The Downfall of Jessica Yaniv Simpson Continues

Just one year ago, Jessica Yaniv Simpson was bragging about his power on social media. He had thousands of people convinced he could have their accounts wiped with the flick of his finger, and to be fair, in some cases he did, although it was by lying in his reports to Twitter. Yaniv tweeted several times daily, posted pics to Facebook and Instagram, livestreamed via Periscope, posted TikTok videos, and spammed Snapchat.

jessica yaniv simpson

Today? Virtual silence.

Yaniv likes the odd thing on Twitter, retweets random garbage, and posts the occasionally idiotic thing, but often goes days without any activity (other than on his sock accounts). His other social media platforms are equally silent. He can’t post a picture of a plate of food without people calling him out for his actions against young girls.

Yaniv, a self declared tech guru, social media influencer, and internet celeb, has the social media power of a mom-and-pop porn site – cringy, cheap, unappealing, and attacked every time it tries to post something. His website is outdated and messy. His TrustedNerd brand can’t be googled without exposing his predatory behaviour.

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Among aestheticians, once his favourite targets, Yaniv is well known. Word has spread in their community. Yaniv was recently found to be targeting a new salon and they were ready. They tried to book an appointment for a wax job and he hung up when they didn’t turn him down.

Physiotherapists? They talk to each other. He is currently seeing a physiotherapist and this therapist is aware of his $2500 settlement and broken bed.

Lawyers? Yaniv was highlighted today in Canadian Lawyer magazine – a specialty magazine that virtually every judge, lawyer, and law student in Canada follows. You can bet they talk amongst themselves and you can double bet they are all aware of Yaniv’s antics.

Yaniv’s name? It’s so ruined that he had to change it to Jessica Simpson in a futile effort to hide his Google narrative behind that of the well known singer. It’s failing, miserably.

What future does Yaniv have left? He’s virtually unemployable. His own business is dead. His only romantic prospects are catfish or people that he is catfishing – neither have any chance of going anywhere. His sex life is non-existent and always will be. His social media name is irreparably tarnished. It really doesn’t matter what his lolcow does now – he could move to another continent and his past will follow.

Where Yaniv once roamed the internet holding his head high, acting powerful and mighty, flexing his ban-muscles, he’s now an impotent, weak, universally-mocked little creature. His social media presence is ridiculed. What few friends he has left will one day turn on him and tell all, either to us, KiwiFarms, the media, or police.

Can Yaniv fix things? Or is his life ruined? Did I miss another way his life is ruined? Tell us in the comments below.