jessica yaniv simpson alphabet

The Yaniv Alphabet

Jessica Yaniv Simpson likes to append his biographies and usernames with the entire LGBTQ alphabet, as if each letter gives him additional woke points or credibility as an activist.

We came up with a more realistic Yaniv alphabet.

A is for Autism, as in the neurodivergent condition that affects millions of people that JYS speaks hateful things about.

B is for Brain tumour, like the one that JYS lied to people about to claim disability and get fake sympathy. JYS has an arachnoid cyst and it’s nowhere near as debilitating as JYS claimed.

C is for Cops for Cancer, the charity which JYS was attempting to scam money from, claiming they were raising funds for the charity.

D as in Donald Smith, the man that JYS has an obsession with. JYS had DS wrongfully imprisoned by making false police reports. JY has made multiple threats to murder DS, doxxed him, shared revenge porn, and further tries to incriminate with false allegations. He makes fake profiles to mock him all while trying to play the victim, acting as if he lives in fear. JYS clearly wants a win against DS, who is vulnerable man and easy to provoke.

E is for Emily, the name of the child JYS told all of social media was his 2-year-old stepdaughter, even though he’d never met her or her mother Sara. JYS said some creepy as hell stuff to Sara too.

F is for Fake, as in the catfish photo JYS uses everywhere, including dating apps like HER, to trick girls that they aren’t going to meet a cretin in a party city wig.

G is for Gay, one of the reasons why JYS is “transitioning”. Jack was already ashamed of his son. Miriam doesn’t want JYS going for surgery and JYS uses a lot of toys that look like an actual penis. JYS has a lot of assault fantasies about men.

H is for Heidi, after the police officer that JYS disgraced the memory of by referencing her murder.

I is for Immigrants, the people that JYS attempted to take to court in the tribunal and JYS hates in general because JYS is a racist scumbag. He targets them because he believes they are vulnerable.

J is for Jess Rumpel, the girl that came forward with all the disgusting grooming he did to her when she was just 14 years old and who he has threatened on numerous occasions. JYS sent the infamous Elmo clips talking sexually to her.

K is for Kiwi Farms, the website that first was our inspiration that has hundreds of pages and compiled info on JYS and some hilarious posts. They dig deep on the dirty of this lolcow.

L is for Langley RCMP. JYS is a constant drain to them by making false reports and calling them so often. JYS is ignored because they know JYS is full of shit. This doesn’t stop JYS from badmouthing them.

M is for Miriam the Masturbating Matriach Monster. These all blur into one. Miriam, JYS’ mom, who helps JYS get off. Why else take a dildo when staying in hotel room with your mom? Or enjoy an sensual massage in hot tub? Miriam is the enabler who encourages JYS in all things wrong and disgusting.

N is for Nine, the age of the youngest girl JYS has spoken sexually about, coercing a girl to teach her 9 year old how to masturbate!

O for Ontario Human Rights Commission, after losing at BCHRT last year JYS has launched a claim against Miss Galaxy and yes its a scam. Luckily a lot of people know what a creep JYS is.

P is for Pageant, after losing Miss BC and creeping around uninvited spying on kids last year.

No its not transphobic to want to keep a predator away from kids.

Q is for LGBTQ, the group that JYS hashtags in every tweet and virtue signalling message. He hides behind actual suffering the group endures to justify all the shitty obscene things JYS does. Also uses it to groom youngsters of the LGBTQ. Anyone that speaks out against JYS is called anti-LGBQT, alt right, etc.

R is for Rape, a sensitive subject which JYS weaponises for clicks. Be it false allegations or playing both sides in the VRR crisis center being defunded. JYS seems to have a reoccurring bathroom assault fantasy.

S is for Seizure, like the fake ones JYS has that he filmed. Or the real one a young girl had an JYS allegedly tried to assault her during one.

T is for Tampons, yes we ALL know JYS has an obsession with tampons and periods. There’s tons of creepy shit that JYS has said and done regarding periods.

U is for Underage, as in the age of the kids JYS wanted to see topless at the all bodies swim event JYS tried to organise with no adult supervision. Also the girls that JYS tries to groom online.

V is for Voyeurism, the false allegation JYS made against Amy Hamm of for which JYS is being sued for defamation. JYS trumped this up, claiming sexual assault for extra kicks. JYS seems to have a reoccurring bathroom assault fantasy.

W is for WGKITTY, the neighbour of JYS at the same condo complex. JYS has no idea who they are but has threatened to murder them multiple times. They have given a mountain of info on JYS, like how batshit crazy Miriam is and how JYS stinks up the elevator. Our name, MeowMix, is in tribute to kitty.

X is for Xenophobic, the way JY is. Look at the way he targeted women to take to the BCHRT and the way he talks about immigrants in general.

Y is for Yaniv, the name given by father Jack and so ruined by all JYS disgusting actions. The only way to hide was to change it to Simpson. JYS even used his fathers death to justify grooming 14 year old Jess Rumpel.

Z is for Zedorforsky, the guy JYS hates who called the cops on him for the taser and proved he falsified an email against Donald Smith.

Got more ideas for letters or even numbers? Leave your best ideas in the comments below!

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