The Filthy Lair of The Pig Jessica Yaniv Simpson

This is the filthy, repulsive, bacteria-filled lair of Jessica Yaniv Simpson. We got the pics from Kiwifarms, who got them from a Google review Yaniv left of a cleaning company. Newsflash: cleaning companies don’t deal with this kind of shit, pig.

Yaniv then filed a DMCA complaint, admitting they’re pictures of his home.

I say again. He admitted this is his home and he lives like this. AND… He did this to try to scam a cleaning company. Because he’s a lazy thief.

We were nice before. We cropped out his MasterCard number that he stupidly posted online. Now it’s all here for you to enjoy. His email address. His MasterCard number. His disgusting, inhuman home. Enjoy!

Curious…”The Practice of Jessica Yaniv”? What a pathetic attempt to look important. Weak lol.

As some karma for the DMCA coolant guys, I ask for a little help putting Jon back in his place. Please share these pictures everywhere, especially to every school he goes to. Don’t stop there. Share the entire story. Make sure everywhere he goes people know he’s a pedophile.

QUICK ADDITION: these pictures are dated April or May 2022 at this link.

And now, enjoy.

We’d tell you to go fuck yourself but I’m pretty sure you were so fat and lazy that you couldn’t fuck yourself enough to keep your mangina open. I’m glad you still follow us all on Twitter. You’re obsessed. Do you really think anyone is going to ever let you live in peace?