The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Trans Edition…

From what we can tell it all started with a menstrual fetish, a biological male that was obsessed with tampons and the physiology of the female reproductive system while stalking and harassing young women. Then he tried to sue the beauticians that refused to wax his balls, and when that failed, he threatened the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC with a discrimination complaint because a gynecologist refused to look at his male genitals.

Yes, we are talking about none other than the not so lovely trans activist Jessica Yaniv.

I was recently asked to write a guest blog here on Meow Mix about Yaniv and honestly I was reluctant at first as there is not much I can say that most of you don’t already know about this disgusting example of a human being but then after some reflection I felt it was important for my voice to be heard beyond the 280 character limit of Twitter.

You may be asking yourself “Why is your voice special” right now and honestly it’s not, I’m just your average 45yo nurse, a single parent who is doing the best she can in today’s world to raise her son and caring for the world’s most vulnerable population at a local hospital in Ontario Canada, I also happens to be a transwoman. I am not your typical radical left trans activist who screams “you’re a bigot” or “that’s transphobic” every chance I get. Infact I have never used those words. I prefer to blend into society and just disappear into the landscape, I accept and respect the social norms.

When it comes to Yaniv I have some very strong opinions of him, in fact I have some very strong opinions of the trans activists in general that are making headlines and pushing their radical agenda and maybe down the road I will write about it if there is enough interest but for now I will limit this to Yaniv.

I have said many times on Twitter that I do not believe that Yaniv is trans and that I believe he is using it as a cover for his sick agenda. The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; 5th version) defines Gender Dysphoria as the “marked difference between the individuals expressed/experienced gender and the gender others would assign him or her”, it also goes on to state that this condition causes clinically significantly distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning.

If we look at both the BC human rights complaints and the more recent attempt to be seen by a gynecologist there is one huge issue here, Yaniv is obsessed with his male genitals and wants to show them to people.

I had my Gender Reconstruction Surgery years ago but if I reflect back to my days as a pre-op transwoman I can honestly say that there is no way in hell that I would have ever felt comfortable enough to admit that I still had these parts, let alone show them to anyone except for my primary care physician. Just knowing I had these parts caused me significant discomfort. When I used the women’s washroom I was always nervous, I was embarrassed that I was different than everyone else in that space, hell I did not go swimming for years because there was no chance anyone was even remotely catching a glimpse of me down there. I did not wear anything too tight as I did not want the telltale sign of my birth sex to be seen.

When we look at Yaniv this is clearly not the case, he is more than willing to show his male genitals to any willing person he can find and is quite obviously on a quest to do just that and that is not the signs of a transwoman that has gender dysphoria as it would just cause them more distress.

The other part that really caught my eye was when Yaniv appealed the human rights decision he tried to say that pre-op transwomen require “genital hair removal” prior to surgery. I thought about this point for a while and then realized that Yaniv has no clue about the actual transition process and what is involved, and that is very telling.

I mentioned above that I had my surgery a few years ago and the information from then is still valid today. When it comes to hair removal prior to surgery there is only one approved method, Electrolysis. The only surgeon in Canada back then and still the gold standard of GRS today states that he prefers people to not remove hair as the follicles are scrapped away during surgery. If a person wants to do the electrolysis route than this will delay surgery as hair removal is a lengthy process.

In Yaniv’s case, waxing that area will only make things worse as when you wax you are ripping hair out of the follicle, causing blood to rush to the area and then promoting regrowth as the body tries to heal the area. So just by thinking about this shows me that Yaniv has not reached out to any surgeons to understand the process of transitioning.

It is my opinion because of all this that Yaniv is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the transgender boogieman that everyone has been warning us about, but they said did not exist.

I read an article the other day that stated that in the UK, 48% of all transwomen that were incarcerated in prison where charged with sex crimes…. THATS HALF of all trans people in prison. It’s for this reason that I feel it’s important to call out people like Yaniv, if it saves one live or prevents one sexually motivated crime it’s worth it and we have all seen the videos of him exposing himself to young women….very scary!!

So that brings us to the part of his body that undoubtably makes him male….

The gold standard for medical transition for transwomen is without a doubt GRS, gender reassignment surgery, when I had this done a few years ago there was only one surgeon in Canada that performed this procedure and he is in Montreal, unlike the USA where there are lots of surgeons that specialize in this.

While that is changing and they have opened a clinic up in Vancouver what has not changed is the requirements needed before this can take place, and this should not come as a surprise, a visit with a gynecologist is not on that list.

While writing this I took a quick look at the Trans Care BC website and the requirements are the same as I had to meet with OHIP in Ontario:

  • Persistent gender dysphoria, meaning it can’t be cured by social transition alone.
  • Capacity to consent (you understand the procedure, risks, and have aftercare plans).
  • Medical and mental health conditions are reasonably well controlled.
  • Be of the age of majority.
  • 12 continuous months of hormone replacement therapy.
  • 12 continuous months of living in the gender role that matches gender identity.
  • Letters from two qualified assessors (usually a psychologist and primary care doctor)

Then after all that is done you need to pass a very rigorous health history examination that the surgeon mandates including measuring your body mass index (BMI).

In reference to Yaniv I can honestly say that he fails so many of these points that there is no chance of a surgeon allowing him to go under the knife. One does not have to look any further than his obsession with nachos and cake that lead to his obesity issues, the claims of brain tumor, seizures and the list goes on. I think Yaniv knows this and has bought into the latest horrible “Trans Narrative” that activists are pushing by saying “women have penis’s too” (please excuse me while I go barf in the bathroom).

I am the past person on this earth that would try and force someone to have a very painful and evasive surgery, trust me when I say this is no cake walk but if you honestly want to be taken seriously as a woman this is a must have… until that penis is gone your always going to have male anatomy. I think Jessica is much like our other Twitter friend Brola who is proud of that appendage and has no plans on going through with that surgery and will forever and ever only be a man pretending to be a woman

The trans community is such a small percentage of the world’s population (figures show 0.9-1.7%) that the LGBT community should be up in arms over Yaniv’s actions and actively calling him out as their silence on the matter only makes them look bad and that they are ok with him representing them. They should be showcasing the real trans people that are just trying to live their lives peacefully and are not trying to disrupt society like Yaniv…. but that’s another subject…. for another day.

Until then I am going to go back to my shadows, work to heal my sick patients and maybe you will see me at a local hockey rink cheering on my son with my Tim Hortons coffee in my hand.