually dispelled by JYS to subdue “her” enemies, as evidenced by today’s two counts of public mischief.

What was JYS’ mistake with the public mischief charges? Did JYS try to resell the “bomb threat” narrative changing from allegations against DFS to Chris Elston? We’re not entirely sure, as Chris Elston will hopefully be able to elaborate for us at some point. Regardless, it’s nice to know that Langley RCMP and Crown Prosecution are finally getting down to business. The Threat and Menace of Walnut Grove needs to go to jail.

Hell, just to interate, it wasn’t the first time JYS threatened Elston. Earlier this year, JYS personally told me on FB Messenger (before learning I was with Meow Mix) that Elston would “end up in a ditch”, so hopefully Elston will share that with the crown.

Now, let’s look forward in what does 2021 will look like for this washed up alleged child predator and predator of the weak? Firstly, I hope that the investigation will conclude by March 31, 2021, and that more charges of uttering threats, perjury, manufacturing evidence and more counts of public mischief. Secondly, I would love to see a Breach of Conditions and jail time. However, I fear for the women in incarceration where JYS is concerned.

To date, there should should be hundreds of counts of Public Mischief to date. Now let’s hope the momentum will continue and that these three charges are a catalyst that Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a known pathological liar who feigns victimhood to deflect from “her” predatory and sociopathic behaviour will now hopefully face a gauntlet of criminal charges!

I spoke with Donald Francis Smith today and he was giddy with joy over these charges. As he put it, this was the “Best Christmas present ever”. Smith remains confident that the Langley RCMP and Crown Prosecutors will see the egg on their face and will finally charge JYS regarding the manufactured email, threats and public mischief. You can find his blog here, if interested.

As I promised, in the New Year, once I have the Crown Prosecutor’s full name (regarding the Taser Charges) I will provide EVERYONE the Prosecutor’s email and a QR code with all the links and appendices so you can just email it with all the proof to put pressure on them. Watch the skies!

This is the same person who is prohibited to possess weapons for at least two years, but is insistent they need access to both guns and kevlar vests Again, the very same person who threatened a prankster that they would end up dead like Constable Heidi Stevenson, who died in the line of duty in the worse mass shooting in Canadian History. JYS believes cops should die! Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a very dangerous and deranged predator who if “she ” is not incarcerated for her crimes and given significant psychiatric help, could go on a spree and harm people.

If you put the equation together, a sociopath hellbent on revenge and claims suicide, who is cop-hating, needs kevlar vests and guns at their disposal- is someone who could be the next mass shooter! Think about the concerns- I think that the Crown Prosecutor involved should be privy to these very facts- especially as they could VERIFY WITH TELUS about the text message from 778-2**-**97 on the date.

Let’s take a toast that in 2021, JYS will face more charges and jail time!

To end the year, as we haven’t been given the green light to show it all, here’s a SNEAK PREVIEW of JYS’ false Victim Impact Statement (I will have a full analysis when released in 2021 and will be communicating to stakeholders on JYS’ regurgitated lies on the record against DFS that JYS also hurled the same or similar accusations at Amy Eileen Hamm and Lindsay Shepherd). When you read below, you will laugh- as it contradicts JYS’ own “origin stories”.