Who’s Who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv: Pt 1.

By @menacingcrow

Like every good protagonist, antagonist or anti-hero, the ongoing story of central character and their development is attributed to interaction of the friends and foes in their supporting cast. Here at JY’s Meow Mix, we tried to find the right definition for it, but for someone so reviled and through their own dense narcissism sees the world entirely against them devoid of healthy friendships and relationship. However, in their own delusions of grandeur, Yaniv sees themselves as a “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) and a “Trans Activist” fighting for the LGBTQ+, as well as for love (of minors as a Minor Attracted Person (MAP)) and equality as the “brave and stunning protagonist”.

When we first thought of the right definition, we thought to name it the “Rogues of Gallery of Jessica Yaniv” was a fitting definition. A “Rogues Gallery” is defined in one retrospect as compromising primarily of criminals profiled by police or whereas used in fiction as an anthropology of villains and frenemies that oppose the hero and their supporting cast of characters. My no means is Yaniv a hero, or even anti-hero, which the majority of their enemies are certainly not criminals. So we ruled out “Rogues Gallery”.

We all know that Jessica Yaniv is no hero herself- and never will be! A person who is a predator of women and children cannot redeem themselves. We could portray her in a similar light to Tony Soprano or Walter White who were in hindsight villains fighting the off the good guys from the Feds and other criminals despite being a criminal themselves. We even Tony Soprano and Walter White had redeeming humanized qualities and one thing is very clear: there are absolutely no redeeming or humanized qualities in Jessica (formerly known as Jonathan) Yaniv. We can’t even compare Yaniv to the likes of major villains such as Thanos who in his opposition to heroes and villains alike had compassionate and potential redeeming characteristics. Yaniv has none. Zero. Zip. Nadda. Zilch.

I guess the most accurate definition to capture the whose-who in the “Yaniverse”, which we deem as a collection of people (or creatures) notable for a certain shared quality or characteristic, typically a disreputable one, we will refer to this article as the Friends and Foes of Jessica “Jonathan” Yaniv.

In a rank of twenty-five identified individuals who have continually been identified in Yaniv’s polarity , we rank these characters and try to make our best analogies and comparisons to pop culture of their entertainment value and importance in the Yaniverse.

Many of you may disagree with our ranks, which at the end of our series, we will provide a link that allow you the opportunity to ranks the Yaniverse as you please!


An undated photo of the Hawthorne in Langley, BC.

Little is known about Bob Adams besides being the Property Manager for the Hawthorne, a condo strata where Yaniv resides in Langley, BC. Mr. Adams has allegedly become tiresome and defeated of Yaniv’s antics and constant vigilance around the condo residence that encompasses chronic complaints and tattletaling. The ongoing saga of Yaniv’s blatant continued defiance of strata bylaws by boasting of installing hidden cameras above their air conditioner to surveil residences and in the paranoia conveying the “world is out to get them”.

In summary, Mr. Adams is considered an ally despite beaten down with little hopes that Yaniv will eventually sell their residence and move away. We’re sure that Mr. Adams has put on at least 10-to-15 years in the three-or-so years since Yaniv has moved into the strata.

This isn’t new behaviour, as Yaniv is no stranger to being a chronic nuisance to previous neighbours with similar antics before being booted out of Facebook’s Cloverdale Crime Watch and was as well-hated at their former residence of Greenside Estates in Surrey, BC.

In fiction, we’ve seen the loveable landlords like Don Knott’s Ralph Furley or the take-no-prisoner’s approach like Mark Margolis’ Mr. Shickadance from Ace Ventura, but Mr. Adams is nothing like these. If we’re going to find the perfect reference, it would be Britain’s “Nightmare Tenant’s, Slum Landlords” where we can depict Mr. Adams as the tired and defeated Landlord and Yaniv as the Nightmare Tenant that needs some intervention, even if it was televised. We are sure Yaniv would roll gleefully around in their own shit with the negative publicity calling themselves a “celebrity” on reality TV. Until then, we don’t find much entertainment or value in Mr. Adams asides that he’s an obstacle to ridding the kingdom of Hawthorne from the evil troll in unit #203.

If interested, “Nightmare Tenant’s, Slum Landlords” may still be available on Netflix in your region:

FOE: Andrew Barron

December 8, 2016 tweet where Yaniv declares a lawsuit against Andrew Barron.

We know little who Andrew Barron was other than that he’s blended into the background once more. Before Yaniv’s current eccentric drama and bitter rivalries using legal instrumentation through vexatious litigation and malicious prosecution, Mr. Barron was the first of Yaniv’s civil lawsuits fo ran allege $32,000 (besides trying to sue the Queen Elizabeth theatre for an incense exposure- WTF?!).

What we do know is that Yaniv was involved in some questionable transactions in JY Knows IT’s early days. Mr. Barron continually needed more time to pay back Yaniv, which when it didn’t, Yaniv engaged in malicious prosecution and civil suits to even the score. It appears Yaniv didn’t act entirely in good faith trying to frame Mr. Barron in the light of being. Yaniv would go making bad faith claims similar to those against citizen reporter Donald Smith.

Snapshot of a court document by Yaniv to the BC Supreme Court on December 29, 2016.

We’re also not entirely sure what the end result was likely mediating out-of-court. But what we do know is Mr. Barron was likely traumatized and will never again find themselves in the orbit of another Yaniv.

FRIEND: “Richard” (Last name withheld)

An altered photo of “Richard” from the @fagstradamus_ account as per google search.

All we know is that Richard started off as the parody twitter account @burt_yaniv claiming to be a Yaniv’s estranged half-brother from the marriage of Yitzhak and Miriam Yaniv. Over time, Richard evolved to become a supporter of the Yaniv’s by befriending Miriam Yaniv on Facebook over the amount of online criticism against her. @burt_yaniv changed the name to the twitter account @_catfarts_ tried to befriend others in what was later a devious attempt to gain their trust and identities. It became evident well after-the-fact they were trying to assist the Yanivs, especially where Blaire White was concerned.

It was after alleged support and concern as @_catfarts_ that Richard first showed care and concern to Blaire White (@msblairewhite) on August 13, 2019 after her doxxing by Yaniv in August 2019. Within a month, Richard created the account @TransISstunning by being the “Ghost of Yitzhak” to mock and troll Blaire primarily as the “patriarch of the Yaniv household”.

On October 22, 2019, before the BCHRT ruling, @TransISstunning engaged other critics of Yaniv in a heated debate over Richard’s acrimony over Donald Francis Smith (will discuss further in part 3). It was interpreted when the account @YanivConspiracy learned the identity of the account that it seems that based on @TransISstunning‘s trolling of Blaire White that Richard must have assisted Yaniv in doxxing Blaire. The response a dozen-or-so people remember, whether it was inadvertent at the time (many regret not screenshooting and archiving) was it was confirmed. We could say it was a heat-of-the-moment, but the individual has much guilt having collaborated with Yaniv and trying to deduce the identities of others. Richard retreated deactivating @transISstunning in a cowardly backpedal.

In the latter, Richard decided to create a multitude of sock accounts, including variations including @delcawTH, @Trollella, @Trollerella2, etc., using pictures such as euthanized cats with the words “goals“.

On January 5, 2020, Richard trolled and terrorized people on twitter as @delcawTH (before changing the name to cover their tracks) with the words “goals” demonstrating some animus towards harming cats and animals, as interpreted by audiences later back pedalling saying it was “dark humour”.

Then they terrorized women and their children, including a stuffed bunny on the boiler, before confessing in their account @fagstradamus_ (circa 2014) and trying to backpedal with unsympathetic apologies claiming with”dark humour”. Their stance is defending both Yanivs and portrayed being a pro-predator supporter.

Unfortunately, Richard met their match with @menacingcrow, which after continually “misgendering the crow” had their @fagstradamus_ account immediately deplatformed from Twitter for abuse and hateful conduct.

Richard later posted a screenshot on their the @declawTH and @trollella account once again renamed @throw_away_gay showing their permanent suspension under @fagstradamus_ for hateful conduct contrary to their pro-LGBTQ+ support claims for blatantly misgendering.

However, Richard likely still lurks in the background with no intentions to backdown and will circumvent their permanent suspension on Twitter to further troll the Meow Mix crew. If you’re on Twitter and you see them trolling, remember to prepare yourself to archive and be ready to deplatform them again if they want to continue trolling the Meow Mix circuit in support of Jessica Yaniv.

FOE: Ricky Gervais

Comedian Ricky Gervais has ripped into Yaniv several times on Twitter that has been met with cheers and criticism alike. Gervais contemplated as dressing up as Yaniv for Halloween.

October 30, 2019: @rickgervais tweets about going as Yaniv for halloween.

On December 3, 2019, after Yaniv publicly complained that a gynaecologist wouldn’t serve them claiming it amounts to discrimination despite still biologically male in the nether regions, Gervais took to twitter and commented, “It’s disgusting that a qualified gynaecologist can refuse to check a lady’s c—k for ovarian cancer. What if her bollocks are pregnant? She could lose the baby. I’m outraged.” Gervais was met with support and criticism alike on both sides of the trans rights debate.

December 3, 2019: @rickygervais retweets in response to Yaniv’s infamous Gynaecologist discrimination tweet.

Later, Gervais referred to Yaniv as a “sex-pest troll” the day after when Yaniv deleted the Gynaecologist tweet.

December 4, 2019: @rickygervais responds to Yaniv deleting the Gynaecologist tweet.

This has met the ire of Yaniv, which when Gervais announced a global comedy tour, Yaniv has publicly replied, “I’m now allowing this.” Furthermore, many had placed bets before watching the Golden Globe awards that Gervais hosted in hopes that Yaniv would be further mocked publicly, much of our disappointment it didn’t occur. Then again, the unintended consequences could have fed Yaniv’s massive ego to get more international infamy they seem to so truly and desperately desire.


Undated photo of the BCHRT offices at 605 Robson Street in Vancouver, BC.

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) is the “revolving door of hurt feelings vexatious litigation” for Yaniv. The BCHRT is supposed to be an institution waging war against discrimination and upholding human rights in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. However, after Yaniv’s hijinx, they have become a “kangaroo court” to entertain clowns like Yaniv.

When you “google” the BC Human Rights Tribunal for images, one of the top searches gives you pictures on Yaniv. It clearly shows of the nearly 21,000 complaints they’ve received, Yaniv’s cases have discredited the BCHRT in the international spotlight.

Firstly, the BCHRT is known as the arena where Yaniv continually wages litigious wars on marginalized women whether by their immigration to Canada for a better life or being a minority class preyed upon by Yaniv’s known racism as defendants in the infamous “crotch-waxing cases”.

Secondly, it also Yaniv’s reasoning to fully weaponize critics by threatening discrimination file lawsuits with little recourse for recouping legal costs except in extreme circumstances.

Thirdly, it is also the stage for Yaniv trying to stir the pot with Christian Activist (and known anti-LGBTQ+ activist) Bill Whatcott (who is a common foe of Yaniv’s trans woman arch rival Morgane Oger) in an upcoming hearing estimated to occur in late 2020-early 2021.

The BCHRT has seen Yaniv perpetually falsify claims to use the Tribunal for financial gain and advance their own agenda contrary to the interests of the LGBTQ+ community. It could be said that Yaniv’s ability to use the BCHRT has been trend-setting to pushing back the rights of the Trans Community globally and giving feminists the ammunition against trans rights. At Meow Mix, we will not give our position on it, but demonstrate some of the unintended consequences of Yaniv’s twisted crusade against minority women, let alone Yaniv’s known misogynism against women in general.

Yaniv’s current losses at the BCHRT make it impossible for them participate in Final Jeopardy with improper cost awards totalling $6,150 to date (and likely rising), it currently does not prevent Yaniv for filing complaint-after-complaint until a vexatious litigation ruling is made from the BCHRT in the future. This allows Yaniv to pull the BCHRT card indefinitely until that inevitable outcome arrives.

Currently, the public is aware of another waxing case where Yaniv targeted another a small business for a “Brazilian and leg waxing” demonstrating a continued animus and marginalization toward South Asian and Middle Eastern women. Many suspect asides from the BCHRT acrimony that Yaniv may fetishize for depraving the minority class of women in hopes to receiving these services such as a “slave fetish” (as Yaniv describes as gender affirmative care).

The BCHRT also provides the venue of future entertainment of Yaniv garnering negative media attention, more elevator outbursts . The most-anticipated future Tribunal Hearing will be Yaniv v. Whatcott (BCHRT 19374). We’ll touch more with Whatcott’s rating later in this article. We can expect.

FRENEMIES: Surrey/Langley RCMP and Local Law Enforcement

Despite the criminal harassment, perpetual violence and predatory actions towards a variety of actors in the Yaniverse, it seems law enforcement are either afraid or defeated by Yaniv. It could be Yaniv’s status as a trans woman, which in other jurisdictions with municipal agencies like Vancouver, it might be easier to charge Yaniv.

Although Yaniv faces three charges to date and the outcome of other investigations are mum, the tug-of-war relationship with law enforcement on both sides. Asides from video of Yaniv’s violence towards reporters such as Davie Menzies and Keean Bexte of Rebel Media, we are disappointed not having a video of Yaniv in handcuffs for further entertainment.

To some degree, Yaniv has “state protection” and is given privileges coordinated by the Surrey RCMP and BC Sheriff’s service to be let in-and-out a backdoor at the courthouse to avoid reporters and public criticism. These are special privileges not even extended to prolific mobsters, predators, pedophiles and rapists.

I guess we must continue to wait patiently for the day Yaniv goes to jail.

FOE: Blaire White

August 5, 2019: At 59:32 where Yaniv brandishes a taser during their heated online debate on YouTube with Blaire White.

We cannot forget about YouTuber and fellow trans woman Blaire White on the infamous podcast where Yaniv (wearing a $5 Party City wig) debated Blaire about their predatory behaviour before wielded a taser about an hour in and boasted it was illegal in Canada. Blaire sarcastically responded, “Was that a moment for you?”

It put Yaniv into the public spotlight after the publication ban and Yaniv was arrested, which is pending two charges of prohibited weapon possessions under the Criminal Code of Canada. It didn’t stop there as Yaniv confessed in the latter to doxxing Blaire White causing her much distress. But Ms. White prevailed and periodically updates on Yaniv’s behaviour.

Yaniv is under the delusion they “destroyed Blaire White” where continued to make insulting videos and even one where allegedly masturbating on Skype to minors while moaning White’s name.

FOE: Anna Slatz

Anna Slatz’ profile picture from her twitter account: @yestthatanna

A graduate student in Criminology at the University of New Brunswick and part-time Journalist for the Post Millennial, Ms. Slatz has perhaps been the most avid on coverage of Yaniv’s predatory history. Sporadically blocked and unblocked by Yaniv on her Twitter handle @yesthatanna, she has nothing positive to say about Yaniv and is a supporter and ally to the women of GIDYVR.

Ms. Slatz has perhaps riled Yaniv the most and is virtually untouchable by being over 4,000 kilometres away. Despite reviled threats of Yaniv, she will continue reporting Yaniv until this public menace is stopped once and for all. We’re not just talking about prison, as it is another inevitability should Yaniv end up in a women’s prison, the controversy on Bill C16 and women’s rights will go into overdrive.

FRIEND: Miriam Yaniv

Miriam Yaniv giving Rebel Media two middle fingers.

We cannot forget Miriam Yaniv- the enabler and handler of Jessica Yaniv and widow of Yitzhak Yaniv. Besides from being a reclusive household growing up, their DNA is truly embedded into Jessica.

During the waxing cases, Miriam is often defensive as the muscle behind Yaniv whether malingering in the public eye using an electric scooter, walker or cane. Her combative nature wielding two middle fingers or assaulting others with car keys, an iPad or hands in the face, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Dubbed as menacing as “Skeletor”, Miriam’s time on this earth will continue to enable Yaniv down a dark path by not putting the breaks on by getting Yaniv mental help, despite pleas from friends and foes alike.

If there’s anyone to blame for Jessica Yaniv becoming a social pariah and multi-faceted predator: it would be Miriam Yaniv. After writing this entry, we can expect Miriam telling Meow Mix she’ll be “watching us” and will inevitably “see us in court”. Miriam provides much entertainment as much as she’s menacing when confronted by the media.


JY’s Meow Mix wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the collaboration of Kiwi Farms that has kept an extensive archives of tabs on predator Jessica Yaniv. There’s probably no other one-stop-shop that has all Yaniv-related news past and present on the happenings of the Yaniverse.

In fact, it was on August 8, 2019 that the Farmers were bestowed with the angry presence of Yaniv threatening to murder their anonymous neighbour “WG Kitty” with incessant meowing. Yet, no charges were ever pressed, but was an example of the anger and unpredictability of Yaniv.

Many of the other colourful characters of the Yaniverse have dedicated pages and archives, which it is estimated there are over 20,000 entries (whether politically correct or not) collectively between Yaniv-related pages.

Here’s a jumping on point for Kiwi Farms, if you’re interested:

* * * * *

Stay tuned next Sunday February 9, 2019 for The whose who in the Yaniverse? The Friends and Foes of Jessica Yaniv (Part 2 of 4).