The Moral Justification for MeowMix

This article was provided to us by a guest writer that preferred to remain anonymous. I have a few other guest articles up my sleeve right now but this one seems especially timely. Yaniv continues to scam salons, stalk teens on TikTok, and most recently rebranded themselves as the JS Simpson Group and is stalking on LinkedIn. As long as Yaniv keeps seeking victims MeowMix will keep exposing Yaniv. I appreciate this writer’s perspective and support.

Yaniv-Simpson appeared on my radar when I read about the first tranche of waxing cases that were brought forward. I was fascinated by the ethical dilemna and, to me, it was an interesting ‘Trolley Problem’. I thought it was odious that someone could be forced to handle genitals that made them uncomfortable, but wondered would it be possible that forcing someone to wax someone’s privates could be ethically justified? Does your right to have your pubis waxed supersede another person’s right to follow the doctrines imposed upon them by their religion? Interestingly, we forced bakers to make cakes for everyone, including those who may have violated that baker’s specific moral or religious tenets. Was forcing someone to wax the pubis of someone with gender dysphoria a reasonable extension to the cake rule?

For those not familiar with the trolley problem, it is a thought exercise involving a runaway train and a switch that guides the train to one of two tracks. Each track poses a choice where people are killed: if you do nothing typically 5 people will lose their life, and if you activate the switch only one person will die. Most people, given these circumstances, choose to activate the switch, postulating that the good of the many outweighs the good of the few. The trolley problem becomes interesting when characteristics are ascribed to group members. For instance, if the group of five consists of convicted murderers, and the single person is you mom, does that influence your decision? Of course it does. Where you land likely depends on how much you like your mom.

I will not go through all the permutations of my thought process, but regardless of how I framed the problem I always came to the same conclusion: Yaniv-Simpson needed to pull up their big-person panties and keep phoning people until someone agreed to exchange money for de-fuzzing their scrotum. Normal people do not get pissy because Tim Horton’s does not have gluten free doughnuts or will not guarantee their cruller is not covered with mysterious peanut dust. Reasonable people realize that businesses will cater to the largest swath of their target audience, and those with celiac, peanut allergies, or a pre-transitioned pubis may not be represented in that swath.

For me, the ethics of name-and-shame are a function of proportionality. If you backed into my flowerpot with your car, do I have the right to publish naked pictures of you on my website? A reasonable person would say no, as the punishment is disproportionate to the crime. #MeToo was an interesting exercise in observing proportionality – evil people were exposed and prosecuted, while others lost their livelihood and friends simply because they were assholes or had pissed of an asshole.

There can be no doubt that Yaniv-Simpson is an asshole, and the fact that there is so much evidence of their bad behavior suggests that JYS is a very stupid asshole. Nonetheless, being a stupid asshole does not immediately qualify you to be humiliated though a large-scale name-and-shame effort like MeowMix. Given the choice to hit five stupid assholes with our trolley, or one work-at-home waxer, most of us would hold our nose and save the five stupid assholes. Unless, of course, one of those stupid assholes is Yaniv-Simpson.

Yaniv-Simpson is not a regular stupid asshole, he is a cunning sociopath who leaves dozens of hurt and damaged people in his wake. Waxers, kids, journalists, and conscientious citizens have all been victimized; their only crime was not living on planet Yaniv-Simpson. As evidenced by the treasure trove of data on MeowMix, JYS has attempted to groom kids, exposed strangers to their fetishes, and threatened innocents with bodily harm. Most egregious, however, is their inability to learn and move forward. Yaniv-Simpson has been given ample opportunity to learn that their behavior is inappropriate, and their reactions to the slings and arrows thrown their way are disproportionately inappropriate. I am willing to concede that JYS has been victimized in some instances, but their hyperbolic response to minor sleights put JYS’s life under a microscope, and we, the observers, did not like what we saw.

Yaniv-Simpson does not deserve to be publicly vilified because they are a trans advocate or social justice warrior, they deserve to be vilified because they register human rights complaints against folks who cannot defend themselves. Yaniv-Simpson should not be humiliated because they decide to have gender reassignment, they should be humiliated because they groom kids. Yaniv-Simpson should not be pilloried because they are a paranoid, mentally ill person that places cameras outside their home, they should be pilloried because they are a narcissistic bully who victimize the weak among us.

Does MeowMix pass the ethical stress test of proportionality? I suggest it does. Yes, Yaniv-Simpson is mentally ill, and because of that is truthfully deserving of some compassion. I can argue that his cheap shots and frivolous legal actions, however asinine, are something that I can live with. After all, at some point JYS will hassle the wrong person and someone will lay them out either legally or physically. But JYS exposing their derangements to kids is a line that cannot be crossed. Unfortunately, suing Yaniv-Simpson will not stop this, punching them will not stop this, and any physical action beyond a solid smack in the jaw is not ethically defensible. The law, justifiably so, has a significant hurdle when it comes to burden of proof, so we cannot count on incarceration to silence JYS. As such, I must give kudos to MeowMix for finding a proportionate, ethical, and effective way of mitigating the harm that Yaniv-Simpson is able to accomplish.

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