Who’s Who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv: Pt 4.

February 23, 2020

So we reach our final chapter in the four part series (although we’re sure to expand on this in the future given the influx of enemies that Jessica Yaniv makes). Now, we shall go down and finish the last of the current list of Jessica “Jonathan” Yaniv’s friends and foes gallery.

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FOES: Greenside Estates

Located on 60th Avenue in Surrey, BC.

Before moving to the Hawthorne in Langley, the Yaniv clan spent several years living at Greenside Estates, a townhouse complex in the suburb of Surrey, British Columbia. The Yanivs were still local pariahs aka “outcasts living in significative and implicit difference” perpetually engaged in endless conflict and drama with neighbours and locals. To date, no one has a kind word to say about the Yanivs from Greenside Estates that we’re aware of!

Several allegations arose from the complex that including a then 22 year-old Yaniv, having been employed as a lifeguard at the time, engaging in inappropriate interactions of a 13 year old in the complex that led to their firing. However, no charges were pursued by the father.

While living here, Yaniv even once joined Cloverdale Crime Watch on Facebook with outrageous allegations that included neighbours having sex in the strata pool (in front of children and others), alleging an eight year old pyromaniac terror names Isaiah (whom only Yaniv could see) had mutilated small animals and the infamous alleged break-in by burglars drugging their family dog. It just seems way-over-the-top for attention-seeking!

Courtesy of Kiwi Farms: Jessica’s 32nd Birthday Bash and New Beginning Facebook blurb.

Even today, Yaniv seems to still engage in periodic childish prank phone calls to the residents of the Greenside Estates from time-to-time. As recent as June 2019, Miriam tried to solicit others from the the old townhouse complex to show up to the Oliver Garden for Yaniv’s birthday; however, no one was keen to show up for all-you-can-eat soup and bread sticks with the Yanivs.

More at: Q&A With Lisa and at Kiwi Farms’: Rental woes in 2017 – Bunny murders, cat mutilation and pool sex.

FRIEND: “Mandy”

What was largely suspected as a Yaniv sock account turned out to be a lonely girl located in Alberta. She was the 15 year-old defender of Yaniv, which upon a hacking of her accounts revealed she wasn’t a sock account at all.

Sadly, she has been groomed as another victim of child exploitation by Yaniv. We hope that she’ll eventually see that Yaniv is bad news and not be dragged into the further depths of this continued insanity!

More at: Mandyleaks: Yaniv Admits Pedophilia, The MandaPanda Log and MandaPanda Chat Log – Easy Reading

FOE: Char Millington

Char Millington was another fellow candidate in the Miss BC Paegant where Yaniv was desperate in striking up a friendship with. Millington clearly saw through this as critics informed her of Yaniv’s murky past and Yaniv’s actions border-lined on stalking.

At the time, Yaniv operated a new twitter, @jessica_yaniv, which seemed primarily engaging in a dialogue with Millington. The twitter account @jessica_yaniv is currently defunct.

As the pageant reached the finals on June 30 and July 01, 2019, the Yanivs crashed the event with their mother in tow. Millington felt uncomfortable by the presence of both Yanivs, especially as Miriam began taking unsolicited pictures of the young girls at the pageant. Yaniv was stalking her and it is hoped that if Yaniv tries to re-enter the pageant in 2020 or 2021, a restraining order will be filed!

FRENEMY: Gluten?

We had to make this entry, just because Yaniv has claimed that they are allergic to gluten, but yet seems to have this craving for cake. Especially as Yaniv gets “period cravings”. You heard us right. Only when they have “their period” does cake become a friend. Also, Yaniv does love their pizza and nachos, right? So is gluten a friend or foe to Yaniv? You tell us.

FOE: Jess Rumpel

Jess Rumpel @Hyperjesserz was the alleged 15-year-old victim that Yaniv tried to sexually exploit with the infamous Elmo recordings. Rumpel has stood up and spoken out against Yaniv’s child exploitation, which only as recently as November, tried to blame the death of the Yaniv patriarch for these actions. A child exploitation report was previously filed against Yaniv with CyberTips regarding this.

Rumpel was subjected to a marriage proposal from Yaniv at 15 who had openly admitted waiting for her to turn 16. Yaniv denied in the media event knowing Rumpel, which was a blatant lie, especially as Rumpel later received an admission from Yaniv on a DM in October 2019 in an attempt to “bury the hatchet”. However, Yaniv has not gone on the record to apologize to the audience for blatantly lying and denying knowing Rumpel suggesting it was an imposter who did it.

Rumpel, like most, won’t rest until Yaniv is finally behind bars and she won’t stop telling her story. Rumpel is a brave and powerful voice against Yaniv’s known exploitation of young girls around the world, as there are stories of exploitation still emerging from the woodwork.

More at: Jessica Rumpel Speaks Out and 15-year-old alleged victim of Jessica Yaniv speaks out

FOE: Jason Jones

Yaniv isn’t just making enemies on a local or regional level- but an international, as well! Jason Jones (Twitter: @jonesvtnt) is a known international crusader who challenged the Sexual Offences Act of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as unconstitutional in 2017. The country’s court ruled in his favour and made it legal for homosexual sexual relations.

After attending a LGBTQ event on August 03, 2019, Yaniv immediately took to Twitter to claim that they received direct praise from human rights crusader Jones for their local LGBTQ+ activism efforts. Upon being informed by critics that Yaniv is a fraud, Jones was displeased by Yaniv’s comments, especially when further pointed to Yaniv’s predatory behaviour. Jones immediately took to Twitter and disavowed Yaniv with a statement.

Shortly thereafter, this drew the ire of Miriam, who created her own account initially to lambast him with “disappointment”.

The Jones incident is alleged to have been the catalyst for the Yaniv duo to recuse themselves to Harrison Hot Springs, where Jessica took selfie videos in the pool with children present before another photo in a bathing suit in the women’s change room that was intended to troll audiences. Jones became immediately educated and defended comments from both Miriam and Jessica in the aftermath.

FRENEMY?: Ryan X. Gordon

Ryan Gordon, a gay porn star in the ” adult industry”, approached Yaniv following the Blaire White’s doxxing that occurred subsequent infamous taser incident on the August 5, 2019 livestream, claiming to be a “well-known documentarist”.

This obviously stroked Yaniv’s ego enough to pursue this opportunity before claiming to recuse themselves from Twitter while Gordon, acting as in an “agency relationship”, represented Yaniv’s interests.

Gordon then was alleged to have trolled and harassed victim, Jess Rumpel. Furthermore, it is unknown whether Gordon was working in collusion with Blaire White regarding getting to the bottom of her doxxing or was someone looking for fame, but they did little to make an impact on exposing Yaniv’s predatory nature.

Yaniv claims in the latter that they “tricked” Gordon in many respects, including an infamous screenshot between the two where Yaniv confessed to child exploitation with 5-6 minors, although audiences are not falling for it, especially as dozens more have emerged.

Gordon was bombarded, which he recused himself for a few months before returning to Twitter and likely returning to the raunchy “adult industry”. Although his role in the Yaniverse was brief, he is someone considered a frenemy to Yaniv.

More at Kiwi Farms’: Ryan Gordon, Yaniv’s “agent,” pays a visit to the Farms – The inside story of a gay op trolling plan between Blaire White and Ryan Gordon

FRIEND: LegalShield

Yaniv is known a subscriber to “Affordable Legal Protection” with a $24.95 per month subscription package for those “[moreso] expected [than] unexpected legal issues [that] arise”. We’ve seen no end to the legal issues facing Yaniv is facing heading into 2020, so I am sure that Yaniv is getting every bang for their buck on this service.

In September 2019, Yaniv was last known to publicly utilize this service following falsifying a police report on Donald Francis Smith Yaniv and using the firm to further intimidate Smith with a “Cease and Desist” letter regarding his YouTube channel. However, it appears as Yaniv’s perceived reputation was brought to their attention, Aba Agbozo of Watson Goepel LLP hosting the LegalShield account seemingly distanced themselves from Yaniv’s legal orbit, which JY Meow Mix confirmed from Megan that worked reception there.

FOE: Donald Francis Smith

A disabled citizen reporter, Donald Francis Smith of YouTube’s News Now Canada Independent Media was first embroiled into the controversy of Yaniv by trying to interview an agitated Yaniv along sides with Press for Truth at the BCHRT on July 26, 2019.

It seemed to escalate quickly once Smith tried reaching out to Yaniv for comment on his YouTube livestream. Smith would relentlessly report on Yaniv’s predatory behaviour publicly defining Yaniv as a “child groomer”, “pedophiler” and “pedo”. Yaniv tried to intimidate Smith with fake police reports, LegalShield intimidation and then proceeding on trying to provoke Smith, including twice deplatforming Smith’ YouTube channels.

Both parties have filed civil suits with each other, which Yaniv has attempted multiple private prosecutions on Smith, including a perjurious affidavit claiming to have child care expenses (unless you’re a sugar mama child grooming with cash, right?). It is unfathomable Yaniv isn’t bankrupt if their lifestyle of $3,700 in expenses and $1,000 in income when owning only a $291,000 condo (but claiming it’s net worth was $260,000).

Smith has been set-up, provoked and intimidated profusely by Yaniv, including the December 5, 2019 arrest at Yaniv’s weapons hearing. It is widely suspected that Yaniv falsified and reports to authorities to get a warrant issue that led to 39 days of incarceration of Smith, who has been released on bail pending a trial date in the future.

Although Smith is radio silent on Yaniv at this time, the saga continues. Smith was intimidated and vulnerable to Yaniv, which it is hoped that he will be exonerated and Yaniv will see justice for this continued malicious prosecution.

Yaniv has twice threatened to murder Smith, to the deaf ears of local law enforcement. Hopefully, justice will come for Smith soon! We wish Smith the best of luck in his legal endeavours to defeat Yaniv.

More at: Jessica Yaniv v. Donald Smith (and the world): How it started?

FRIENDS?: Sock Accounts

Some ask how many personalities does Jessica “Jonathan” Yaniv truly have? Every now and again, there’s the occasional sock account created that follows the @trustednerd account and promotes Yaniv as a “Social Justice Warrior”. They may include claiming helping the individual to “come out as trans” and to paint Yaniv in a positive light. In reality, they are there troll, harass, intimidate and monitor audiences. Some accounts have promoted the “love is love”, “love is ageless” or “MAP” (Minor Attracted Person) rights. Yaniv doesn’t deny being attracted to minors.

Back in Summer 2019, it was pretty cut-and-dry; however, in the present, it’s so hard to determine if it’s the occasional troll such as “Richard from LA” (see part 1 of our series) or whether other trolls have taken up the mantle to rile up audiences with these sock accounts. Nonetheless, Yaniv has enjoyed using sock accounts to rile up audiences, including using pictures of young girls who have gone missing or as Gay Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt who plead no contest in an underage relationship with a 14-year old.

Courtesy of Kiwi Farms: Yaniv sock accounts promoting “LGBTQP2” and created in the same timeframe using other photos.

These sock accounts usually mean trouble and many end up being reported and easily deplatformed or suspended. In essence, Yaniv themselves are evading permanent suspensions from Twitter, as a result, if Yaniv claims that original accounts suspended (such as Meghan Murphy) are able to return. But I guess the guise of a sock account is to achieve these means, yes?

Yaniv even recently harassed their neighbour @langleyresident using @HawthornUnit229. Other known accounts included @unclefuckerMTV that became @jailbirdcrow used to intimidate Donald Smith while in jail, which has now been renamed @tampaxqueen.

The question is: how many personalities does Jessica “Jonathan” Yaniv really have? Although Yaniv continues to deny the use of sock accounts despite the fact it was determined during the BCHRT waxing hearings that Yaniv creates fake accounts to entrap others. That’s all the evidence on the record we need contrary to Yaniv’s rebuttals!

More at Kiwi Farms’: Yaniv’s Sockpuppertry Spectcaular

FOE: Katie

It’s hard to believe up until recently that Yaniv actually had a friend. JY Meow Mix largely suspects that Yaniv manipulated the onboarding of the friendship to reel Katie in. It didn’t last more than two months until Katie saw the person Yaniv was and reached out on Twitter to the critics to tell her story, especially to Meow Mix.

Katie had witnessed that as far back as October 2019 that Yaniv was trying to set up Donald Francis Smith. Yaniv used dummy email accounts to send threatening emails to themselves, including one that appeared to be a conversation with a supposed “hitman”. She also knew that Yaniv wrote defamatory comments about Donald on “the Dirty”, including incorporating Yaniv’s own tampon and mensural fetishism.

Yaniv would later publicly state, “Katie doesn’t know shit. She knows how to cook a turkey and clean my bathroom.” Yaniv promised to assist Katie financially to clean their home, including the scooter collecting dust, given she had some hard times. Yaniv was a terrible friend that only engaged in emotional blackmail to keep the friendship running on a band-aid.

Katie thankfully got out of this toxic friendship and has hopefully moved onto happier pastures. Initially, Yaniv believed it was just a “fight” amongst friends, but obviously Katie hasn’t looked back!

More at: Katie Speaks Out and Katie Speaks Again!

FRIEND: Twitter

One of Yaniv’s most notorious allies would be Twitter itself. It has enabled Yaniv’s behaviour and malicious reporting for deadnaming and misgendering, which when in the inverse, nothing happens to Yaniv for such abusive and hateful behaviour – including racism.

Is it because Yaniv has nearly 100K in fake followers that distorts their presence? Is it because Yaniv has presented themselves as the chronic victim? No matter how you look at it- the auditors at Twitter are a funny bunch that are selective in what it is they deem “hateful” or “abusive” conduct.

In this world, Yaniv loves their @trustednerd account more than anything. Believe it!

FOE: Morgane Oger

B.C. transgender activist Morgane Oger (@MorganeOgerBC) was once Yaniv’s only ally until about April 2019 until they succumbed to the fact that Yaniv was a predator. Oger is globally renown for disagreement with the Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR), a women’s only rape shelter, where she pushed the city to defund it because it did not align with her transgender activism. Yaniv has recently disagreed with Oger’s position on the matter in a failed bid to gain allies (and to troll Oger simultaneously).

The blossoming relationship between Yaniv and Oger first appeared to first sour on Oger rejecting Yaniv’s offer to be an advocate for trans women with the Trans Alliance Society. The true derailment occurred when Oger surprisingly released her blogpost about Yaniv (while depicting a picture showing bullied-to-suicide victim, Amanda Todd) titled “Preying on children makes you a predator, regardless of who you are.” Oger reposts this blogpost time-to-time remind audiences of her position on Yaniv.

From then on, Yaniv and Oger have had long-winded sparring matches on social media where Yaniv has in turn threatened to sue Oger on several occasions. Despite Yaniv’s status as a trans-predator, Oger still respects Yaniv’s self-identification although it remains questionable to society-at-large. We cannot ascertain whether Yaniv had their LegalShield subscription serve Oger “Cease and Desist” notices.

Moreover, on May 25, 2019, Oger was engaged with Yaniv on Twitter where Yaniv alleged publicly of judicial tampering with the BCHRT waxing proceedings claiming to have threatened suicide (firsthand) to the Tribunal Member. Currently, Yaniv has not been brought to justice for creating the public perception on judicial tampering and diminishing the integrity of the quasi-judicial body.

At one point, Yaniv traveled across seven federal constituency boundaries to intimidate Oger’s political nomination in a Federal riding for the upcoming Canadian Federal election.

Oger has alleged to have heard firsthand from other victims and even Yaniv’s former secondary school classmates about the predatory history. Embedded into the turning point of their relationship, it likely makes Yaniv anxious and on-edge with the potential ammunition that Oger may or may not have at her disposal in the future.

Oger’s has had several failed bids to get into a position of elected office on all three levels of Canadian government. Oger, who was former Vice President of the BC New Democratic Party, had once successfully sued Christian Activist Bill Whatcott, for $55,000 at the BCHRT. Although Yaniv’s lawsuit against Whatcott is likely to “one-up” Oger, we are likely one to two years on that outcome.

More at: Jessica Yaniv – TERF

FOE: @langleyresident / WG Kitty

Perhaps, if we were to theoretically rank every foe in the Yaniverse, @langleyresident (aka WG Kitty on Kiwi Farms) would outdo everyone on the list.

Like the engima of Tim’s neighbour Wilson from Home Improvement, no one has seen the face or really know who @langleyresident is. Are they male or female? Maybe they don’t self-identify? As Kiwi Farm’s W.G. Kitty they are Yaniv’s Neighbour, Arch-nemesis, and the inspiration for the JY Meow Mix name. Meow, meow, meow!

It is perhaps the one thing that burns Yaniv’s big fat ass is that their greatest threat is right under their nose within just a mere 100 feet of unit #203. Are they upstairs? Downstairs? Right next door? How about across the hall?

@langleyresident remains in stealth amongst 119 fellow residences in the 120 unit building. In any event, Yaniv has about a 0.5% chance on accusing any single adult in the building at any time of being right on the money. Even we here at Meow Mix have no clues on their identity- and we like it that way!

So far, Yaniv has accused at least six residents of being @langleyresident, which insofar has not been correct. @langleyresident reports about the comings and goings of RCMP officers, first responders and the colourfulness of Yaniv’s other strata hi-jinx and terrorizing of locals.

Yaniv became so enraged that they visited Kiwi Farms last summer and threatened to murder them under the Golden Ears bridge while meowing. It was only recently that Yaniv and their mother attempted to lure firefighters over to determine who @langleyresident was as the reports went live.

A recent strata meeting described Yaniv’s actions with a body camera, likely continually reviewing all possible candidates who could be @langleyresident. Then again, I am sure in solidarity, everyone will stand up and takes the credit/blame for it and says, “I am Spartacus”…

More at: Yaniv Wears a Bodycam to the Strata Meeting, Wants to Sue [Himself], Q&A With WGKitty, Rose of Dawn: Yaniv Posts Death Threats on Forum / Trans is Stupid and


This concludes our current series on the Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv. As new events occur, we’ll provide our anthropology series on the whose who with the Whose who?: The A to Zs of the Yaniverse coming soon!