The LGBT Community Speaks Up!

Editor: This was submitted to me by @Chriscoastguy on Twitter. His name is used with consent. These are his words, but they aren’t only his. I’ve spoken with so many people from the LGBT community in the last year that have said the same thing – JY doesn’t represent them.

This is what the LGBT community looks like.

This man has a little something that each of us can connect with and relate to. This is what heart and soul and passion looks like. This is what JY never will be.

If this resonates with you, please consider a donation to Covenant House Vancouver, a safe place for homeless and struggling youth. CHV has committed to being a safe and inclusive place for all youth and recognizes the unique struggles of the LGBT community.

I am posting this unedited. Everything below this line is this mans own words.

As a gay man, I’ve thought long and hard about contributing a story here and this one is going to be a bit of a departure from other things that have been written.

While following this story for closing in on a year now, there’s not much new to bring up other than the continual antics of them causing mayhem and destruction as they go. Whether cringeworthy or a laugh, MeowMix is there every step along the way to ensure they are kept in check.

There’s been a fair amount of comments on how the LGBT doesn’t stand up against the conduct of Yaniv, or other LGBT that have a long (or short) history in conduct that is not fitting any human being.

Admittedly, I probably lean more left in the political spectrum that most that come here. Regardless of your political leanings, your gender, or anything else, we all see the same thing. A person that is morally bankrupt with seriously questionable actions on a lot of fronts that until recently was all under the cover of darkness. They are a grifter and a creep.

I’ve decided to write this piece as a “letter to Jessica”.

Yes, I’m using their non-deadname. There’s a lot of sensitivity with the LGBT community to pulling away the rights to how someone wishes to identify and I personally must honour that. This isn’t a moral judgment that I’m placing on others for not. But this is out of respect for trans men and woman that have truly struggled with who they identify as. This isn’t out of respect for Yaniv as they are a heinous person.

I don’t presume or assume that Jessica will take any of this to heart. They are not one to listen to reason unless you are talking about nachos or chocolate cake. So I’ve written this for the MeowMix as just one gay mans way to summarize the train wreck known by many names, some of my favourites being Yanny, Jessticles, or Numpty.

Do not take our silence, collectively or as individuals, as accepting what Yaniv has done and continues to do. We are as shocked and appalled.

Dear Jessica,

As I know that you are an avid reader of everything that’s written about you, I know you’ll stumble across this. As a member of the LGBT community I want to speak to you directly about your conduct and actions.

For most of us, your story only became part of our collective consciousness in July when the Human Rights Tribunal lifted the publication ban on your name in the now infamous case that we all know way too much about. And we also know how it ended. You lost. Spectacularly.

However, your story is at least a decade in the making, a decade of lies and deceit in your business ventures and relationships that either end in fireworks or with a lawsuit. Usually it looks like your desire was to settle for a monetary settlement with the hopes and anticipation that this would come with an NDA so that no one would be the wiser. The cover of darkness has been your friend for many years to allow your unscrupulous behaviour to go undetected.

There’s also a seriously long list of objectionable and questionable conduct you’ve had with minors. I’m not a legal expert here, but at the very best you have done things that are morally reprehensible and at the worst you should be spending time locked away. Even Morgane Oger, your arch-trans-nemesis, spoke to and has written about some of your alleged victims. You’ve certainly kept the Twitter feud up with them for all to see. So, thanks for the amusement watching you get owned by Morgane.

This conduct itself has been the source of most of the anger directed to you. People are concerned about what you are doing, and how far you will take it. There’s been a whole slough of stories that predate you going by Jessica, and the first ones seem to stem from your time moderating for the Cimorelli’s. I am astute enough to know that stories online can be concocted, and I have weighed the balance of probabilities that inside some of those stories could be some fabrication. In saying that there is a consistency across all of them that show someone that lacks very clear boundaries on what is acceptable behaviour with youth, behaviours that no 30 something adult should have to have explained to them. You can’t or don’t seem to get that the things you say and do are wildly inappropriate in private chats. You must know by now that your every move is being watched, yet you continue engaging in such dialogues.

You also demonstrate a very Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde approach to life, and Dr. Jekyl is waiting in the wings for when you face disappointment which happens a lot. You lash out and have uncontrollable anger, which has been captured on video, audio, and screenshots. It’s almost like you have an out of body experience and lose full control. When you are wronged in your mind, no boundaries exist and you’ll do anything to smite the people that have disappointed you.

The other tool you have in your toolkit is DMCA. Instead of actually NOT doing something that you should be mortifyingly embarrassed about, you just delete it and then try to quash it from being shared. In your mind, if it doesn’t exist on your timeline its been wiped from your memory and deny it ever happened. But you, being the internet wiz you are, should know deleting anything off the internet once it’s out there is next to impossible.

Additionally, you lack the skills to actually have a healthy human connection with anyone. You again, approach people with Mr. Hyde and cry a river at how lonely you are and that you are a victim. But you treat people like a commodity, to be used for your purposes and give nothing back. You talk over others, you don’t listen, nor do you seem to care about being mentally abusive. People are to be used and discarded when they no longer serve a purpose. And in discarding them, you burn the proverbial house down with threats against them to attempt to keep them in line.

In your mind, or at least in your online presence, you continue to paint a picture that you are continually targeted due to you being trans. Yet you’ve been blocked by PFLAG-Vancouver (which you tweeted about), you’ve had an ongoing public spat with an advocate and supporter of the LGBT community and was your federal candidate for the NDP, and other numerous encounters with people that would normally be allies.

Wrapped up in your Human Rights Tribunal, both in the courtroom and online, you continued your verbal assault on POC. This was one of the main reasons that your case got thrown out, and which you ended up having to pay for. It wasn’t because the overseer of that case was being poisoned and pressured to side against you (which even accusing them of such bias is rather dangerous), it was because they could see through your story and that your motivation was for a financial settlement, and not about redressing the issues you brought forward. Enter the term vexatious litigant.

I was also there and witnessed the onslaught of actual LGBT activists that came to give you a piece of their mind around the turban f#ckers comment, as well as other similar things you’ve said and posted. It was only at this did you finally manage to apologize for something you’ve done, yet brazenly claimed this is a social media experiment and quickly recanted and deleted that video too.

You have yet to show any remorse, or even an acknowledgement of what you’ve done wrong.

You are a walking hypocrisy. What you say and what you do does not match any of the things that you claim you are, pulled right from your Twitter bio:

Now, let’s bring up the core values I pulled off of Vancouver’s Pride Society site a couple months ago. It’s not there now as you can see but it’s a good list of core values that we as the LGBT espouse to.

Notice a theme here? Diversity, inclusiveness, respect, and dignity. These apply to everyone, regardless of your cultural, religious, or ethnic background.

I, like many others in the LGBT community, attempted to engage you honestly and tell you clearly why you neither represent the needs of the community at large nor wish to have you be an advocate for anything. In your typical fashion, it either fell on deaf ears or you did your usual defensive stance that you are right.

We have abandoned you because you are toxic person with a self-serving agenda. You advocate for one person and one person only. You. You have been shunned for your terrible prejudices against POC that are part of our community. We are mortified when reading and seeing your activities with minors.

We as a community stand up for each other when we see wrongs being conducted. We’ve all been targeted for who we are by people that wish to bring us down. That sadly, is a part of reality. But our collective silence should speak volumes to what we think of you as a person. I couldn’t care less what you want to identify as or use he or she. What I care about is what I’ve read for my own eyes, and you are a despicable person.

Trying to cast aside all your actions by wrapping the pride flag as a shield is disgusting. You have a lot to own up to and a lot to face to the music for. Leave advocating for anything LGBT to those that have earned my and others respect and fix your life. If I’m looking for the human equivalent of a 75 car pile up on the highway during a blizzard, you’ll be the first one on my speed dial.

One thing you’ve removed from your Twitter bio was Global Internet Personality, and on that one you’ve achieved it. But don’t confuse fame with infamy. One quick google of your name and anyone will know everything they need to know and how far and fast someone should run from away you. The damage is done, and has been documented online forever, whether on the MeowMix or anywhere else. You did this to yourself. Don’t blame anyone else. This is all on you.

And seriously, stop with all conduct with anyone under 18.


A pissed off gay man

If this resonated with you, please consider a donation to Covenant House Vancouver, a safe place for homeless and struggling youth. CHV has committed to being a safe and inclusive place for all youth and recognizes the unique struggles of the LGBT community.