The Yanivs are (once again) engaging in criminal harassment and stalking

On December 30, 2019, Donald Francis Smith was arrested for an alleged breach of his conditions regarding an earlier arrest stemming from his capacity as a citizen reporter at the Surrey Provincial Court house on December 5, 2019. Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv was having their first appearance for two accounts of possessing illegal weapons. Smith’s arrest was for allegedly uttering threats after Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv had anticipated Smith’s arrival and premeditated calling authorities. Smith had recently spent 39 days in jail until his release on February 05, 2020. Smith has retained an advocate and a lawyer that is currently sorting out the legal drama orchestrated by Jessica Yaniv.

On Valentine’s Day, Jessica and their enabling mother, Miriam in tow, decided to take a car ride over to Murrayville located fifteen minutes from their resident in Langley, B.C. It appears that the duo had particular agenda on their minds– intent to criminally harass Kari Simpson, who is the advocate for Donald Smith. The Yanivs were indirectly targeting Smith, as Jessica demonstrates publicly their motivation to harm Smith, as evidenced in recent months to the deaf ears of the local authorities.

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The event was briefly captured on film by Simpson and uploaded to social media. We have not been able to ascertain the events that lead up to the video coverage at this time, including the travel agent’s version of events.
Link to the video here.

In the uploaded video, it shows clearly shows Jessica Yaniv in the passenger seat while Miriam is suspected to be in the driver’s seat. Jessica proceeded to take a photograph of Simpson, who was filming, which was later confirmed on the @trustednerd twitter account later in the day. Jessica proceeded to give Simpson the middle finger before driving off. The video captures the license plate of the black car with a license plate number PC992N. Jessica proceeded to tag long-time nemesis and controversial trans activist Morgane Oger in the tweet, who has an acrimonious history with Simpson.

Smith, who was reported to not be on the premises at the time of the incident, continues to be a target of the Yanivs in an ongoing malicious prosecution campaign. It is a safe assumption that the Yanivs are trying to further provoke an incident with intent that it will lead to a subsequent arrest of Smith who is released with a number of conditions, including refraining contact with the Yanivs.

To date, Jessica has attempted four private prosecutions and a failed civil suit attempt against Smith in retaliation for his reporting on their predatory behaviour. Smith previously had attempted to stop Jessica’s harassment campaign by filing police reports, a BC Human Rights Tribunal complaint and a BC Supreme Court suit on December 12, 2019. Due to Smith’s incarceration, the civil suit was not delivered to Yaniv within 35 days, as required. No word whether Smith intends to pursue a civil suit following resolution to the charges stemming from the evident malicious prosecution.

This incident does not bode well for Jessica, as it completely deteriorates their argument that they continue live in fear for their safety of Smith, as the Yaniv duo are clearly willing engaging in criminal harassment and stalking. Jessica allegedly has been untruthful with authorities in choreographing the provocation of Smith throughout the Fall of 2019. Jessica’s actions have included vexatiously falsifying several police reports, DMCA complaints to shut down Smith’s YouTube channel, doxxing Smith’s residence, two death threats towards Smith and creating threatening emails to themselves claiming they were from Smith in October 2019, as verified from Jessica’s former friend. No word whether those previous emails were provided to law enforcement.

At this time, Langley RCMP have been notified via social media, but no reports if there is any ongoing investigation into the Yaniv mother and offspring over the incident.

Jessica is currently embroiled in other civil suits, including deferred BCHRT hearings until the $6,000 costs paid from the October 2019 judgement, as well as facing civil actions from Rebel Media for assaults and defamation of Amy Hamm of the Post Millennial. None of the allegations have been tested in court. There have been reports that Jessica has now filed up to 18 private prosecutions against various individuals, not all named at this time.

Jessica is due to appear in provincial court to set a fixed trial date on February 24, 2020 for the weapons charges stemming from the August 5, 2019 Blaire White podcast. There has been no update regarding Jessica Yaniv’s pending assault charges on Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte, although we anticipate these should emerge in the coming months.

Link to the Donald Smith #JailForYaniv online fundraiser.

A fundraising campaign has been set up for Smith by Kari Simpson to help fund the legal defence for the malicious prosecution campaign by Jessica Yaniv.

Jessica Yaniv flipping Kari Simpson the bird.