Who’s Who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv: Pt 2.

February 09, 2020

Welcome back to the second edition of the Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv. In the Yaniverse, there are a lot of paths that Yaniv has crossed that this article is part of the on boarding to familiarize yourself on the the diverse array of characters that are in Yaniv’s orbit. While there are more foes than allies, we try to provide this reference guide to assist new JY Meow Mix viewers.

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Now we pick up from part one where we list the stakeholders and players in the Yaniverse.

SOON-TO-BE-FOE?: Chris Hansen

Photo of Chris Hansen courtesy of NBC circa 2013.

Chris Hansen was previously a NBC Dateline correspondent on the segment “To Catch a Predator” where he would perform sting operations to catch child sex predators on the Internet. When the sting would be revealed, Hansen would reveal himself and ask the Predator to “have a seat”.

Courtesy of the Chris Hansen on Hansen vs. Predators Season 2.

Hansen recently performed a YouTube livestream with Yaniv’s arch-enemy Blaire White where they discussed the Yaniv’s predatory nature in detail that garnered commentary from the audience. Hansen currently is embroiled in the Onision predator scandal, however, had made it clear during this livestream that Yaniv on their radar. In Mandyleaks, Yaniv dispelled their paranoia that Hansen was surveilling them.

More here: Hansen Live Season 2 E02 with Blaire White (Yaniv and Onison discussion)

FRIEND: Yitzhak “Jack” Yaniv

An undated photo with Miriam, Jessica (formerly as Jonathan) and Yitzhak (right) courtesy of Kiwi Farms.

We don’t know much about the patriarch of the Yaniv household, Yitzhak (Jack) Yaniv since his demise in 2013. According to Mandyleaks, Yaniv blames a local physician for the “misdiagnosis” of Jack’s stage 4 cancer. Yet, for the notorious vexatious litigant, Jessica has never pursued a lawsuit. Perhaps is it that Doctors are insured and have vast resources to discount such claims?

Yaniv later provided an apology to Jess Rumpel, who was 14 when Yaniv sexually exploited her online, blaming their father’s death as the reason for their behaviour. It is much suspected that Jack, like Miriam, has enabled the anti-social behaviour by Jessica Yaniv from a dysfunctional upbringing. Yaniv claimed under oath at the BCHRT that they came out as trans (long before identifying as Jessica) to Jack, which seems rather peculiar given the four-to-five year gap.

All we know about Jack was that was employed as a journeyman on newspaper presses and has two children from his first marriage. The half-siblings were apparently estranged from Jack and have absolutely no relationship or contact with Jessica, which might attribute that they turned out as normal functioning members of society, especially in the absence of the Yaniv patriarch.

FOE: Bill Whatcott

An undated photo of Bill Whatcott.

Bill Whatcott is a Christian Activist who has been accused of promotion of hatred agains the LGBTQ community. Whatcott had previously been to the Supreme Court of Canada with the most intervenors in a case over literature distribution and was fined $55,000 by the BCHRT regarding a campaign against Yaniv arch-enemy and trans activist Morgane Oger.

Whatcott operates the website that provides updates on his Christian Activism and crusade against the LGBTQ. Whatcott is pretty transparent by sharing all of correspondence between himself and Yaniv regarding a December 2018 incident where he protested and inferred Yaniv’s BCHRT claims although he truly respected the publication ban in place at the time.

Yaniv’s motives are clear: knowing Whatcott will not be compelled to respect proper (or even neutral) pronouns is anticipating on . It begs the question: If Yaniv doesn’t pay the $6,000 BCHRT damages to the women, will the complaint against Whatcott also be dropped? We’re awaiting a response from Whatcott for a future JY Meow Mix update…

A copy of Yaniv’s complaint against Whatcott was posted online in this google drive: Yaniv vs. Whatcott BCHRT complaint

FOE: Meghan Murphy

A February 11, 2019 photo of Meghan Murphy from her website, the Feminist Current.

Meghan Murphy is a feminist blogger that runs the website Feminist Current. Murphy’s views as part of the Gender Identity Debate has sparked a lot of acrimony with trans activists nationally. A recent event at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) campus on November 02, 2019 had to be moved to a new venue off campus due to concerns of violence from radical protestors. She is often seen protected by police in other talks across the country.

In November 2018, after already incurring previous infractions by Yaniv, Murphy took to twitter referring to the aesthetician complaints Yaniv brought to the BCHRT, which she commented, “Yeah it’s him”.

In a usual effort to silence their critics and foes alike, Yaniv decided to report the comment, which Twitter declared it was “hateful conduct” and proceeded to permanently suspend Murphy off the social media platform. This is something Yaniv has been proud of to the extend that they publicly stroked their ego about this “accomplishment” at the Langley Township Meetings and under oath at the BCHRT Hearings.

Screenshot from Meghan Murphy for her permanent suspension from Twitter.

Previously, Murphy took Twitter to court regarding her permanent suspension and lost to reinstate her account; however, as we understand, there are inevitable plans to appeal that decision in the near future.

More here: Meghan Murphy, Twitter and the new trans misogyny and There are only losers in the sad saga of Jessica Yaniv

FRIEND: The Provincial Courts

Yes, like the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT), it seems the courts have become a fond place for Yaniv, as of late. Here are just a few of the dozens of legal claims Yaniv has made:

  • In 2018, Yaniv filed civil suit against their mother’s strata regarding an alleged slip and fall over wet floors .
  • In Fall 2019, Yaniv filed a civil suit against a local physiotherapist over the collapse of a physio table (likely unable to accept Yaniv’s morbid obesity) regarding an event in June 2018.,
  • In December 2019, was denied a civil suit against Donald Smith.
  • As of February 09, 2020, there are a total eight private prosecutions in play over the course of two months.
Courtesy of BC Court Services Online (CSO) as of February 09, 2020.

Until recently there were four private prosecutions (referred to as “limited access” against Yaniv’s name and Smith’s name as a match. Currently, we are unable to accurately ascertain who the new private prosecutions are against, but we suspect that they are against one of Yaniv’s other known critics/enemies. Furthermore, on the morning of February 7, 2020, there were only five private prosecutions on record (denoted as “limited access” above”).

More at: WTF is A Private Prosecution? and Yaniv Gets Sexually Assaulted? A Timeline…

FOE: Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF)

Yaniv seems to be intimidated by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) as they had defended five women in July 2019 waxing case hearings. Jay Cameron, of the JCCF, successfully defended the women against Yaniv for compelling them to waxing their male genitals, as well as represented for two more respondents for cases currently deferred until Yaniv pays the $6,000 judgement within the next six months.

Jay Cameron has recently decided to work independent of the JCCF to defend Amy Eileen Hamm for the defamation of Yaniv’s false sexual assault allegations.

More at: Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons and New human rights complaints on hold Yaniv’s failure to pay $6,000 in costs to women

FRIEND: Bill C-16

In 2017, under a Liberal majority government, Canada added “gender identity or expression” as a protected class from discrimination. This has sparked a further debate despite widely approved by most. Although this was a win for the trans community to achieve equality, it has enabled someone as nefarious as Yaniv to exploit it as a weapon by continually playing the victim role in order to have power in their various pursuits– whether be legal means or to be a public nuisance.

Unfortunately, without any revisions to Bill C-16 to strike a balance of rights across multiple stakeholders and groups, Yaniv will likely use this for unfettered access to women’s spaces and exploit crusades against other culturally and economically marginalized groups exclaiming their trans rights (e.g. to wax their balls) trump the rights of others..

FOE: Lindsay Shepherd

Shepherd pictured here courtesy of the National Post, 2017.

Lindsay Shepherd is a Free Speech Activist, Canadian Columnist and a SFU Alumni known for her controversy in an academic freedom controversy as a teaching assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2017. Shepherd currently advocates for free speech with the JCCF and hosts talks across the country.

On July 14, 2019, Shepherd (@NewWorldHominin) was provoked by Yaniv in a Twitter conversations with inflammatory comments about her pregnancy and new born child. Yaniv first boasted that their “pussy [was] tight and not loose after pushing out a 10 pound baby” before promoting Lelo vibrators and dildos. Yaniv continued escalating the provocation by making fun of her “reproductive abnormality” in the public domain and referred to her as a “dumb girl with an ugly baby”. Shepherd responded defensively stating, “At least I have a uterus, you ugly fat man.”

Yaniv responded-in-kind by removing their insulting tweet and maliciously reporting Shepherd, which resulted in her permanent suspension by Twitter regarding the “ugly fat man” comment. The permanent suspension made national headlines and although Shepherd was initially denied an appeal by Twitter, her second appeal was successful and the suspension was reversed restoring her account.

The only known commentary by Shepherd since the deplatforming ordeal was tweeting a Yaniv sighting at Vancouver’s PNE Playland in December 2019. Yaniv was spotted performing independent contractor work from a third-party, which was later reported to PNE Playland.

On November 2, 2019, Shepherd was also present at the venue that had many of Yaniv’s critics and enemies present including Anna Slatz, Meghan Murphy, Donald Smith and Morgan Oger, to name a few. Yaniv was a no-show despite earlier online protests to get the event cancelled.

More at: Twitter reverses ban of Lindsay Shepherd after international outrage and I was banned for trans heresy – Lindsay Shepherd on the Jessica Yaniv balls-waxing controversy

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You’re probably saying there’s not a lot we’ve covered- don’t worry, stay tuned on Sunday February 16, 2019 for The whose who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv (Part 3 of 4).