Who’s Who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv: Pt 3.

February 16, 2020

Here we are again with Part 3 of 4 in the series of the Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv. We have incorporated recent events in our commentary and summary of the whose who in the crazy melodramatics unfolding within the Yaniverse. Here in this edition, we provide more context on the key players in the Yaniverse!

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FOE: Kari Simpson and Culture Guard

Yaniv has been engaging Kari Simpson and her organization Culture Guard, as they have provided advocacy for Donald Smith, a disabled citizen reporter subjected to a malicious prosecution campaign. Simpson has been present at Smith’s court appearances and assisted with his release. Recently, Yaniv with their mother stormed the Murrayville plaza and engaged in criminal harassment and stalking. Although CultureGuards’ views are very controversial and deemed acrimonious to the LGBTQ community, which Yaniv claims to be advocating for; however, one cannot help there is much mild entertainment about to unfold with the drama Yaniv created bringing them into the Yaniverse polarity.

More at: The Yanivs are (one again) Engaging in Criminal Harassment and Stalking

FRENEMY?: Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes originally interviewed Yaniv on July 31, 2019 after the BCHRT waxing humans concluded. In the interview, Yaniv boasted about tampons, inappropriately messages minors, dating and “being a lesbian” . Yaniv based the anti-LGBTQ for all of their conduct captured online! Throughout the interview, Yaniv was completely oblivious to being mocked repeatedly for their actions. Hughes even showed that he also received a PhD in social advocacy from Social Justice University.

More at: JY Superfan Mark SJW Hughes Speaks Up! and Exclusive Jessica Yaniv Interview! | Pulling The Trigger Podcast

To see more Mark SJW Hughes and his interviews, subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

FOE: Rose of Dawn

Rose of Dawn is a transgender that hosts editions of “Trans is Stupid” that covers a lot of the antics of Yaniv, who is someone that is contributing to the setback of LGBTQ acceptance. In her 2019 “The Year in Trans-Stupid”, Yaniv was constantly covered for being a social pariah since the media ban was lifted from the BCHRT.

Rose of Dawn’s YouTube page has a devoted section to the Jessica Yaniv Saga and is often a subject of commentary, as Yaniv events unfold. With so what seems to be endless commentary on Yaniv for her live-streams, Yaniv has yet to fight back against Rose of Dawn. We all love Rose and we applaud all her good work!

You can follow her at @Rose_of_Dawn on Twitter.

More at: The Jessica Yaniv Saga and The Year in Trans-Stupid

FRIEND: Social Justice University

It’s ambiguous whether this is an actual organization or con game, but it appears the operator of the @SocialJusticeUn twitter account seems to be an avid troll that purports supporting social justice causes and ridiculing critics.

For $750 of your hard-earned money, Social Justice University will con you with an honorary PhD in an area of social justice advocacy of your choice. This was the case on August 31, 2019 where Yaniv boasted earning an honorary degree to become Dr. Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv.

Social Justice University was faced with criticism and then claimed an alleged hack, which they originally blocked a number of Twitter users until after the resolution of it. Even in recent months, they’ve congratulated Yaniv on tweets about attempting to volunteer for Langley’s first Pride Parade, but otherwise has engaged in very little other tweet activity over the months. The twitter account’s operator also denies blocking tweeters in the past, although dozens can attest with screenshots that they were blocked temporarily for criticizing the account in September 2019.

The Social Justice University website even verifies Yaniv as a graduate with an “Official Registrar Record” as a (phony) Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa in Transgender Advocacy. It begs the question if Yaniv puts this on their Curriculum Vitae, especially since they’re so infamous that becoming gainfully employed is becoming virtually impossible.

In response, the supporters of JY’s Meow Mix have also given themselves honorary PhDs- at no cost to themselves! So tell us, is the Social Justice University worth the monopoly money their dogwood is printed on? You get it.

FOE: Louise Nussac

Louise Nussac, 27, is not someone local to Yaniv- but rather a Cimorelli fan that was victimized by the multi-faceted predator. Yaniv was previously hired to be a public relations consultant for Cimorelli band, where it is largely suspected Yaniv created problems to put out to remain employed.

Nussac was influential in the Cimorelli social media world and was a rival of Yaniv’s. Reports claim Yaniv banned Nussac from Cimorelli’s Facebook page and engaged Nussac in private messages, where it became very acrimonious, including Yaniv’s coercion of a 12-year-old girl. It is also claimed that Yaniv had other Cimorelli fans attack and discredit Nussac and her blog in retaliation. It is a dark story, which needs to be read by most to know how sinister Yaniv was even before the transgender transition.

More at: Louise Speaks Up, a Note to Yaniv

FOES: Anyone in the Sikh or Immigrant Community

If you’re Sikh, Muslim or an Immigrant- Jessica Yaniv hates you. A lot. Yaniv has been known to take racist selfies and refer to Sikh men as “turban fuckers” and constantly belittle the community. Yaniv has taken online with false commentary claiming to be advocating that Sikhs want to legal beastiality an.

It is consistent with the Modus Operandi of preying on marginalized women in the waxing cases before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. Little is known to the origin of Yaniv’s racism, including now including asians, especially as Yaniv appeared to have a diverse array of acquaintances in photos during their college days and following graduation. Whether this is amplified by Miriam Yaniv or a catalytic event that caused this sudden racism, Yaniv is portrayed more of a white supremacist with their public actions towards minorities and marginalized groups.

FRENEMY: Bralalalala

This individual has never met Yaniv, but it appears that Yaniv has much acrimony against them that they deplatformed the original account @bralalalala from twitter. Born Brett Skiles and now going as Brala Beverly is another vexatious litigant with delusions of grandeur of being a trans rock star claiming the patriarchy is keeping her down and banning her three albums. Like Yaniv, Bralalalala is a vexatious litigant constantly using the courts to achieve financial means, including alleged sexual assaults, emailed “last wills” and the theft of $2 soy milk and iPhone cables.

They seem to rant much into Twitter’s radio silence from shadow bans and constantly tag those that have long blocked their twitter account. Bralalalala provides much entertainment, but tends to be unpredictable as either combative, a nuisance or in agreeance with the views of those who wish to listen.

Bralalalala claims to be a “never couch cast, never closet case to fame” who resents her parents for disavowing her teenage crossdressing and BDSM fantasies with female school teachers. At nearly 47, Bralalala looks like a hybrid of a metal headband and “Hit me baby one more time” Britney Spears often adorned in a school girl outfit and a frequent-flyer mallrat at Nordstrom in Newport Beach, California.

Ironically, it seems only $5 has been raised towards the $2M (USD) world tour that began in September 2019. No word whether the contribution was genuine or out of pity.

At your own peril, you can follow Bralalalala now at @bannedtalent.

FOE: @goinglikeelsie

Tweeter @goinglikeelsie reported 280 characters at-a-time providing audiences commentary tweet by tweet after attending each of the five days of Yaniv’s waxing hearings. This is a lot of work, especially as she could not tweet live in the room. She was also witness to the antics of Miriam Yaniv, also in the gallery, including threats by Miriam.

Again, if Yaniv ever pays the $6,000 in improper costs ruled against them in October, which would enable resuming the new waxing cases that emerged in January 2020, I am sure we can all look forward to her reporting once again tweet-by-tweet! We have to appreciate all her hard work given what she had to bear witness to. This should be a six-figure job. Seriously.

You can follow her at: @goinglikeelsie

FOE: Stacey Wakelin

Stacey Wakelin was unsuccessful in the previous Canadian Federal election as the Langley-Aldergrove NDP candidate where Yaniv resides. Prior to the election, she declared that Yaniv was a local predator and Yaniv had made a mission to haggle her at speaking events, including claims of a vexatious list of nuisance questions to ask her.

Currently, she’s a key stakeholder in the committee for Langley’s first Pride Parade, which Yaniv is disavowed to have any contribution to organization. As long as she remains a strong local presence advocating for the LGBTQ, we can expect more clashes between her and Yaniv in the near future, especially as Langley’s first pride approaches.

More at: [Yaniv] vs. Stacey Wakelin on Kiwi Farms

FRIEND: Michael Petch

A politically correct troll hailing from Calgary, Alberta, has been known to prey on the vulnerable, such as Donald Smith. Mr. Petch has began harassing others and continually defending Yaniv’s predatory behaviour. Petch claims to be a software engineer and a creepy self-portrait in a server room. Little is known otherwise except he once found kindergarten girls hot and is defensive of Bill Cosby. He has also gone on tangents about being within the polarity of predatory behaviours.

In an attempt to prevent others fair responses, Petch tends to troll with tweets and continually protecting his account thereafter. He’s a troll and has no respect for the disabled. In all honesty, he’s not worth the time of audiences and it’s recommended to block this malicious troll.

FOES: Rebel News Media

Rebel Media is an independent news organization that is known to sensationalize their stories. They have been accused to be a “far-right” news organization and has been known to be at odds with the Canadian Federal government and accused by other sources as disseminating “radicalisation, misinformation and propaganda”. However, there are those who love them for their distaste on Yaniv’s antics. Others see them as potentially causing more harm with their dead naming and misgendering of Yaniv in the media. This is including potentially railroading their own civil litigation and criminal charges against Yaniv.

Before willing to be interviewed, Yaniv had threatened to sue Rebel via email. In the latter, the news organizations has created to solicit donations to fund their legal counsel in order to take on Yaniv for vicious assaults on their reporters in hopes to hit Yaniv both economically.

To date, Yaniv has had four publicly known run-ins with four Rebel Media reporters (and one encounter allegedly and unfounded by Yaniv themselves), which encompassed the two vicious assaults that has since gone viral.

Jessica Sweitoniowski

In August 2019, Jessica Sweitoniowski was the first from Rebel Media who Yaniv had initially agreed to be interviewed in Vancouver’s Yaletown. The interview started off civilly before it turned confrontational after Yaniv became increasingly agitated, as Sweitoniowski continued to pursue them on their mobility scooter. Yaniv attempted to escape by boarding a local handy dart before Sweitoniowski was subjected to verbal abuse, threats and two middle fingers in the face by Yaniv’s mother, Miriam.

During the interview, Yaniv claimed to be a victim of transgender discrimination by not only the waxing women, but by a local New York Fries franchise claiming they were refused service verbatim with the statement, “Not for you sir, you’re transgender.”

Yaniv claimed their “next human rights complaint” was to sue the franchise for discrimination; however, this was proven false in the latter. No known complaint has emerged since this interview, but it did provide a great on boarding into the predatory and disturbed nature of Yaniv, whose own claims in this interview can be rebutted.

Watch the interview at: “Who is Jessica Yaniv?” An exclusive Rebel exposé

Keean Bexte

Keean Bexte has had three encounters with Jessica and Miriam Yaniv. The first encounter occurredutside of Yaniv’s residence in August 2019 where approached Jessica, now in a walker, while accompanied by Miriam. Jessica refused to speak, which like a vicious bulldog, Miriam got in Bexte’s face and slapped him with her keys. Bexte caught that infamous moment where Jessica was caught running to a runaway walker, discounting continued claims of having a mobility disability (e.g. claims of paralysis).

Bexte was blocked from leaving where Jessica called the cops and the Yaniv duo blatantly blocked his vehicle while it was clearly heard that Yaniv was making false claims to law enforcement. No charges for public mischief were laid by local law enforcement.

Bexte’s second encounter occurred when attending the December 5, 2019 hearing for Yaniv’s weapons charges. There, Jessica allegedly held back by their mother from charging at Bexte stating, “Fuck you, Keean!”

The third encounter occurred outside the courtroom on January 13, 2020 for a subsequent hearing on weapons charges, where Bexte was intercepted by three B.C. Sheriffs who shielded Yaniv from further media exposure. Following this, Yaniv had achieved in what they claimed they were orchestrating on twitter by having Bexte banned from the hearing in the courtroom that was supposed to be open to the public.

Courtesy of Rebel Media.

Following some time in the courthouse, where the incident with Amy Eileen Hamm had occurred in the interim, Bexte had the opportunity to further approached the Yanivs walking to their vehicle outside the court. Yaniv became agitated and stalked Bexte, before viciously assaulting him with his own microphone while on video, which was also allegedly captured on CCTV. Following this, Bexte pressed charges and a civil suit was launched. Yaniv was allegedly arrested at their residence on January 17 before being released on a promise to appear for further charges.

Watch at: [Jessica] Yaniv attacks Rebel Reporter

Dave Menzies

Shortly after the first Keean Bexte encounter, Dave Menzies approached Jessica and Miriam Yaniv outside of Miriam’s condo strata in mid-August 2019. Menzies had two cameras operating while attempting to ask Jessica a number of questions, which both Yanivs became increasingly combative. By this time, Jessica had graduated from mobility scooter and walker to wielding a cane and adorning Dora the Explorer attire.

Menzies asked a number of questions about Yaniv falsifying their victimhood and disabilities, sexually explicit contact with minors, scamming the system and whether they were molested as a child.

Courtesy of Rebel Media.

Initially, Jessica took immediately refuge in Miriam’s condo before shooting at Menzies from four stories above before returning later to a vicious assault with a cane while Miriam got in hits with her iPad.

After the RCMP showed up, despite the evidence, never charged the Yanivs. Yet, Yaniv took to social media claiming being assaulted by Menzies, which the video evidence seems to refute. Yaniv again committed public mischief by claiming Menzies was a stalker.

Menzies, along with colleague Keean Bexte, have filed a civil suit against Yaniv to show actions have consequences.

View the video here: EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Jessica Yaniv ASSAULTS Rebel reporter with CANE!

Sheila Gunn Reid

Sheila Gunn Reid recently attempted to interview Yaniv before the February 10 hearings. When noticing her presence, Yaniv retreated before Miriam bolted at Gunn before being stopped by two security guards hired by Reid (especially after two of her colleagues were assaulted).

Yaniv made false allegations of assault that were rebuffed by Sheriffs before Yaniv used the situation to be escorted to their vehicle by RCMP to avoid media scrutiny.

* * * * *

You’re probably saying there’s not a lot we’ve covered- don’t worry, stay tuned on Sunday March 02, 2019 for The whose who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv (Part 4 of 4).