The LGBTQ Community Speaks Up! Vol 1.

Yaniv, a self-declared LGBTQ-rights activist and leader, is nearly universally reviled by the LGBTQ community. Here’s @Valleyhouse13’s take on this.

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As a member of the LGBT community in the British Columbia lower mainland, I was surprised to see someone from my area have such notoriety. I grew up as an out gay man with mental health issues and an exceptionally traumatic past. I see certain elements from my past all throughout the Yaniverse.

Yaniv’s predatory actions over the past decade and beyond include attacks on teenage girls, immigrant women of colour or those with certain religions, and filing baseless lawsuits/claims to extort money. Yaniv has made a huge effort to disguise all of this behind the veil of being a member of the LGBT community. In particular, the most at risk aspect of the community – transgender people.

The major thing that I have noticed in regard to Yaniv is that Yaniv does not actively participate in the LGBT community. Shockingly, not even in the trans community at large. Unless it directly benefits Yaniv or is about Yaniv in some way, Yaniv doesn’t care. Yaniv weaponizing being Trans as a means to abuse the multiple gray areas that have so much nuance within the trans community is simply a predator hiding within the ranks.

The LGBT community in Canada has a few communities where you can be out and proud of who you are, such as Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON, and Montreal, QC. But, even within these places, there are still major issues.

I’ve been accosted on the street, threatened at house parties, and even threatened with physical harm at jobs. There has been a lot of progress and growth in Canada over the last few decades, and I’m very proud of that, however, there are still a wide range of differing opinions, feelings, etc. in regard to the LGBT community.

I personally believe in showing kindness and patience in order to show people that I’m just a regular person, just like them. I firmly believe in the same thing in regard to how the LGBT community as a whole should operate.

Now, what does this all have to do with Yaniv? Well, simple. Yaniv is proving the worst of the worst of the LGBT community. Yaniv is doing such monumental damage to the LGBT cause as a whole.

Simply put, Yaniv represents an aspect of the LGBT community that I personally disdain – a perpetual victim pretending to be part of a protected class. You cannot call someone out for their bad behaviour if they just so happen to fall into some oppressed group, at least if you ask Yaniv.

Part of keeping a community alive and healthy and moving towards gaining better representation involves critiquing and checkpoints. Certain LGBT media outlets have reported on Yaniv and shine a positive light on Yaniv. The failed to mention all of the evidence of grooming children and being excessively xenophobic and racist.

But, why would they bother to call out Yaniv or speak about a negative member of the community on a global scale? It potentially points out that we are flawed, some of us are stupid, some of us are criminals, some of us are predators, and shockingly, we are all exactly like the rest of the world. These publications, and even my own LGBT community, are more focused on performance wokeness than actually working on making our community and the world better in the long run. Yaniv is the perfect storm of everything wrong within the LGBT community at large. Yaniv is truly a burgeoning, hairy, autogynephilic Trojan horse within the global LGBT community.

In my personal opinion, Yaniv is severely mentally ill and is an active predator. The current legal troubles are not at all surprisingly and yet seemingly almost far overdue. I genuinely believe that Yaniv has a fetish for feminine things and is weaponizing the Transgender identity when Yaniv isn’t an active part of that said identity. This explains so much of the predatory actions towards young girls and immigrants and Yaniv’s idea of being Trans orbiting around menstruation and genitals.

It does bring me relief to think that Yaniv may be off the streets for some time, but I fear that Yaniv has the capability within Yaniv’s own twisted mentally ill mind to genuinely hurt a young child. Yaniv has already violently attacked reporters and actively lies about emergencies, medical or otherwise, wasting resources, time, and has had illegal weapons. I hope that something happens before this possible future and Yaniv is locked away and dealt with.

What I can say from my perspective as a gay man who is technically in the same local LGBT community as Jessica Yaniv is that I will continue doing my part on helping my local community, living my life with my husband, critiquing shitty behaviour amongst the LGBT, even if it makes me unpopular within my own LGBT community. I’d rather be unpopular than light a fake virtue signal and let a predator live an easy life.

Meow Mix is seeking out more people like this writer to give their opinions on Yaniv’s impact on the world. We’re especially looking for members of the LGBT community to speak up and tell us how the Yaniv’s of the world are affecting the decades of work you’ve done to promote LGBT rights. Please contact us at [email protected] to tell your story.