The Psychscape of Yaniv: Is JY Dangerous?

Allow me to begin by stating that I am not a licensed clinical psychologist. What follows is merely an editorial opinion, an intellectual exercise, informed solely by observation and extensive research on the subjects included herein. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by this author in no way constitute a clinical diagnosis. It is this author’s sincere hope that Yaniv will either seek professional help for their psychological issues or be court ordered to do so.

Like most of you I first became aware of Yaniv in July of this year when the B.C. HRT lifted the publication ban in their infamous “Wax My Balls” cases. At first it was just a joke that this biologically-intact man was arguing that they were entitled to a Brazilian Wax, which is performed on exclusively biological women, simply because they were trans and thus part of a protected class.

But things turned serious and quite dark as past, inappropriate behaviors toward teen girls were exposed and past as well as current victim accounts have poured forth. Next came assaults on reporters, racist comments, multiple death threats and possession of prohibited weapons- the list of antisocial behaviors goes on and on. We have all witnessed the damage wrought by Yaniv on the trans community, young girls and society at large, not to mention the ghastly waste of public services for their every whim.

So what exactly is wrong with Yaniv? Well, it’s become obvious to all that they suffer from a psychiatric disorder…or two, or three. As we’ve recently learned there may be a congenital abnormality of their brain (Dandy Walker malformation) which could be adding to their conduct and mental health issues.

Allow me to introduce you to the Dark Triad or Dark Core personality. Dark Triad is a combination of two disorders – Narcissism and Psychopathy and one set of personality traits – Machiavellianism, which does not qualify as a personality disorder. Some of the symptoms overlap and one of the three tends to predominate and with Yaniv. I would say that Grandiose Narcissism is primary.

Dark Triad personalities are disagreeable and difficult to deal with. Some of these characteristics can be seriously damaging and if someone displays a toxic combination of these traits they can become dangerous in their interpersonal relationships and for society. Think of Dark Triad as the Bermuda Triangle – it is perilous to come near it. They are highly socially averse (racism, bullying and aggression) and are more likely to commit crimes such as theft, forgery, violent crimes and sexual assault and create severe problems if given too much power (consider Yaniv as transactivist). They seek prestige and power, are callous and insensitive, remorseless and amoral but above all they are dangerous.

Let us consider the three traits of the Dark Triad.

Narcissism -The narcissist wears a mask of confidence but behind the mask lies a fragile self-esteem and ego. Their life is akin to a wrestling ring, they draw others into their chaos and live to outmaneuver, overpower and out manipulate others. They use a tactic known as “induced conversation”, it’s their primary weapon and their kryptonite is total disengagement on the part of the victim. This chaos distracts them from the dread and insecurity, shame and guilt that they secretly feel.

Consider how Jessica rarely blocks anyone on social media, no matter how hateful their remarks. There was a telling comment from Jessica in the Jess Rumpel “apology” note – Yaniv said they just wanted to keep the conversation going. The narcissists’ traits also include entitlement, exaggerating their achievements (fake Doctorate), belittling and bullying those they perceive as inferior (Donald Smith, immigrants), an inability to recognize the needs of others and are envious of others (Blaire White for one). They are easily slighted and may react with rage when opposed (attacks on reporters).

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Psychopathy – Psychopathy is characterized by boldness, disinhibition, meanness and violence and are oftentimes sexual offenders. They exhibit antisocial behavior and have an inability to distinguish right from wrong, have difficulty showing remorse or empathy (refusal to pay aestheticians, failure to recognize and apologize for their actions), and lie often (committing perjury at HRT, sock account madness, etc.,etc.). They manipulate and hurt others (reporters, children, LGBT community) and eventually have recurring problems with the law (“Hello, 911!”, weapons charges…give them time).

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Machiavellianism -As I said, this is not technically a disorder but a harmful personality type. They prioritize money and power (lawsuits, “activism”, possible scams-SJU). They are cynical of others goodness and morality and lack empathy. They are extremely calculating, rarely reveal their true intentions, are prone to casual sexuality, unaware of consequences and struggle to identify their own emotions. They think nothing of exploiting and manipulating others to get ahead, for them, it’s as natural as breathing.

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When these three traits come together it can spell disaster. My sincere hope is that at Yaniv’s upcoming criminal court hearing the judge will order a psychiatric assessment at the very least. Also, I think we all hope the rumors we are hearing of child pornography charges being laid is true as it’s beyond time for Jessica to face the consequences regarding their predatory actions toward children! Jessica has shown themselves to be volatile and dangerous and Canada’s law enforcement, judiciary, and mental health services need to sit up and take notice NOW and put aside their fear of Jessica Jonathan’s protected status and their desire for woke points!

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